Fitmax Plunge Spa™

Invigorate and Restore Yourself with the Fitmax Plunge Spa™

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  • Cover
  • Filter Pump
  • Hand Pump To Inflate
  • Heater and Chiller Systems Available
  • Easy Carry Travel Bag


54″L x 30″W x 25″H
134 Gallons of Water

70″L x 30″W x 25″H
178 Gallons of Water

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Portable And Freestanding Cold Plunge Tub And Spa

    • [Clean, Crystal Clear Water] Comes equipped with a filtration system so you don’t have to keep wasting water dumping it out every few weeks when the water turns bad like with a cheap ice pod. You just need to run the system with a little bit of bromine to sanitize.
    • [Durable Construction With Hardened Walls] Made out of very strong reinforced fiberglass and PVC layers that become a solid structure after inflation. The Fitmax Plunge Spa™ comes with a lockable lid for additional insulation. The unique material design helps keep heat or cold trapped in while working as either a plunge tub or heated spa.
    • [Cost Effective Option]: Giving you the same benefits of a professional grade ice bath and a swim spa without the price tag, the Fitmax Plunge Spa™ can be equipped with a spa blower so you can enjoy bubbles or you can add ice to turn it into a plunge tub. More powerful heater and chiller options are also available with the unit while the ample size options allows room for one or two people to enjoy the water together.
    • [Easy Portability] The epitome of convenience the lightweight construction and backpack design allows you to carry benefits of hydrotherapy wherever life takes you. Weighing just 27 lbs for the Single and 35 lbs for the Double, the Fitmax Plunge Spa™ is a plunge tub and spa that is easy to transport and set up, making it perfect for home use, gym sessions, or even outdoor events.