We bought a Heated Therapy Pool at the beginning of the year, to work on my compressed spine. We set it up and I started doing a self-made aerobics therapy program 3-4 times per week. This, in conjunction with my inversion table and 3 appts with a chiropractic doctor, corrected my spine issues to the point where I no longer had daily pain.

– Mary M, Oct 9th 2019

“I absolutely love my Therapy pool! I have a progressive bone disease, and the water makes it possible for me to do my exercises… It makes me feel so much better. The fact that the Pool is here makes all the difference in the world. I am so thankful that you made a product that the average person can afford.”

– By Martha, April 19th 2019

“The pool is great, I love it! It is really helping me work through back problems and allowing me to exercise without pain for the first time in years.”

– Kate H, July 31st 2018

“I’ve lost about 40 pounds lowered my blood pressure decreased the pain of my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis of my knee.”

– Bonnie L. – July 6th 2017

“We love the pool and it has been a tremendous healing experience for us.
Happy New Year”

– Anne K, January 3rd 2022

“I am legally blind. I’ve lost 90% of my vision and can’t drive. The pool the one place i feel completely comfortable, and it doesn’t matter there that i have no peripheral vision. I’m normal there. Having this pool at my house has meant i can exercise whenever i want, without asking for a ride, and no matter the weather. It has meant freedom during Covid, has unfrozen my right shoulder, has strengthened my left knee, and i can exercise no matter what my injuries are. Because it’s easy for me to fall, it’s not unusual but me to get hurt. Last year I fell down that back stairs. I jammed my hip and back. The next day I was in the pool.

This pool means more to me because of all this. I just came back from Canada and was able to hike freely with my husband and keep up with him because my cardio is so good from swimming. My blood pressure is low, my resting heart rate has gone from 72 to 58, and overall my health is in good shape. Because of this pool.

– Jenny – October 19th 2021

“I use my pool nearly every day. It is my therapy in so many ways. I turned 57yrs in June, with a great deal of co-morbidities. That pool helps my mind, body, soul, & spirit.”

– Alicia G. –  July 19th 2021

“I have to say the pool is AWESOME! My sister and I are in it every day doing our water exercises! Using a temporary solar heater the pool is at a wonderful 82 degrees – just perfect for our achy joints! Thanks for having such a great product and for your fabulous support!”

– Mary K. –  June 20th 2021

“I ♥️ my Fitmax (therapy pool)! I had decided after exhaustive research to purchase your therapy pool in the Hope that it would help me get my body moving again after many years of constant struggle with pain/stiffness/fatigue from fibromyalgia & bursitis/arthritis. I have found water therapy really does help! Yay! I bought water weights, ankle fins & stretch with my resistance bands in the water too. I am feeling much better & really want to say thanx for all your guidance & answers to my many questions (as I was nervous because I had never owned a pool before). You made the whole process a breeze really &helped me build my confidence to just so it! I love my pool!”

– Sara B. – September 19th 2019

“I LOVE MY POOL!!! I am getting great exercise everyday without the joint discomfort and my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter has learned to swim on her own with no floating device. I am very pleased with it!”

– Laura M, Mar 22nd 2019

“We purchased the 7’x7′ heated therapy pool from Fitmax. What an amazing purchase, especially given it’s reasonable price. First and foremost, it is as good as we had hoped. If you happen to be looking for convenient water therapy in you home or backyard this is the guy to buy! We installed it ourselves and it was easy, especially with the help of Ray at Fitmax and the videos at its site. Ray was a godsend. And the treadmill really works! It’s a real nice extra.”

– Steve S, Sep 25th 2018

“Thanks a lot. I am enjoying it and would recommend it to others. The benefits to my joints is priceless. Thanks again”

– Traycee, Aug 22nd 2018

“I truly love this iPool. I had no problem setting it up, myself and I’m a 62 year old female. To me, there is nothing more powerful than floating on your back, listening to yourself breathe; it’s like being in the womb again. Seriously! Very therapeutic and meditative.”

“Thank you for inventing this life-saving product!”

– Lucy – August 5th 2016

“I really love it. It was my Christmas gift from my son in 2014, but we didn’t order it until March 2015. We’ve set it up underneath my 12 X 24 ft back patio cover. How great is that?! It is working out perfectly there.

I am clueless about any kind of pool, the upkeep, chemicals, etc. The i Pool is amazingly easy to deal with! I love that I can use liquid Clorox bleach in it. It takes very little of it. The only other thing I’ve had to use is pH decreaser, and very little of it.

I have a serious nerve disability that prevents me from doing any traditional exercise, including basic walking. The iPool has changed my life. All I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– KXS – April 16th 2015

“The iPool is a well engineered product that works without complication and provides a great swimming experience. I have ordered one for my home in Kansas and one for my home in Georgia. I had looked exhaustively at swim spas and felt they were simply too expensive for what they provided, and also felt the harness was virtually as good and satisfying as swimming against an uninterrupted current. In setting up for a swim spa there was constant expense and preparation, poor availability and in some cases shady sounding promotions. Also once you put a swim spa in, you never move it. My pool in Kansas has worked well without interruption since April of this year. If I needed to move it I could. I will confess I also tried the other side of the expense spectrum and for several years—That is I assembled a small above ground pool, bought a pump, filter and heater. There were constant complication with the heater on the coldest Georgia winter days and I lost many valuable days of swimming in the winter, not to mention the frustration and expense of faltering equipment. As I say, this product is reliable and well engineered, with a comfortable depth and minimal amount of water to heat in the winter. As I say, I’ve bought a second one, and highly recommend it. And should you need it, they provide excellent support.”

– Randolph Capocassale, MD

” I purchased an iPool in August and I love it!!”

– Devra -October 15th 2021

“We are absolutely loving our iPool!”

– Bob L. October 15th 2021

“The pool is in incredible! I’m in it at least twice a day.”

– Rick –  June 14th 2021

Our daughter is loving her new ipool 3. Not only does it allow her to train while all the pools are closed, the tether system actually uncovers some of the flaws in her strokes that open water swimming does not. My wife also has enjoyed swimming “laps” in the privacy of our home.

-By Craig, May 3rd 2020

“I have dropped 9 pounds…my cholesterol has dropped 40 points and my dr says the pool was the best $$$ I could have spent on my health!!!”

– John – August 28th 2019

“I have the Ipool, and LOVE it! It’s only been set up for a few weeks, but I swim distance several days a week and it’s saved me from the hardcore chlorine at the local pool. Also, my husband hooked it up to our wood boiler and heats it with that. Works great! We were initially looking at Endless Pools and my swim coach told me that tether swimming is much better. Also, put a mirror on the bottom to watch my stroke.
Thank you!!!!!”

– Cindy, Oct 1st 2018

“I love everything about this aqua exercise apparatus. it is a total blast and the fastest hour of my day”

– Jeff M, July 30th 2018

“I bought your pool as a training/acclimation piece of equipment.. I don’t use it all year long. I swim some very long swims (35 miles this past summer). In the early part of the season I need something to get my body acclimated to colder water for the first swims of the year. I used it last year to prepare myself for a series of long swims in April where the water is about 66ish. I set the pool up in my garage for February thru mid April and keep the water at about 58 degrees F. Last year it was great. I was ready to go for that swim. I’m about ready to set it up again in a week or so. It really was a big help last year.. I didn’t have any issues during the three months it was set up, and it was easy to take down and store..
My dog really enjoyed it as well.”

– By Patrick, March 12th 2018

“I just bought an Ipool3!
I’ve been trying to figure out for years how I could get something for my backyard so I could swim every day. I was going to purchase an Endless Pool. By the time I figured out having to pull down part of my new fence and hiring a crane and a crane operator, I gave up on that idea. A week later, on the web, here’s this photo of the Ipool. We contacted Ray at Fitmax who helped us with all our questions. We purchased the Ipool3. It arrived fast and I’ve been swimming two times a day since it’s been up. You can get an easy swim or you can do a tremendous work-out of a swim. This Ipool is awesome. I finally have somewhere to swim every day. I don’t have to deal with driving in traffic for 20 miles to go sneak into a friend’s pool at their condo and I don’t have to deal with a crane trying to lift a pool over my fence. I have an Ipool. I can swim and get my exercise every day. I feel so much better – have had 5 days of swimming so far – it’s ridiculous. It’s heaven! Thank you Ray!

– By Joy C, Aug 23rd 2017

I love my pool! I’m in it six days a week, an hour a day, for over a year now

Jenny Y
October 11, 2021

"I'm loving the pool."

Linda B
July 25, 2021

"I use my pool nearly every day. It is my therapy in so many ways. I turned 57yrs in June, with a great deal of co-morbidities. That pool helps my mind, body, soul, & spirit."

Alicia G
July 19, 2021

"I am loving this little pool."

Bobbi R.
July 15, 2021

"Our pool has arrived just in time for a heatwave in the Seattle area. We are so appreciative to you and your company for taking action to ensure our pool was shipped in a timely manner. In this time of post-Covid, customer service has been lacking in most companies and I am so grateful that you continued to respond frequently and treating us with utmost respect.

Patricia M.
July 25, 2021

"I have to say the pool is AWESOME! My sister and I are in it every day doing our water exercises! Using a temporary solar heater the pool is at a wonderful 82 degrees - just perfect for our achy joints! Thanks for having such a great product and for your fabulous support!"

Mary K.
July 20, 2021

"The pool is in incredible! I’m in it at least twice a day."

June 14, 2021

"We are truly enjoying the pool! In Brooklyn, New York, backyards are small and the pool is a perfect fit."

Lillian R.
June 3, 2021

"Buying this I pool has been one of the most wonderful things I have ever purchased! Every day when I swim I am so grateful that I have this pool!"

Rebecca D
May 21, 2021

Our daughter is loving her new ipool 3. Not only does it allow her to train while all the pools are closed, the tether system actually uncovers some of the flaws in her strokes that open water swimming does not. My wife also has enjoyed swimming “laps” in the privacy of our home.

May 3, 2020

I just wanted to say that the iPool is great. We got it working, and the kids spent the day in it yesterday. Fantastic product! Thanks so much for being so responsive and helpful in the set up!

Kristin S
April 6, 2020

"We bought a Heated Therapy Pool at the beginning of the year, to work on my compressed spine. We set it up and I started doing a self-made aerobics therapy program 3-4 times per week. This, in conjunction with my inversion table and 3 appts with a chiropractic doctor, corrected my spine issues to the point where I no longer had daily pain."

Mary M
October 9, 2019

"My pool has been terrific for me and my family. So convenient to have a warm pool downstairs in Boston’s often intemperate weather."

Kevin M
Kevin M
October 26, 2021

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than seven years since I’ve bought the iPool from you. I continue to use it at least three times per week. As a physician with board certification in four specialties including pain management I am reminded daily of the importance of physical fitness for many reasons not limited to health and longevity as well as stress relief. You have an amazing, cost effective product that I am happy to endorse and only wish that more people had access to it.”

– Seth Kaufman, M.D.

We love it every time we use it, 6 days every week.  My daughter has figured we have both swam 100 miles since we started using in last March.”

