The Right Swimming Pool

There are a lot of above ground lap pool options out there, but iPool is different. What other option gives different ways to workout, family fun, convenience, and rehab at an affordable price? Can’t think of one? Neither can we. When we designed the iPool, we thought of what you would want in an above ground pool. Sure, your average above ground pool might offer your kids a bit of fun for a couple of months in the summer. But admit it. You won’t use that to work out when it’s freezing outside in the winter or to train for the Long Beach Triathlon, but your kids will be able to use your iPool to learn how to swim or have some fun in the sun during the summer months.

What else are above ground pools missing that you deserve? Excellent customer service. That’s something that can be very hard to find these days, but we know how important it is. We’re here to answer your questions all day and all night – it doesn’t matter the time. We are here to help! We promptly reply to your emails and answer calls even when we’re closed.

Another unique part the iPool has is the harness that allows you to adjust the resistance and get a workout at whatever level you want! The workout is truly incredible, but without the harsh impact on your joints. We also offer other accessories to help you get a full body workout and make your iPool completely your own.

With an iPool you can get a workout you could NEVER imagine getting from an average above ground pool.

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