– Sandra V Jan 17th 2022

“I am so satisfied with my iPool3 pool and with good insulation, I am still using it through winter in New Mexico at 6,800 foot elevation. Lowest nighttime temperature so far has been 3*F and consistently maintains a 86*F water temperature.
Not only my physical health has improved, my overall mental health has improved as well.
What a great investment to me!”

– Nancy M Jan 11th 2022

“Many thanks Ray. The exercise you have helped provide me is literally saving my life.”

– Randy C November 12th 2021

“We love our iPool.”

– Carl P November 11th 2021

“My pool has been terrific for me and my family. So convenient to have a warm pool downstairs in Boston’s often intemperate weather.”

– Kevin M October 26th 2021

“I swim 3x a week and love my IPool!!!”

– Teresa W October 15th 2021

“I love my pool! I’m in it six days a week, an hour a day, for over a year now”

– Jenny Y October 11th 2021

“I’m loving the pool.”

– Linda B. –  July 25th 2021

“I am loving this little pool.”

– Bobbi R. –  July 15th 2021

“Our pool has arrived just in time for a heatwave in the Seattle area. We are so appreciative to you and your company for taking action to ensure our pool was shipped in a timely manner. In this time of post-Covid, customer service has been lacking in most companies and I am so grateful that you continued to respond frequently and treating us with utmost respect.

– Patricia M. –  June 25th 2021

“We are truly enjoying the pool! In Brooklyn, New York, backyards are small and the pool is a perfect fit.”

– Lillian R. –  June 3rd 2021

“Buying this I pool has been one of the most wonderful things I have ever purchased! Every day when I swim I am so grateful that I have this pool!”

– Rebecca D. – May 21st 2021

“My wife has been able to swim the last two mornings and the iPool works great. With a little help from a Pool/Spa place I was able to get the chemistry all balanced and the chlorine from the salt water running right where they recommend. The cover helps a lot in keeping the moisture down in the indoor room where the pool is located- I just ordered the insulated cover from you guys (and the cover roller) so it is hopefully a one person job to put on and take off the cover…All in all it took a while to get the iPool up and running but I am very happy with my setup and my wife is happily swimming daily.”

– Bob L. – February 7th 2021

I just wanted to say that the iPool is great. We got it working, and the kids spent the day in it yesterday. Fantastic product! Thanks so much for being so responsive and helpful in the set up!

-By Kristin S, April 6th 2020

“I purchased the Ipool 3 six months ago and wanted to wait this long to give an honest review. This product has been life changing for me. Three months after purchase I had my yearly wellness checkup with my doctor. I lost 12 pounds…cholesterol is in the acceptable zone for the first time ever! I AM NO LONGER PREDIABETIC! I workout an hour and fifteen minutes everyday without fail. Workout consists of 45 minutes water aerobics and 30 minutes of “swimming laps” I could not be happier with the product. I looked at this for 2 years before buying and what made me go ahead with the purchase was conversations I had with Ray Chang at FITMAX. The best customer service I have EVER had. I urge you to contact him if you have any questions or concerns. I’ve contacted him several times after the sale and he has always been very prompt and professional with his helpful response. Thank you FITMAX for a stellar product. My Doctor said this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I TOTALLY AGREE! The photos are of the day of setup.

-By Allen Nov 1st 2019

I purchased an “ipool” this year. I have had it for several months now. Both my wife and I use it on almost a daily basis. I heat to 85 degree f or more (summer up here) for about $4 a day. it is inside my garage. I insulated as per advice from Ray. I put 2 inches of hard closed celled foam underneath and the insulation package from fitmax. I keep the cover on.

We find this pool indispensable now. We love it. Pure and simple so economical and practical where else can you swim for any length of time at any time of day or night in a clean heated swimming pool all to yourself any time you want? Fabulous… I use swim fins and swim gloves and these really enhance my workout.

Additionally any time I need any advice or support I call up and get help asap from fitmax. Love it they stand behind their product I have had no real issues it is well engineered and constructed the system works great all in my garage in the space of a vehicle right next to a tv. I love it. It completes my home gym I use it for about an hour a day total body cardio and weight loss all three anytime I want. Private all about $4 a day. I suspect more in winter but not that much more a cup of coffee. Money well spent for such a tool for your health and I love to swim anyway. 5 stars all the way

-By Robert D, Sep 16th 2019

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the pool almost every day and loving it. I even like the harness for a relaxing “zero gravity” float after a swim.”

– Amanda – August 5th 2019

“I used the pool yesterday – it is wonderful!”

– By Susan, June 24th 2019

“The insulation and cover work awesome! Only lost 2 degrees over night, and it has been dropping to 50 degrees here!
The harness is an incredible invention! Comfortable and a great work out! Free style, breast stroke and back stroke are my favs!
I also love floating/meditating!! This pool is ideal for it! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service!!”

– Kelly – June 21st 2019

“I bought my Fitmax iPool in 2016 and it remains one of my best purchases. I highly recommend the Extreme Customer Service of Fitmax. Ray is not only knowledgeable, competent, seemingly always available, and helpful. Ray is warm, friendly, and kind. Thanks. We love our iPool.”

– Aus – May 22nd 2019

“I purchased this therapy pool for an arthritic-friendly workout. I did my homework on the product before purchase with Fitmax directly. My wife and I had at least two calls with Ray from Fitmax. He was informative and helpful to our needs in choosing the right pool. We experienced prompt delivery and a straightforward set up. We had a couple of questions after and Ray was prompt to return call or email. We have been very happy with the purchase and it has been meeting our needs splendidly. Note: six months after purchase and a winter shutdown, I had a technical question on cleaning the pool and Ray was quick to answer and give the info we needed. It is a good product and a good company. What more could you ask for?”

-Susan C, Apr 29th 2019

“The pool itself is great. My wife loves it”

-Jim R, Mar 3rd 2019

“I love it and it not only met but went beyond my expectations.””

– Candy, Feb 11th 2019

“I am 66 years old and have had two knee replacements. I now have arthritis. Having this pool in my garage allows me to work out in water all year round. I sleep better. I have less aches and pains. Best retirement investment I have made so far.””

– Becca, Feb 3rd 2019

“It is so wonderful to be able to go into my own basement and get into clean, quiet, warm water, and do my exercises, with no driving, no overdose of chlorine, no screaming kids and whistles. I am in my therapy pool almost every day now.”

– Henya – December 26th 2018

“Closed for the winter. But I used it almost everyday from June to sept. Can’t wait for summer. Also wanted to mention the best purchase was the valves. Makes it so much easier to clean filter. Thanks for checking in.”

-By Lisa, Sep 29th 2018

“I swim at least once a day 30 minutes sometimes twice a day! What a great product you have!”

– Mark, Sep 18th 2018

“Thanks for asking about the pool. We have been using it and it is good therapy. The design is good and the size as well.”

– Judy, Sep 9th 2018

“The pool is up and running, and swimming in it is A LOT of fun”

– Bill, Sep 7th, 2018

“We are really enjoying our ipool! I am very happy with our purchase. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product and customer service.”

– Jill, Aug 3rd 2018

“My wife said that purchasing the IPOOL is one of the best things she has done for herself. Frustration with the inability to exercise due to back and leg pain led her to the internet where she found the IPOOL website. Several years ago she had two very successful back surgeries but still needed to deal with spinal stenosis and arthritis. She convinced me that this seemed to be her last resort. She did have very successful physical therapy in a pool with a licensed therapist at an earlier time and thought it might be better having easy access to her own pool. We agreed and we purchased the i-pool with the heater and couldn’t be happier. She started her exercises based on those from the licensed therapist, and she has not taken over the counter pain meds for back or leg pain since starting exercising in the IPOOL. We did purchase the Intex plunger valves to make it easier to change the filter. Customer service support for questions has been excellent.”

– Rick, July 29th 2018

“First and foremost, I would like to commend customer service (Ray) at FitMAX Inc.. I have 35 years of customer service experience so, needless to say, I’m ‘picky’. Ray was there every step of the way. I don’t like to swim side to side so wanted something very small that I could tether swim. I began looking into resistance swimming pools, but didn’t want to spend $20,000. I searched for a small pool deep enough that I could tether swim and discovered the ipool. It was an easy setup and love the fact that the harness can be placed in different positions for swimming preference. Everything has moved smoothly so far; I have the deluxe filter and salt water system. Only suggestions I have is checking the filter more often than suggested to see if it needs to be replaced and going lower on the salt level than recommended (easier to add than to remove). Thank you FitMAX!”

– Lisa F, July 12th 2018

“I love my pool. Many thanks for a great product!”

– Lisa, July 11th 2018

“Just to let you know that I received the fitmax pool 3 last Saturday, very quick service! The pool has been set up and is ready to be filled.. I am looking forward to start swimming again after many years out of the water.. This is something to look forward to each day and I plan on swimming every day!! The best exercise ever and convenient at home.. Thanks so much.”

-By K, July 8th 2018

“First and foremost, I LOVE my ipool! I wanted to wait to write my review until I used my ipool for a while. I’ve been swimming daily for 2 months now, so I feel like I can give a thorough review.
1. Very easy to set up the pool. 2 people, plan for 1-2 hours. (We are in our 50’s and 60’s and handled it just fine. Definitely watch the video multiple times.)
2. The heater requires professional install, unless you are able to handle the 220 electrical requirements yourself.
3. I recommend some kind of pad under the liner. We used carpet padding since it’s in my garage and the floors are radiant heated. I read that tip before setting up the pool and I’m glad I did.
4. Once the pool was set up, filled, filter connected, and heater installed, I heated it overnight and it was a toasty 85 degrees. I do not like to be cold, so I keep it at 87 when its cool out.
5. Fill the pool all the way up. Its much easier to swim if you do. I didn’t at first, and I was flopping around. I filled it up, and swimming became a breeze.
6. Customer service ROCKS! We called SO many times with questions, and every time, Ray was patient, helpful, thorough, and did I say, Patient?! He answered all of our questions and always answered the phone when we called.
7. I chose to use bromine since the pool is indoors. I have a float dispenser with tablets and a chemical checking kit. Got it all on Amazon. It’s very easy to keep the water clear.
8. I put the cover on after I swim, every time.
9. The filter gets funky fairly quickly. I take it out after 2 weeks and clean it in the utility sink with bleach. It will work for 2 more weeks, then I change it. If the filter is dirty, there isn’t enough pressure for the heater to work. That being said, order filters so you have them on hand. 10. I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started swimming. I was at my wits end after gaining 40 pounds in the last 4 years. (Menopause is a cruel beast) I had to get rid of my treadmill due to plantar fasciitis, so walking/ running was not an option. I went to a public pool, but it was a long drive and I would only go 1-2 times a week. Having my own pool has given me more joy than I would ever have imagined. You get all the benefits of an endless pool at a fraction of the cost. So, I completely recommend this pool if you are looking for an at home option that is reasonable. Also, just an FYI, this is an honest review from a hard working school teacher.”

– Dar, June 2nd 2018

“I was using the pool almost every day and can’t wait to get in it again. I love the convenience of being able to get in and swim when I want and it has done wonders for my bad back. I have not had any issues with the pool and besides the small learning curve of how to best maintain the pool water everything is working great.
Thanks so much for reaching out to me and seeing if I needed any assistance. Everything is going good and I am happy with the pool.”

– Jennifer, May 15th 2018

“This a great pool, since I really needed the the buoyancy for exercising. It was outside in the summer and we moved it into the garage in the winter with a heater. The water got to 96 degrees. Heaven!!! for arthritis, severe sciatica, fibromyalgia, and diabetic neuropathy in my feet that limits walking. Whenever we have glitches, Ray handles the explanations or repairs speedily. He’s been great. For the few down times, I have missed my daily exercise, it really makes a difference in my pain levels.”

– Suz, May 13th 2018

“Just to let you know…my fit max pool is the best thing I’ve ever bought. I swim in it almost every day and I feel like I’m in really good shape.”

– By Kent, April 23rd 2018

“It is my favorite toy! After five years I can’t wait until Spring to start it up.. The hot water is the best and I am in darn good shape for 64 years.. The best purchase I ever made.”

-By Dave, Feb 2nd 2018

“Great pool, exactly what I expected !! Customer service with Ray exceptional!”

-By Tony T, March 22nd 2018

“It is my favorite toy! After five years I can’t wait until Spring to start it up.. The hot water is the best and I am in darn good shape for 64 years.. The best purchase I ever made.”

-By Dave, Feb 2nd 2018

“The pool is still doing great.
No leaks and in good shape.
I think being enclosed in the green house and being on 1 inch rubber mats has helped it a lot.
I also have your Ipool insulation around the pool and the insulation blanket as well.
Not too long ago I added the chin up bar and the shoulder press bar.
Great product!

-By George B, Jan 26th 2018

“I purchased my fitmax ipool back in April of this year and love it! I use it almost daily and have been very pleased that even as the temperatures have begun to drop, the heater has kept the water warm enough for me to continue to swim.”

-By Jennifer W, Dec 13th 2017

“I love my ipool3!!”

-By Sunny C, Sep 30th 2017

“Thanks for checking in. My wife is thoroughly enjoying the pool. She’s in it for about an hour each day doing her exercises. We’ve stayed ahead of some of the minor issues and are still trying to keep the chemical balance just right, but otherwise we’re happy with the purchase.”

-By Russ P, Sep 15th 2017

“My wife has been swimming in it the last 3 days and she really likes it!”

– By Stu A, Aug 22nd 2017

“I used my spa bells for the first time & they are a great workout. The You Tube Video is very helpful. I’m swimming every day and really enjoy the pool.”

– Pamela E, Aug 16th 2017

“We got a late start with our Fitmax but now we’re really enjoying it Thanks”

– By John G, Aug 16th 2017

“First off, I love my pool so much!!! I’ve been recommending it to everyone from family to members of my online support groups! I’ve shared a link to your website more times than I can count. Hopefully you’ll be getting a few orders with our names mentioned in them, lol!”

– Donna T, Aug 8th 2017

“My one and a half year old loves the pool. We have taken a few dips in it. What a great purchase.”

-Margarita F, July 25th 2017

“Using it is one of the greatest experiences of my life thank you for making this product.”

-Jean W, July 25th 2017

“I wanted to tell everyone how great the ipool is. I installed it in an steel building outside. It is so nice to get in and have the old lady’s legs pain go away – at least until the next day. This is a great idea and I am glad that ipool was created at an affordable price.”

-Margaret, July 24th 2017

“The service from Fitmax has been TOP NOTCH! Honestly, I can not say enough good things about this company. When I accidentally sent my order through twice, Ray was kind enough to notice and cancel one order after getting confirmation from me. All my questions have been answered in a timely manner and thoroughly. The service has been great. Now for the pool itself, what is there not to love about it? It’s compact and convenient to set up almost anywhere and it is SO deep! I’ve had many small plunge pools set up in the backyard but this is the first one that actually allows the user to swim and exercise. We set it up inside a 12’x 12′ gazebo and it feels like a private mosquito-free spa. I’ll admit that the installation will go much faster the next time we set it up, with practice that is, as it took me over an hour to get all the parts out of the boxes. The total installation and de-packaging took about 4 hours. I’d highly recommend Fitmax iPool if you are considering an exercise, endless or therapy pool.

-Christina L, July 19th 2017

“Your response & customer service have been phenomenal.”

– By Pamela E, July 19th 2017

“Your pool has truly helped to transform my life. Since using it, I have lost 20 pounds and my overall fitness has noticeably improved. Since I am a heavy person, swimming is the only exercise that does not aggravate my back and joints, and without your affordable iPool, I would not be able to swim.”

– Laura A. – July 10th 2017

“I’m an Army Soldier that has served for over 17 yrs. I lost my right leg in combat and needed to find a different way to stay fit and in fighting shape. After multiple surgeries and weight gain due to inactivity, I needed to find a way to get back to a healthy Soldier lifestyle. Your Fitmax iPool is the answer for me! I swim at least 4 days a week. I am now in better physical shape and lost 10 lbs so far. Thank you for your great customer support, and great product.”

– SFC Daniel M. – July 6th 2017

“I was able to complete 13 marathon swims (10km or longer) including four swims longer than 10 miles… I am now known around the world in the marathon swimming community as “that girl who swims in her garage”

– Tiffany McQueen “The Swim Gypsy” – July 6th 2017

“We love the pool and I feel benefits already. My son couldn’t walk on his leg last week and the water was helpful for him, too!”

– Alison D. – June 20th 2017

“It’s fantastic. Great product.”

– Dr. Elliott B. Rosenbaum, June 14th 2017

“Things are going great with the pool! I take it down in the winter and have yet to put it up this summer, but the past two summers have been awesome. The pump is still working fine and even the overhead umbrella-thing is still intact.”

– Lena, June 8th, 2017

“This is one of the best investment I have made. I loved my pool. I use it everyday. It took a while to get everything working correctly, but it was all worth the wait! The customer service provided by the seller during all the process of getting the pool in working order was excellent. He took every call and answered every question proving ideas and solutions to ensure that our pool would end up in working order and was enjoy by us. Thank YOU!!! I recommend it to anyone looking to have a private/personal home pool.”

– Satisfied Customer – Feb 2nd 2017

“I did a good deal of research as my wife was prescribed low-impact exercise, and swimming was the only thing that would fit the bill. Given her health and my work schedule it was not even feasible to find something outside our home as she can’t travel without assistance. I priced out lap-swimmers, and the first thing I found as costly if not more than an in-ground pool. We needed a lap-swimmer for which we could heat the water. The Fitmax iPool was the only lap-swimmer that met all our needs and our budget too. I can’t express my gratitude enough for your products, and your helpful staff. I’m not overstating this when I say, apart from your Fitmax iPool I’m not sure I would have the resources needed to provide my wife with the set-up she needs to help restore her health.”

– Russ L. – January 30th 2017

“I always wanted to have my personal swimming pool. I found the iPool and I’m so happy I did.
You will also receive excellent customer service with this pool. I emailed Lawrence my concerns and questions I had in the beginning. He was patient and understanding and he was able to resolve all my issues with the pool liner and the heater.

The swim harness works well. I am able to do freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. My height is 5’9”. Check the attached video!
I have it set up inside a sunroom, so it stays clean and warm. Purchased the iPool with heater, and I am really glad I did.

As for the heating costs, here is some calculation for you to estimate. My small 5.5kw heater (comes with iPool) is able to heat the pool 2-3 degrees per hour. Electricity rate in my area is about 8 cents per kwh. So if I use my 5.5kw heater for one hour it costs me 8×5.5=44 cents. During a year, it takes about 2-3 hours a day on average to keep my pool around 82-84 degrees. Keep in mind, my pool is inside a sunroom. The room is not heated though, so when it’s really cold outside I have to use a small space heater to keep air temperature between 60 and 70 degrees.

I am using now wireless power switch for my pool. It allows me to turn the power on/off on a schedule or simply use my phone to turn the filter/heater on and off.
I have had the iPool for two and a half years now with no issues.

– Alex, Sep 19th, 2016

“I have not forgotten you! Life has been busy of late.. Yes, the link you sent helped me explore various forms of exercises to use while in my Fitmax Ipool. As a Senior, In the 6 weeks of exercising I have not lost much weight, but my arm, back and stomach muscles are getting toned and my “beer” belly has slimmed down quite a bit.. It revives me immensely.”

“Thank you for inventing this life-saving product!”

– Jim J, Sep 18th, 2016

“Owning the Fitmax Ipool for approximately a month now has exceeded all of my expectations. I am thrilled and absolutely love it! I feel my body getting stronger every single day. I’m going to be taking it indoors soon and will then attach the heater. I have found that the “Flip Plop” chlorination system works perfectly. Set up wasn’t too bad and everything fit together nicely. Thank you for such a great product, I brag about it and recommend it to everyone who will listen!”

-Deanna M, Sep 2nd, 2016

“I love it!”

– Ian, Aug 10th, 2016

“it is the best investment for my mother’s therapy, works excellent, efficient, I intelled out of USA”

– Ruthy P, Aug 9th, 2016

“I used the pool for the first time yesterday and I LOVE IT!”

– Laura W, Jun 29th, 2016

“We love our pool!!

– Vince and Darlene S, June 23rd, 2016

“I am thoroughly enjoying my pool!!!
Since I installed it by myself it was an all day project then I surrounded it with patio blocks :)”

– Kathleen, June 14th, 2016

“I have owned my ipool for 3 years. It sits all day in direct SoCal sun and still looks new. Other pools (both above and in-ground) don’t even come close to what the ipool offers. The uniqueness of the ipool is mostly in the design of the belt. You can swim in place, do butterfly stroke, run in place, etc. I’ve read the reviews and some people aren’t happy because something needs replacing. All you have to do is call the company and they will replace the part immediately!

This is a working piece of equipment, and once in a while, things break or wear out. I’m sure if you spent $25,000+ on a swimming pool, things also need replacing. The difference is the ipool owner will send you out a replacement part versus you spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a pool that does not even come close to giving you the capabilities, and the kind of exercise that the ipool provides.”

– Teri M- Nov 30th 2016

“Thank you so much for all your help with this! It has been incredible for me to swim, it is making a huge difference in my health.”

– Mashubi – April 5th 2016

“I am a very satisfied owner of an iPool. I researched extensively before I purchased the pool. Compared to the competition it is a bargain. I actually prefer using it to a current generating pool as it is more forgiving of changes in effort on my part and I can move laterally in the pool to a far greater degree than in the current generated by the endless pools.”

“In summary, I highly recommend the iPool.”

– Seth K – March 18th 2016

“We couldn’t be happier with our purchase! The warm water and the exercise is already decreasing our son’s pain and improving his circulation. Best decision we could have made for him!!!”

– Angela on Jan 18, 2016

“I LOVE MY POOL, and don’t know what I would do without it. I have bad knees and water therapy has been the best for me.”

– Nuc – Dec 9th 2015

“Yeah!!! Thanks Ray! You guys rock!”

– Tammie M – Nov 11th 2015

“This is a fantastic product! I found it a little difficult to set it up by myself, but when I contacted customer service they did an excellent job! It great for swimming and exercise!”

– Marissa -Sep 2nd 2015

“Great pool and excellent service!”

– Melissa -July 4th 2015

“We couldn’t be happier with the iPool 3. Setup was a breeze (and would have been easier if I’d read the instructions properly!).

The swimming harness works amazingly well. I’ve been able to swim for tens of minutes at a time without having to do a single flip turn. It will be interesting to see if it’s increased my swim speed when I go to the swimming pool next.

I suspect it will have. My kids are loving it too. Without the heater, it’s reaching 75 degrees in the afternoon (the month of May, in Southern California), which is perfect for a refreshing splash around. It’s incredible value for the money and the support by FitMax has been fantastic. I’d highly recommend the iPool 3 to any of my friends.”

– Pete R – May 3rd 2015

“I purchased this pool when we were shopping for an exercise pool. There were many choices available with drastic price differences. After doing some research and looking at many reviews, we decided on the FitMax ipool. After it arrived, I had to complete many tasks to prepare my indoor room for this pool, electrical installation, painting, room exhaust fan and building a floor that would support the weight of the pool, but that is not the responsibility of the seller.

After installing the pool and completing all connections, I filled the tub and then powered everything up. The deluxe heater that was included did not turn on. I double checked the power and it was correct. I looked at the heater and I found that there was a pressure valve inside the heater and it is adjustable. I turned off the power at the fuse box and adjusted this valve. After a few minutes, I found the correct adjustment and the heater worked! Several days later, I saw that the heater was no longer heating. I noticed that the overheat reset had tripped. I reset and it started again. This is a good heater, with several built in safety features that , sometimes, may need to be adjusted for the pool type/pump type it is being used with. I looked as to why the over heat happened and I discovered that the pump had an air lock. I bled the pump and all the air out and everything was working again. The next day, I found the same problem.

The time that I purchased the IPool and when I finally finished completing the room, 2 years had passed. I called Fitmaxipool (found the contact information online) and I spoke to Lawrence Chang . I explained my situation, regarding the pump, and he asked a few questions to work with me to resolve the issue. After trying a few different things, he asked me to e-mail some pictures of the pump and heater installation. Not 1 hour later, Mr. Chang replied to my e-mail and asked for my shipping address to send me a new replacement pump. So far all is working well. Lawrence is a pleasure to work with unlike some other experiences with product support from other companies. With any product, there are bound to be issues. How those issues are addressed is what makes for a good or poor company. I would highly recommend the IPool and the Fitmaxipool Company to all of my friends and anyone else looking to purchase an above ground pool. My wife and I enjoy this pool. There are many exercises that we can do without the impact of non-water exercise. The swim harness really works well.”

– E.Walker

“Excellent above ground exercise pool and much cheaper than others I looked at. I called and had some questions, Lawrence was very helpful. I ordered and it arrived fast in just 2 days. I immediately assembled the Ipool which took just over an hour and it was exactly what I was looking for. I would strongly recommend the Ipool to anyone who wants to swim exercise with out the expense of a regular pool.”

– John J – March 18th, 2015

“I just had to take a moment to say my Fitmax iPool with heater is awesome!! It is so much better than I could dream. I have researched for the past 2 years to find an alternative to swimming for my workouts and fitness needs. I was a lifeguard for 25 years, and a swimmer for fitness even longer. I moved to an area of north Florida where they do not have community pools, or community exercise facilities with swimming pools. I thought I was not going to be able to use swimming as a means of fitness any more. I was devastated until I found this pool!

I read everything I could about this pool, and was skeptical at first, and for almost a year have researched all the other alternatives. I am so thrilled that I chose this pool! The sides are strong, and hold the water without throwing me all over the pool, or sloshing (if that is really a word) a lot of water out onto the ground. I work out doing a short stretching routine at the beginning, and then I swim for almost an hour. The waist belt works just like you said it would, and the resistance cord does a terrific job! It has made such a difference in my life and health, and I just had to say Thank you!!

Thank you for this wonderful product, and thank you to whoever designed and built this pool. It has been a lifesaver, and dream come true!

Swimming happily ever after yours,
Tina P”

– Tina P – March 17th, 2015

“Blown away by the quality of this pool AND the service of fitmaxipool.com. Was skeptical at first like any larger purchase, but those concerns quickly evaporated once the pool arrived. Was further impressed dealing with the company on a minor replacement. Sent them an email on my issue and before I even got off work THAT SAME DAY, they had my replacement part shipped and in route! Told me I didn’t even have to ship the old one back. Amazing. Super happy with the pool. Swim in my garage I converted into a pool room and the pounds are melting off. There’s truly nothing like waking up in the morning and jumping in a nice warm heated pool for a dip. I take a few more laps just before bed and I’ve slept like a baby ever since. Kids and wife love it as well. Really can’t say enough. Had it almost a year now with no issues. Worth every penny!”

“Our very own indoor heated pool.. A dream come true. Blown away by the quality of this pool AND the service of fitmaxipool.com. Was skeptical at first like any larger purchase, but those concerns quickly evaporated once the pool arrived. Was further impressed dealing with the company on a minor replacement. Sent them an email on my issue and before I even got off work THAT SAME DAY, they had my replacement part shipped and in route! Told me I didn’t even have to ship the old one back. Amazing. Super happy with the pool. Swim in my garage I converted into a pool room and the pounds are melting off. There’s truly nothing like waking up in the morning and jumping in a nice warm heated pool for a dip. I take a few more laps just before bed and I’ve slept like a baby ever since. Kids and wife love it as well. Really can’t say enough. Had it almost a year now with no issues. Worth every penny!”

– Krystle – February 5th, 2015

“Fantastic! More than I expected when I ordered it. It comes with with excellent customer service. If you have any problems just call Lawrence. I was skeptical but I have been converted. I love swimming against resistance.”

– Scott – October 4th, 2014

“I received the iPool deluxe with pump and heater for my birthday last month and have declared it the BEST gift ever! I suffered a low back injury 3 years ago and swimming had been the best exercise but between travel time to and from the gym and then waiting for a lane to open in the pool, I wasn’t too successful in swimming often enough. I looked at the endless pool but the high price and idea of swimming into a fire hose equiv. of water took that off my list. I looked into swim spas but those prices seemed pretty high and again, the powerful flow of water was unappealing. When I stumbled onto the iPool I liked both the price and the idea of swimming from a harness so we decided to give it a try. We had an electrician run 220 out to where we have the pool set up in the backyard – which cost about $650. We wrapped the pool exterior in 4ft. tall insulation from Home Depot, and the hoses with foam pipe wrap as well. With the cover on before and after swimming, we only need to run the heater for a couple of hours. The pool was fairly easy to set up – because of my back injury we did need our adult son to help my husband on the final steps and the only improvement that could be made would be to the set-up instructions. The pool has been operational for 2 weeks and I have been in the pool for 45 mins. each day – both swimming and doing a variety of stretches in the warm water. Had a few questions for Lawrence re the heater and filter prior to arrival and he was very helpful and responsive. Minimal chemicals needed to keep the water clean and balanced. I purchased a pool vacuum from Amazon to vacuum up the minimal dirt settling on the bottom of the pool but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m thrilled with this pool!!!”

– Vicki – September 3rd, 2014

“Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the iPool we bought.

With cooler weather on the horizon, no garage and a basement too small for its modest size, I came up with a solution to keep swimming year round.

Our iPool is now in a 24 x 12 x 8 Shelter Logic green house in our back yard.

The attached picture shows the iPool in its new home!

Thanks, great product and price!”

– George B – September 1st, 2014

“Fantastic customer service, Realistic swimming experience is spot-on, Simplistic design, very easy setup, and breakdown, Unmatched price point, Highly efficient – minimal chemicals to keep pool clean (order some Aquachek test strips, Kem-tek (1 inch) CL tabs (floating dispenser), Arm and Hammer Clear Balance and you are good to go), Chin up bar is a great add-on, Heater is a must have and works perfect cuts off when pump is off which is great feature (have your electrician install a 220 disconnect w/GFCI), Included pump works fine for basic filtration and has a built-in GFI circuit (filters are cheap) I don’t see any reason whatsoever to upgrade the pump. Only small complaint is I did not like the idea of my 220 heater sitting down near the ground right next to the pool outlets (possible shock hazard) and it was a little bit expensive ($40) to get hose connectors to expand the hose (which are proprietary Intex hoses). But, customer service (Lawrence) was great and sent me out the connectors with free shipping which solved the problem and allowed me to easily locate my heater off the ground on a shelf in a safe place away from the pool outlet water connectors. In summary, a fantastic product that is unmatched for cost and simplicity.”

– A. SW – August 30th, 2014

“I bought my Ipool last year and absolutely love it. Lawrence Chang provides exceptional customer service! I cannot say enough about him. He responds immediately, and his first concern is to please his customer. I am so looking forward to my second year of swimming in my Ipool! Love it, love it, love it!..”

– Liz – June 4th, 2014

“In Malamud’s novel THE NATURAL, he dropped the Grail myth onto baseball so that the afflicted manager has athlete’s-foot-of-the-hands. Because of some neurological screw-up I have nervous-leg-syndrome-of-the arms, which has been slowly growing harder to deal with in the half-century plus I’ve had it. Nothing helps relieve the symptoms like swimming but the symptoms have grown constant enough for me to have a pool in my home so I can swim two or three times a day if necessary. I first looked into the Endless Pool, where one swims against the current. But, with installation it costs over $25,000.

Searching led me to the iPool which has proved to be a perfect solution. Since I live in Minnesota I have to have the pool indoors–the basement was the only alternative–and I needed a heater. The 220 line to hoop up the heater called in an electrical contractor and then a city inspector–all of which added another $2,000 to the tab. But it’s certainly been worth it. An engineer friend of mine observed that the present iPool is obviously no first edition, for it’s clearly very well machined, and both pool and metal supports are heavy and solid. There was no room for the overhead part but, after some tinkering,I was able to successfully suspend the swimming harness from eye-screws in the beams overhead. In the few weeks I’ve been using the iPool it it’s made my life considerably better and living with me considerably easier..”

– Bob S – May 22, 2014

“We are loving the iPool. It is so nice to wake up and swim each morning. My husband has lost about a pound a day or more when he uses it. Thank you for being do great to work with.”

– Kacie – May 20, 2014

“Love my iPool. Ordering my pool was easy, I had questions before I ordered and Lawrence answered everything quickly. Shipping was very fast. I have moved my pool from one porch to another and it did great. I lost a part and contacted Lawrence and he sent a replacement part extremely fast. I am overweight and have problems exercising, this pool is the only way for me to move around for any real exercise – I am thankful for this affordable opportunity to have something at my home that provides me with an opportunity to better my health. One thing that I did do that I like, I purchased a “horse stall mat” and placed under my pool on a cement pad. I like the extra cushion it provides.”

– Sara & Keith S -April 28th 2014

“This review is long overdue, but i’m happy to report that I am more than satisfied with my iPool! It was so fast and simple to install and Lawrence is the BEST customer service guy anyone could ever hope for, he is patient and always super polite. He will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I have had the iPool for almost 2 years now. At first I had some frustrating moments with installing the heater and blowing fuses, but that was only because my home electric was a bit jacked up. After a professional electrician put in the proper wiring and service, all was well. I have been enjoying swimming in my very own basement pool ever since. I haven’t had any problems with maintaining the pool, I use the usual pool chemicals and check the balances often. Couldn’t be easier, there’s even an app (for Aquachek) where you just input your test results and it tells you exactly what to add to your pool water.

**We have a low basement ceiling and couldn’t install the bar over the pool as shown in the pic. For a minute we thought we were going to have to re-invent the wheel to get it to work, but after some thought, my husband just bolted the curved part of the bar upside-down (like a smile) to a crossbeam in the basement. It works perfectly and is super-sturdy. The elastic resistance band attaches to it and it works great.

It is just so great to walk downstairs and go swimming, instead of driving to the town pool and then driving home soaking wet, esp in the wintertime! Instead of blowing it off because it used to be a big hassle, I’m actually happy to start my day with a swim now. Best decision I ever made as far as exercise equipment goes.

– Customer in Buffalo, NY – July 23rd, 2014

“I think the idea behind the iPool is fantastic. An above-ground pool is taken to the next level: real exercise instead if just splashing around. The great thing about it is that you can practice the full range of swimming moves in full intensity without moving away from your spot, which allows to keep the pool small in size without compromising the freedom of motion.
The “harness”, which consists of metal arched beams, bungee cables and a belt, provide the necessary resistance. You can control the resistance by changing the position of the cables’ positions on the arched beam. AND YOU CAN DEFINITELY FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.
After the first day, I felt that my muscles had been working! Even though I am a pretty fit person, I was a little sore and felt tightening in some muscles which I usually don’t work at the gym.
Later in the show, after familiarizing myself with iPool a little more, I wanted to explore other possibilities with this equipment. I discovered that not only you can practice all your styles of swimming in the iPool; you can also isolate your arm workout, using the far wall, pulling yourself to it, working against cables’ resistance. You can also work your legs, using the closest wall. I even tried to do aqua aerobics which turned into great fun!!! The simple steps from an aerobic routine (which are so easy to do on the floor) require a lot more work in the water, training every muscle in your legs, while letting you keep up your arm movements to maintain the “cardio” regime. And after a few minutes of that you can go right back to swimming….or just chill. Turn the belt around and relax on your back, letting the water and cables keep you comfortably afloat, and you can close your eyes and “turn” the world off for a bit.
Thanks to very well balanced ladder, it’s very easy and safe to get in and out of the iPool. Each step is designed as an actual mini step, as oppose to a just metal bar, big enough to feel safe, but so big that makes the ladder bulky. Plus, if necessary, the ladder can be temporarily removed for (children’s’) safety.
Fully adjustable belt will properly fit a person of any size. We were able to perfectly adjust it for a fairly small person like myself, so it didn’t slide on my body. Having spent quite a long time in the iPool demonstrating all it’s possibilities and being very active, I must say that the belt is very well padded and sized, and doesn’t cause any discomfort even after long hours of exercising.
The filtration system keeps water crystal clear and inviting. In addition to all that, there is an optional heater which I had the pleasure of experiencing. You can adjust your iPool’s temperature to your own comfort level, which could be crucial for the amount of exercise you are getting, because, let’s face it: sometimes just a thought of the water being too cold can keep us away from the pool and from exercising.
Overall it’s a great product, for exercise and fun.
After experiencing it on my own body I can say that exercising in the iPool is more effective than your typical maintenance workout at the gym and definitely a great addition your regular exercise regime, if you already have one.
Whatever size or fitness level you are, iPool will fit you and “work” with you.”
Whatever your goals are, be it working on your stroke, leg technique, endurance, or just relaxation, you will benefit from using iPool.
I am very glad that I got to demonstrate iPool at the Aqua Show 2007 at Mandalay Bay. I was able to exercise and it was a welcome addition to my usual routine. I had a lot of fun and met some of the wonderful people behind the iPool and the Aqua Show.

“My iPool goes up every spring in my garage and I put it away in the winter. It helps my knees and provides me an opportunity to exercise without causing more damage. I bought it from Lawrence Chang and have never had a question that I could not call him and he would answer the phone and help me out. I just ordered a new set of hoses from Lawrence. The old ones are still fine but I think with the fifth season coming up replacing them is a good idea. I called Lawrence and they arrived a few days later for a very modest sum. I set up the pool and take it down by myself with no problem, once I learned a couple of easy steps. Filling the pool raises my water bill by about $10 for that month. I get replacement filters at WalMart. This is the first time I have ever written a review or a recommendation for a company or product, but I am happy to do so in this case because I am more than satisfied with Lawrence and my iPool. If the time comes to replace the liner I am sure a phone call to Lawrence would have one on the way in no time. Great pool. Great company. No regrets.”

– James C – April 19th, 2014

“This is one of the coolest things if you like to swim. With more limited space, you can get some of the best exercise out there and the pool is so easy to maintain. And you really do get a good workout. I’m a little taller, and I can even do some aerobic type moves in it submerging myself to my neck and doing various exercises, so I did more than just strap myself in the harness which was nice for variety. And I got myself underwater headphones (inexpensive), hang my non-waterproof ipod in a waterproof case above me from a strap I hang from the bar, and jam out to different tunes while swimming or listen to a podcast. I’ve had it for two years now with no issues at all. The vinyl is very heavy duty. The heater is great. You could easily get it over 100 degrees, which wouldn’t be healthy to swim in, but it is a quality heater. We just put ours on a timer. I have kept it mid 80’s.
You rarely come across the kind of customer service this company offers. Lawrence was always ready with a quick response and answered any question. You remember when you come across a company like this because unfortunately, customer service just isn’t always that good. I have no reservations giving this 5 stars. My experience has been wonderful.”

– Customer – March 1st, 2014

“I am sending this email to thank you for your amazing service and help. Whenever I call you I often get you right away or you call back immediately. When I recently had an issue with the heater unit you couriered me the parts I needed at your cost so that

I could easily fix the unit and get it going in very little time. The service you have provided has been second to none and I would have no problem speaking to anyone to let them know first-hand.

Thanks again Lawrence.”

– Dean W – February 17th, 2014

“After a recent discussion I had with a mom, whose adult child suffers from chronic pain and plenty of heart ache, I decided to share something that I have found helpful. And because it involves a product I am reluctant, it clearly is not be for everyone, but if it’s for you, you will know.
I purchased a FitMax iPool after more than a year of research. I have been swimming about 5x week since November 2013. I have spent more than 25k (since 2000) out of pocket on alternative therapies for chronic pain as a result of failed back surgery, and my refusal for a spinal fusion. Subsequently my pain and arthritis has progressed from the lower back to hips and other joints. My Ortho doc stated that swimming would be the best exercise for me. Despite never having a pain free day since 2001, I have exercised consistently because I must for my mental and spiritual health not to mention my need to remain as physically active, flexible, and as strong as possible.
With progressive arthritis, swimming became more difficult because of sensitivity to cold. I switched to a full body suit, but still I was cold. Additionally the extra effort of driving to a gym, undressing, dressing, showering, swimming, showering, dressing again, and then driving home, took enough time to give me excuses not to swim. I spent a great deal of time thinking about putting an exercise pool in my home, but frankly I can be a miser when it comes to parting with money for myself.
I live in the city in central Virginia and own a very small lot. I researched several other options and really did not think the iPool was for me until I got into the nitty-gritty of expense. Even though I made a good/ moderate living, every other option was either ridiculously expensive or did not make sense to me. That being said it was very difficult to piece together the information I wanted to know. At the end of the day, I was able to get enough information to make a solid decision that I appreciate every day.
In fact I do not endorse products as a rule. So my intent here is to provide as much helpful information as possible (based on what I think/thought was important, but could not always find, or find easily) so you can decide for yourself. It may also be important to know that at one time in my life I was a competitive swimmer and want to swim strong again one day.
First the pool: Despite the listed pool dimensions it is important to know that this is not the entire foot print because of the supporting legs and it is more like 10’x13’. Second the pool and all the equipment I will discuss only addresses the pool I purchased so that I can swim year around, despite cold temps as low at a -20 wind chill.
I purchased the Ipool with an 11w heater, pump, ladder and solar blanket. This is the least expensive stationary swim pool on the market and it will keep you plenty warm. I keep my pool probably between 80-90 degrees at all time- maybe warmer. My electric bill has minimally increased. I have read criticisms of the quality the pool, the bands, and the pump. My experience so far is that these criticisms are unwarranted- but it is extremely important to change the pump filter as instructed and to run the pump while the heater is on, also pay attention to plastic rubber and metal and watch for wear so that you can maintenance them…its not a magic pool. The pool is well made.
That being said there are a few things I am more mindful of, because with movement there is friction. Also when you swim in a small space you will have more wave resistance, and you will splash a surprising amount of water. This is significant because you will have to refill the water periodically, and you need to consider this when you think about placement. Also for the purposes of insulation and reduced friction, I would put a large thin rubber mat underneath, and plan to do that when I change the water.
I decided to put my IPool in the back yard and I am glad because again there is a lot of splashing if you are a swimmer who works out hard-so in my house anywhere would not have been a good idea. To do this I knew I would have to enclose the pool to stay warm. We built a hoop house and it’s awesome because it looks like a small barn. We ended up putting hard corrugated plastic on roof and upper sides, because it will be better protected from snow and wind. It is white with a strip of clear over the pointed top seams like a sunroof strip. This keeps it cooler than all clear top and is light and bright. The lower sides are in soft plastic that we can’t roll up in the summer to let air flow when it’s hot, yet still protected from the rain.
The heater needs to be installed by a certified spa electrician, if you like me want to ensure maximal safety. I also had a multi-pronged gcfi outlet put in. Because it was important to put in a separate breaker system to code it cost about $675 for parts and labor. At first I was upset about this because it seemed like a lot of money, but actually it was a fair price and it was done exactly right. We wrapped the tubing to and from the pumps and heaters with insulation foam that you would use for water pipes and secured with duct tape.
Because I wanted to build a temporary structure, do everything to code, and also be able to remove the house and pool should I move and not have the yard look horrible, I redid my entire back yard. We excavated everything, laid 400 square ft of beautiful travertine as the floor of the hoop house and put river rock throughout the rest of the yard. I did all of this: The yard, the travertine, the hoop house, the electrical, the pool set up, the build of a wooden unit to mount the heater above ground (which you also need to do), the delivery of all supplies, all of the material expenses and the labor (which I di not do-because I have chronic pain) for less than 12K. I tell you this because the least expensive comparable alternative to this was 13.5k and that was for the pool and motor unit alone! Granted, I really shopped around but its so doable whether you build a structure or not.
Because this is affordable and valuable I would be extremely sad if Mr. Chang, the owner, went with the trend of making valuable products unattainable to the average person. What I can tell you is this is the best money I have ever spent and now I will tell you why.
Even though I am never out of pain, being in that pool is the only time in the day when I feel free. I mean truly free. If you don’t know what its like to put on a happy face everyday because you are in pain (and you know no one wants to know about it) then you might not get it. If you don’t know what it is like to never be able to sleep through the night, get to sleep without assistance, get through a day without medication to even be able to move, then you might not understand the limitation of chronic pain, and the frustration and exhaustion that comes with no relief even when you do every thing you can to fight against it. I rarely share this part of myself. But I share this now because at 49 I can do handstands and somersaults and twirl around and pretend I’m a dolphin like I did when I was 10, and in that moment I am free, and that is priceless. And now that I know this, maybe it might help some one else to know it too”

– Jazz – Jan 6th 2014

“I am sending this email to thank you for your amazing service and help. Whenever I call you I often get you right away or you call back immediately. When I recently had an issue with the heater unit you couriered me the parts I needed at your cost so that

I have had an iPool for 3.5 years and am still using it 3x/week which probably means that it saves me at least 3 -4 hours per week in travel. It is one of the best investments that I have made. It has held up remarkably well. I have only had to change the tubing that holds the belt one time. I have had great support from Lawrence. I have used an Ozinater /bromide spa system that a local pool service helped install and maintenance is about 20 minutes per 2 weeks which includes topping off my pool as needed. In my view this system is much cheaper and far superior to an endless pool type system. I highly recommend the iPool.”

– Seth K – November 21st, 2013


I bought my i-pool in June and have used it almost daily, I am a good distance swimmer and even swam in college at The Univ. of South FL….. I continue to compete in open water swims as well some Masters.

After I purchased my pool I was very impressed with your personal level of customer service, I was missing one” t “and wanted to swim so badly like a kid on Christmas morning so you sent that one small piece to me “overnight”.

Yours Truly,
Ginny H”

– Ginny H – September 18th, 2013

“My objective was to install the pool in my garage for year-round exercise. I purchased the iPool 2 with heater. Because it was November and the garage was cold, the liner was very stiff and difficult to maneuver. Setup was also complicated by somewhat unclear directions and an old parts list. Fortunately Lawrence was very responsive to each of my many questions and quick to respond whenever I had issues.

I did do some customizing. I made use of the iPool canopy sold by Fitmax to create a water barrier to reduce the chance of damage to my garage. To do this I purchased a roll of clear vinyl and attached panels to the canopy openings at the end of the pool where most of the splashing takes place. It looks a little odd having a canopy in the garage but works great! Also, the ladder got a little alteration. I simply couldn’t get the swing step bars to attach as directed. I eventually just screwed the outer steps to the ladder instead.

Finally, the pool was ready, the water the perfect temperature, and I was able to get in! I have to say I’m extremely happy with the pool. It’s very functional, a great size for my garage, and I find myself actually looking forward to getting in and doing my daily workout.

While it’s true my setup experience wasn’t trouble-free, the end result makes it all worthwhile. The Fitmax iPool is a great product and the responsiveness of company owner Lawrence Chang is excellent.”

– Daniela – August 11th, 2013

“Dear Lawrence,

Hello Lawrence,
This is my second summer with my iPool and I absolutely love it. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ I now welcome the heat. The iPool is a great size for swimming without taking up a lot of space.
You Lawrence are a sweetheart to speak with, so quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. I was on your website and see you now carry an iPool2 which I plan on purchasing soon (I like the depth) and give my old one to a friend. Due to many chronic health problems, one being walking the iPool has given me a fun & relaxing exercise. I can’t thank you enough. ; )
Customer for life,

– Elisa on June 13, 2013

“I am so happy with the I Pool. It’s the best thing I ever bought. You can exercise and swim. It is just fabulous. The customer service has been outstanding. The people are just so nice and helpful, especially Lawrence he has helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend this pool.”

– Tckor on May 24, 2013

“Hi Lawrence:
Just wanted to thank you again for all your amazing support and helping us get the pool going. My wife loves the pool and as I mentioned I tried it today for the first time and I love it too.
Yours Truly,

Dean W

– Dean W on April 9, 2013

“Dear Mr. Chang:
Sorry it took me so long to get back with you for pictures of my Therapy Pool.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Therapy Pool. It was just what I needed to exercise with fibromyalgia. Water Therapy is the BEST !
We built a small room onto the side of my husband’s shop building to house the Therapy Pool. The pool heater does a great job. It changes the temp about 2 degrees per hour. The warmth from the pool keeps the room a comfortable temp. Even with building the small room onto the shop building, your Therapy Pool was a much more economical investment than anything else I could find. It works perfectly for what I needed to exercise. It is large enough that two people could use it at the same time.
I can’t say enough good things about the pool and your customer service. I was so impressed with the quick response time that you gave and so grateful.
If anyone from South Alabama contacts you and wants to see a pool, we will be happy to show them ours and how we installed it.
Thank you again.
Teresa H

– Teresa H on March 19, 2013

“I bought the ipool 5 months ago and have been waiting until the dead middle of winter to comment on it. First off, I live in Chicago. The pool is in my third garage. Winters are extremely cold. I have been able to keep the pool at 85 degrees. I do this by running the heater about 5 hours on the days I swim and 3 hours on the days I don’t. My electric bill has grown about $100 a month, which I am more than willing to pay for the convenience of having the pool in my garage. I also wrapped the pool in reflectix insulation which has helped the pool retain the heat. I also have the solar cover, which keeps the heat and humidity in and the cover which helps keep the humidiy quite low (usually around 30% or lower).

As for swimming, I have always been a member of fitness centers and used their lap pools, swimming over a mile a day four days a week. I feared the tether would annoy me or I would be kicking a wall or my hands would brush the floor. None of those concerns have become reality. The tether does not bother me nor get in my way at all. I have been able to do freestyle, backstroke, breatstroke and the kickboard, and I get the resistance I always did from the water and I dont even feel the belt. As a matter of fact I prefer it to a normal lap pool now because I don’t have to do a flip to change directions and I can do more complicated kickboard maneuvers since I don’t have to worry about hitting a wall. The fact that I no longer have to swim into used band-aids and general scum in health club pools is utterly priceless.

Lastly, the customer service provided by Fitmax is outstanding. Truly, you do not see this level of customer service in modern days. Every email question I have sent has been answered within 24 hours, even on weekends. I have no concerns about my iPool because I know the company 110% backs up its product and will provide the support I need. As an example, we recently moved, so we had to pack up our iPool. It sat in storage for almost a year (boy did I miss it). When we went to set it back up, the fitting for the heater was bent because of our mistake in packing it. I emailed Lawrence Chang of Fitmax at 11:30 PM, he replied within 10 minutes and sent me 2 new fittings the very next day, at NO CHARGE, even though we’ve had the part for years and it was our mistake in packing. I mean, seriously, when do you ever see that kind of customer support from a company anymore.

I’m glad I discovered the iPool!

– Barbara A  – Feb 16th, 2013

“Dear Lawrence,

I have enjoyed my iPool for the past year more than anyone can believe. At age 59, I competed in my first ever anything, a sprint triathlon, in August – I did the 1/2 mile swim and 12 mile bike, but knew I hadn’t trained for the run and didn’t try. I swim every day with rare exceptions and am in better shape than I was at 29 (third year of medical school!)

Once I get everything set up again, I’ll send you some good pictures showing the heating system and other things I’ve done for your website. I will compose another testimonial, more eloquent, also. The pool has changed my life in more ways than you might guess.”

– Mary C – October 13th, 2012

“Dear Mr. Chang,
I have been meaning for some time to express my continuing satisfaction with our iPool.
I drove home with the iPool kit in my Subaru Outback. The next weekend it went up, without any problems. (Actually did it by myself, though it would probably go faster with two people.)
The iPool supplies about the only worthwhile exercise I get—jumping in almost every day after work. I’ve missed it during the couple months of our winter weather, but now that it’s warming up, I’m eager to go it again.
You and your friendly staff have been extremely helpful throughout. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the iPool has lived up to all my expectations. I congratulate you on this fine product and your helpful staff.

– Cliff S  -2012-09-27

“I started swimming for exercise in July of 2011 at a lake and joined a gym with a pool in September of 2011 because I didn’t want to stop swimming – finally an exercise I loved. But I was bummed driving to the pool, locker rooms and schedules of swim meets, etc……I research home swimmers and was AGHAST at the pricing. After nine months of health club constraints I became frustrated and started looking again and stumbled on the IPool. I love IT! My wife who doesn’t swim used it as her float pool and she loves it. Swam outdoors from May 2012 until this week (9/23) and moved it inside in 3 hours to my utility room. Durable, easy to move and incredible customer service from Larry who I contacted twice for advice – once on the install and once when moving it indoors. I’m so confident in my IPool I cancelled my membership today and will save over $700 per year in fees and driving time! If you want the best exercise there is in a convenient home setting – get an IPOOL!”

– Greg A – Sep 24th, 2012

“My wife really likes this pool and it helps her with exercises. Also the grandkids like it. We bought a sand filter for it. The heater is great.”

– Steve – Sep 22nd, 2012

“I have alot to say about the ipool…most of it is great.
There was a small problem with shipping. The big box that contained the pool had a hole on the end that was open. All I could think was that it had missing parts or assembly screws etc…
I tried to be positive and hope that it was all there with no missing items.
Also some of the screws, nuts, bolts etc….fell out of the hole. I was wondering why every single thing was not packaged and sealed….only talking about small nuts and bolts. Everything else was fine.
My husband and I are on the higher end of smarts and with us both working together it took us atleast 3 hours to set it up but then you have to fill it up with water and that takes many more hours. The hard part to the assembly was that if you don’t assemble the poles orientation around the top of the pool on the setup correctly (meaning little connector buttons on outside or inside of pool area) you can’t set the harness poles or base poles up correctly. This will take a very careful examination to figure out.
You also need to make sure you treat the water with the correct chemicals.
You can’t just fill it up with water and expect it to be fresh and clean forever.
It doesn’t work that easy but once you get use to adding a few chemicals it just becomes habit and no big deal.
Now that it is all set up and running I think it is the best swimming exercise pool for your money. I use this pool everyday and it is very durable and works like a charm for me. I also feel like I am getting an excellent workout.
I try to swim at least one hour a day. I don’t just use the harness all the time either. Sometimes I swim without it but it is definitely a plus to have.
We bought the heater upgrade and it is well worth the money too. Fall is coming and I am sure when it is cold outside it will be nice to swim in the pool with temp set to warm. We can use this year round. It is not a seasonal thing. Another idea is that we bought rubber matting to go under the pool so it would keep the bottom of the pool nice and soft and also free from debris on the ground and to help extend the life of the bottom of the pool.
We love our ipool and we would totally recommend this to anybody who is looking for great swimming exercise pool and don’t want to pay over $20,000 like alot of the expensive exercise pools sell for and for under $2,000 you can enjoy the same luxury of one of those expensive ones. If you want jets that massage your muscles and a place to sit and relax just invest in a hot tub. This is an exercise pool, not a hot tub.”

– Hummer – August 23rd, 2012

“We purchased the iPool 3 years ago, and are still very happy with it. Lawrence at Fitmax provides excellent customer service, and the pool is still in great shape. There are a few things that need to be replaced along the way – the hoses and bungee cord break down over time, especially in the Summer, but its not a problem to get replacements.

We had to do a bit of customizing to make the iPool work with our space – we used a gas heater instead of electric, which required a more powerful pump. We bought an Intex pump, which was not a big deal – we were able to adapt it to the the iPool hoses with a few quick trips to the plumbing department at Home Depot.

Love our iPool. Thank you FitMax!”

– Julie W – August 19th, 2012

“Yes, I continue to enjoy the iPool after more than five years, with mostly minor maintenance issues during that time. It is an excellent concept.”

– Cliff S – August 3rd, 2012

“Just wanted to say how happy we are with our iPool.

We found it so easy to setup and it was all we could have hoped for. We really would have loved a swim spa but could not afford one, however the I pool does everything we could have wanted in a swim spa, without the price tag.

We could not have wished for more from Lawrence and was always quick to respond to emails, which was a big relief when purchasing all they way from New Zealand.

Thanks heaps!”

– Jared & Melissa H – July 28th, 2012

“I just have to tell you what a wonderful experience my first swim in my pool was. Oh my God it was heaven. I am so blessed to have this pool and you have been so very helpful to me. You are always there and go beyond so many “customer service” reps do. You don’t have customer service Lawrence you make friendships and you are truly a man of your word.
Thank you Lawrence.

– Mary W on June 28, 2012

“I have had my iPool for a year now and we love it! You have the BEST customer service and you definitely go above and beyond to help your customers even a year after I have had my pool. That just proves your dedication to your products!!

My daughter and her friends love this pool and I am sure they will be in the pool all summer.

Thanks again for all your help !”

– Martine – June 25th, 2012


“I have researched exercise pools for a few years now because I have arthritis in my back and swimming is the only way I can exercise. I was scared and SO skeptical. If there is anyone contemplating the purchase DO IT”
– Mar – May 15th, 2012

“I have NEVER written a good review before. I’ve written bad ones, but never a good one. I am so impressed with the iPool and Lawrence, that I just HAVE to let people know.

I recently purchased the iPool by FitMax after researching swim in place pools over the last 8 years. Everything I found was $13,000 or more, and needed a crane to install it. The only place to put it would have been outdoors, and living in upstate New York , I wanted to be able to swim year round. I honestly didn’t want to give up my parking space in the garage, so that left me with either my cellar, or building an addition on the house. Even though my house is only 1,000s and could use an addition (or two), I really didn’t want to take on a big project like that. I just wanted to swim!

I love to swim, and had joined a local gym that had a SwimEx swim in place pool in it. Very nice pool, but there was no privacy and I always had to work around their schedules. Besides, swimming INTO a flow of water shoved in my face was NOT my idea of swimming! It was very difficult to find a comfortable water flow speed. And I had to stop swimming to go adjust the controls, every time I changed swim styles.

When I stumbled upon the iPool, I was at first very skeptical. I read everything I could find online about it and the company that made it. Everything I read was positive. I decided to give it a try, and ordered the iPool with the heater. Let me tell you… This thing is AWESOME! This pool is SO EASY to set up. It truly does only take about an hour to set up, and I did it ALONE.

Like I said, I really wanted this pool in my cellar, but I lacked the 7.5’ height needed for the safety frame. I then read a review on the iPool website where someone else had the same problem and had installed eye-hooks in their ceiling to attach the harness to. This is an excellent alternative! And I can still have the iPool in my cellar!

I was really surprised when I opened the heater box. It is a top of the line, name brand spa heater! I did need to bring in an electrician to do the wiring for the heater, and I had him install all GFCI outlets throughout the cellar. In my opinion, this wasn’t expensive, but again, my cellar is less than 1,000 sf too.

I love that I can move the iPool anywhere I want, outdoors for the summer, in the garage or the cellar for the winter. And it is SO easy to put up!

Someone suggested putting something under the pool, to insulate it from the concrete floor. I went to my local tractor supply store and purchased cow/horse stall mats. They are ¾” thick, solid, and made of recycled rubber. I think it was one of the best things I did, as my floor is level, but the concrete surface itself is uneven.

I have spoken and emailed with Lawrence over concerns and questions I have had along the way. Lawrence is FANTASTIC! He always answers the phone, he was patient and understanding, and he follows through! All the reviews I read about Lawrence himself are certainly true! He is a great guy, conscientious, caring, and he stands behind his products!

I can’t say enough about the iPool…. Get one! You’ll Love It! And you’ll be writing your first good review too!”

– Mariel – April 25th, 2012

“Hi, I bought the i-pool and have it in my garage and I love, love, love it. It is so easy to use but I chose to have a swimming pool man come out and install shut off valves to the pump and heater. I also purchased a larger heater from Lawrence (the i-pool owner) and it works fast. I had a problem with the heater not coming on when I first hooked it up because there was not enough back pressure to allow it to come on. I didn’t want to mess with the pressure control valve in the heater which was suggested to me as a solution. The issue was resolved when I installed the cut off valves and was able to create some back pressure by slightly turning the shut off valve leaving the heater. Once those issues were resolved using the pool is so simple. I can picture myself swimming in it when I’m 80 years old. Lawrence the owner of the company was very helpful in resolving all my set-up issues. It’s a wonderful purchase and i am so satisfied.”

– Julie C – April 23rd, 2012

“The iPool is fantastic, I got the pool whilst looking for a cheap and easy alternative for exercise in the comforts of my own home and it has been just that. The instructions make it easy for assembly, although it may take some time to do. With such great customer service one does not have to worry about any problems after! Just give them a call and they will try their best to help you through your problems. Overall the pool is great and I would suggest this product to my friends! :D”

– Robert C – April 22nd, 2012

“Never in my 59 years have I dealt with such an amazing, extraordinary company as Fitmax iPools.

I bought the iPool over a year ago; but due to unforeseen circumstances ultimately requiring a kidney transplant, we were not able to put the pool up until this past weekend. We called your company late Saturday afternoon, and you answered the phone. In assembling the pool, we let you know that parts 6 and 7 were missing. You told us to email my address to you (mind you, we bought the pool a year ago and had not assembled it) and that you would send the parts first thing Monday. In my excitement to get the pool together, I failed to call you back and let you know we, in fact, were NOT missing any parts after all. But you followed up with us on Sunday to let me know that you had not received my email. Impressive! I let you know we had found the parts, and you were very gracious to tell us to call you anytime. You assured us that you would be there for us even five years from now if we need you.

I take a lot of medicines to keep my new kidney from rejecting, so I need to be in a clean pool. Not having owned a pool before, I needed a lot of information and you were very, very helpful. Thank you so much. Ideally, it is best for me to stay out of public pools, lakes, rivers or anything that might have dangerous micro-organisms since my immunities are suppressed. Also, I’m advised that it is best to limit my exposure to the sun because my medicines can increase the likelihood of skin cancer. Imagine my pure JOY to find the iPool online where I could set up the pool in my sun room; stay out of the sun; get the best exercise possible (swimming) AND all of this within an amount I could afford.

My plan is to get up in the morning every day and do a few “laps” before I go to work. I haven’t exercised for a year now, and the iPool has given me so much hope that I will be getting so much stronger and in better shape very soon. In a few months I will email you again and let you know how the exercising is going.

Thank you very, very, very, very much for not only your fine product (which is simple to install) and, most of all, for your spirit of superior customer service, your honor in standing by your product and your sincere kindness.”

– Sarah W – April 13th, 2012

I just want to say how much I love my iPool. I’ve had the pool about a year and it was the best decision I ever made to purchase this item. I am in my sixties with some bone and muscle issues, so typical aerobic exercises don’t work for me. What does work is low-impact aerobic exercise…e.g. swimming. I used swim cords or the support harness to do resistance swimming and generally swim 5 to 6 days a week, between a half mile and .85 miles (my goal is to be able to swim a mile). My 30 minute work out is invigorating and I always feel so much better after my swims. A friend of mine who has an old hip injury also uses the pool and finds that the heated water is great therapy for the hip.
I definitely recommend that anyone who purchases this pool in the Northeast US get the heater option. My pool is in my basement, so I can swim year round without worrying about the weather. The spa heater is very effective at keeping the water temperature comfortable. We have had to be a little creative in finding ways to reduce heat loss overnight, but I fashioned a thermal blanket to go around the pool and thermal covers for the top, so we only lose about 2 degrees overnight in the winter and only have to run the heater a few hours a day to make up the difference. The basement is not heated, so heat loss was an issue from the start.
But I love this pool! It is perfect for my needs and Lawrence Chang from FitMax has been great to deal with. Very pleasant and accommodating. I wholeheartedly recommend the iPool to anyone looking for a great therapy pool!

– Elaine B on March 19, 2012

“Lawrence, Thanks again for your very quick response and providing me immediately with the part I need. I love the iPool, where I have used it almost year round in South Texas, saves trips to the gym, excellent cardiovascular workout, easy to keep up. Thanks again.”

– Brian W – March 6th, 2012

“I have always loved to swim. My favorite place to swim is in a warm summer lake, where I can swim for a 1/4 mile or so without ever hitting a wall, but unfortunately, I can only do this for a few months of the year.

When my parent’s bought a lap pool, I was initially excited, but I soon found swimming against the jets to be tedious. Once you set the jets, the pool is suddenly your boss. If you switch to a slower or faster stroke, you have to adjust the jets. If you want to slow down to take a momentary rest, the jets push you up against the wall. Not only that, but it was going to cost me a TON of money. It just wasn’t worth it.

Then I discovered the iPool one day when I was browsing online. I read the testimonials and was completely blown away by what everyone was saying. The comments were so glowing that I was thinking, “OK, this is probably too good to be true!” (And also, who is this mythical Lawrence person that everyone keeps raving about?)


I decided I was just going to go ahead and buy it. And I’m so glad I did!!!

I can swim whenever I want, even when icicles are hanging off the trees, and the water is always the perfect temperature. I don’t even have to adjust the jets constantly, and no more looking over my shoulder for speedboats. All I have to do is swim. I can swim at whatever speed I want. I wear the belt pretty loose and I can turn from side-stroke, to breast-stroke, to back-stroke without having to adjust anything! I can listen to music when I swim. I can even close my eyes and swim.

Sometimes I just take the belt off all-together, to flip and plunge, or simply dog-paddle around the perimeter. When a favorite song comes on Ill pretend I’m a member of a synchronized swimming team 🙂 If you would feel comfortable, as a middle-age person, doing all of this in a public pool, then you are a much braver person than I am!

With the iPool I can feel like I’m on vacation in the time it takes me to put on a bathing suit.

As promised, I have a pool in my basement!. With a dehumidifier and the solar cover, I have no problems with humidity.

Oh, and that Lawrence person? Yes, he really does exist, and he’s just as awesome as everyone says. He was able to answer all my questions and solve all my problems. And you’re probably not going to believe this, but this is what happened to me: he always seemed to answer the phone on the second ring! Morning, evening, even on the weekend!

When I was assembling the pool, I suddenly realized I was two inches short of the over-head clearance I needed to assemble the arch over the pool that the belt is attached to.

It was a Sunday evening, A friend was with me, and he just shook his head. I told my friend that I was just going to call Lawrence and ask him if I could just attach the belt apparatus to the ceiling. He said, “you’re just going to call this guy right now?”

I said, “sure”. As I dialed Lawrence’s number, I joked, “I bet he answers on the second ring.” My friend shook his head again.
Karen’s iPool Lawrence answered the phone (on the second ring) and he assured me that attaching the belt apparatus to the ceiling would be just fine. And I won five bucks!

I’ve attached a photo of the clearance-solution to prove it, but I’ve already spent the five bucks.

So go ahead, and just buy the pool already. You’ll be thrilled that you did!!!”

– Karen K – March 2nd, 2012

“I love it so much. You have had amazing customer services. Also, I purchased some underwater ear buds / headphones (for my ipod – they do sell submersible ipods but I’m not investing in that yet but instead have a water resistant case over my ipod and suspend it off of the iPool bar above and the headphone cord then can reach down to me in the water when I swim. It makes a workout go that much faster.  Just thought I’d pass that along – you have a great product with the iPool.”

– Michell V

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new iPool. It was easy to put up, the swimming belt is quite comfortable, the components are high quality, and your service has been excellent. Thank you for making a reasonably priced alternative available for those of us who love swimming.”

– Nadja C – February 19th, 2012

“We are really pleased to have discovered the iPool. Not only have you made ordering easy, but you are readily available for support and service. I must share some advice to your potential customers….have a clock near the pool! I have found that it takes 30-minutes of laps at the public pool to feel I have put some good effort into a workout, but with the iPool I was ‘feeling finished’ after 10-15 minutes. By adding a clock I REALLY get a workout because I make myself stay in the pool longer and feel that I have made more progress.”

– Steve and Kirsten from Hawaii – January 21st, 2012

“We purchased an Fit Max iPool about a year ago. Our home is in the Florida Keys and even though it is warm all year long, it can get cool in the winter, so we also purchased the heater and solar cover. After set up was completed, we turned on the heater and were swimming the next day. I also enjoy the waist belt to swim and get more exercise. We have really enjoyed the I Pool! Nothing like having a glass of wine and watching the sunset from within your 86 degree pool in the Keys!

We would like to thank you for your great customer service! Recently we had an issue with the heater. We called you on the weekend and left a message. You quickly returned our call and assisted us with contacts at the manufacture. After a few calls and inquiries you resolved the problem for us. You went above and beyond with your assistance and resolution to the issue. It is a pleasure to know that Fantastic Customer Service still exists. In todays fast pace world it is difficult to find someone that really cares about their customers and is willing to go out of their way to assist.

You have been a pleasure to work with over the last year. One of the things that set you apart from other retailers has been your availability, from the day we called to inquire about the products to now solving our issue.”

Esther and Chris – December 27th, 2011

“When I was in despair, I looked at the literature I had from Endless Pools. Your pool is their low end exercise pool at a tenth the cost (although without the flume). I think your system is better – more flexibility. You don’t have to turn off a flume to swim more slowly or turn it up to swim harder.
I thank you for your product. I would never have believed I would be swimming in comfort in my garage with snow falling outside. Inside, I am swimming above the ocean floor with whale songs in the distance. I used to say that I wanted to return in my next life as an otter; now I don’t have to say that. I’m an otter whenever I want to be.

-Mary C

“Where would you rather be??? Outside where it is 24 degrees Fahrenheit or in the cellar of a 100 year old home where the water temperature is 89 degrees? We are celebrating our one year anniversary of our Fitmax I pool this month. Thanks, Lawrence!!!!!!

-Suzette C

“I dreamed of having an endless pool for years, but at $20,000, it was doubtful I’d ever get one. Then I found the Ipool and I’m so happy I did.. The fitmax Ipool is the next best thing to the super expensive excercise pools on the market..The Ipool works, plain and simple. It’s not just for swimming in place.. You can float in it, paddle around in it, relax in it, water excercise in it.

I’m in my 50’s and I put this up by myself without much difficulty. We had an electrician hook up the heater, which works GREAT!! We have it set up inside a sunroom, so it stays clean, but I’d like to comment on another reviewer who mentioned the filtration system and felt it’s too weak.. In my opinion, it works very well.. This isn’t a system that includes a skimmer to catch debris.. That needs to be done by hand. The filter is to circulate the water and it does that very well.

The heater is hooked up to the filter, so once you turn on the filter, the heater clicks on and starts warming the water. It’s a top notch spa heater.. Very efficient.. The heater itself never gets hot to the touch, but really does warm the water beautifully. If you don’t wish to heat the pool, you simply flip a switch and turn the heater off.

During really cold months, we turn the heater on every day for a couple of hours, but in summer, like now, it only needs to run a couple of hours a week if we happen to have a really chilly night.. The sun heats it for free the rest of the time.. We also use a solar blanket which helps keep the heat in. This winter, we will be “wrapping” the exterior of the pool with an insulated blanket to help keep the heat in.. People get really creative with their pools. Check out the fitmax website for pictures of other customers pools.

We decided to purchase a salt water filtration system (from Amazon, of course), and our water stays crystal clear all the time.

We’ve had our’s up for a little over a year now and it’s held up very well.. You will also receive excellent customer service with this pool, and how many products can you say that about in this day and age!

I use this pool pretty much every single day and just absolutely love it.


“I wanted to let you know that we have the pool, heater and salt water system installed and everything is working perfectly! This pool is wonderful and certainly lives up to all the great reviews I read before purchasing it.
You have also been so helpful and caring! What great customer service. You definitely go above and beyond to help your customers and I experienced this first hand.
My daughter and her friends love this pool and I am sure they will be in the pool all summer.
Thanks again for all your help!


“We wanted to thank you for making the Fitmax iPool available. Our young son was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as RSD. The only thing that really helps him stay mobile and decrease his pain is warm water therapy pool. He started pool therapy in an outpatient rehab facility, but quickly realized that he needed more time in the pool.
We researched all of the options available to us and the iPool seemed to the be the answer. It fits in the third bay of our garage, with no modifications and is affordable.
We have had the iPool for 6 months now and are thrilled. It has truly made our son’s life better. He uses it almost everyday and it is available whenever he needs it. (And Mom and Dad use it too to help keep in shape!)
It is very easy to maintain and was not hard to install. The customer service is outstanding — Larry is always happy to help with any questions and to send replacement parts if needed.
This is truly a remarkable product and has made a significant difference in our lives. We have recommended it to several other patients that we know and at least two of them have purchased the iPool and are as happy with it as we are.


“YEP! That was the article.. You have sure made a lot of people very happy! I would imagine most of the people, like us, could never afford a very expensive pool like the endless pools, and so appreciate the opportunity to buy such a great product at an affordable price..
I have done a lot of research on these pools.. mostly looking for pictures of how other people use their ipools (it’s fascinating to me), and through that search I have found nothing but very positive feedback about the iPool.. On the other hand, I’ve found a heck of a lot of complaints regarding the endless pool!!
I’m so grateful for having found out about the iPool and being able to purchase one.. You just have no idea.. I love the water and love to swim, and this is just an awsome product!!
My pool is already at about 76 degrees.. Amazing how this heater works!
Best of luck that your business keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger!”


“Dear Mr. Chang,
My husband and I would like to commend you on creating the perfect exercise tool! We have installed the FIT MAX iPool in the cellar of our 100 year old home. We live in Northwest Indiana, where the winters can be very challenging. With our Fit Max iPool , we have enjoyed a warm and comfortable exercise routine each day. A little “Summer /Tropical” music in the background helps to lift the spirits, as well. It has brought great comfort to my arthritic joints and is a perfect exercise for my husband who has diabetes.
We are in our 60’s and did not have trouble setting it up, everything fit together smoothly! This product is well engineered. We worried about too much moisture in the house and have not had any problem, as long as we keep the cover on.
We look and feel better, we have not suffered from the “winter blahs”, because each day we know we can enjoy a little bit of heaven right here in Indiana. Thank you for your efforts and support to make this dream come true!

-Paul and Suzette C

“I reviewed several different types of small pools and settled on the I-Pool. I am so glad that I did. I love it!! It fits in my garage along with my SUV. It is a pleasure just to be able to walk out the door every morning to exercise. Lawrence has been very quick to respond to any questions that I have had. Would recommend it highly!”

Robin F – February 12th, 2011

“I purchased Lawrence’s FitMax Therapy Pool so that I could continue my swimming physical therapy for my disabilities over the winter, and am amazed at its design and construction. It is perfect for my needs. Lawrence was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions, and when a part was missing in my shipment, he immediately sent the replacement, which arrived within 2 days. I highly recommend both Lawrence and his product.”

Shae L – January 11th, 2011

“After I had surgery, I needed a pool for home physical therapy but didn’t have a big budget. My wife and I looked at many different options for home water therapy, but chose your product from Fitmax because of the great reviews, and a price that was more than 50% less than all the other options. We ordered the pool, heater, & cover. The products arrived in just 2 days. Set-up was very quick and easy. The quality is excellent!
After a quick connection from an electrician, I was working out and recovering – all from my own home!
Thank you for offering such a great product! I’ve told all my friends about the Therapy Pool and the iPool too!

– Kevin E

“Dear Mr Chang
This is a short note of appreciation for producing this very useful pool and then providing support when a problem developed. As you know we’ve had ours since mid 2007. We have it located in our basement so we can use it all year around (we’re in Northern Ohio)…this is very convenient. The vinyl cover you provided does a good job of minimizing water evaporation so a small dehumidifier is all we need. If anyone wants to stop by to see it they’re welcome.”

Darrell L – December 13th, 2010

“Hi Lawrence,
I bought my Fitmax iPool in August and am very happy with it. We live in Massachusetts and the iPool is set up in our basement. Having the iPool gives me the ability to swim year round , even when it is cold outside.
The heater is working great and I am really enjoying my iPool. I would recommend an iPool to anyone looking for a small exercise pool for indoors or out. I would also recommend a Raypak heater- they really stand by their products.
My iPool and heater are wonderful!

– Stephanie O

“Dear Lawrence,
We purchased the iPool in March, 2010. After years of swimming in public pools, we discovered the iPool, and realized that we could have a swimming workout available in our own backyard, without having to commute or deal with a pool schedule.
When we first purchased the iPool, we placed it outdoors, in our backyard, which is about 35’L x 14’ W. We kept the Solar Cover on during the day, and purchased a small Solar Heater from Leslie’s Pool Supply, which easily connected to the pump provided with the iPool. However, that small heater was not enough to heat the iPool to our liking, so we purchased a 4’x10’ Enersol Solar Heater online. Now we have both hooked up, and the combination works great.
We live close to the beach, in El Segundo, CA and a very cold wind comes up from the ocean at about 5 PM every evening. Being chilled on a Summer evening is bad enough, but with Winter coming, we realized we needed to do something. We found a 20’ x 10’ x 9’ “Spring Gardener” greenhouse on Amazon.com and recently purchased it to cover the iPool. It has been incredible. The Greenhouse completely blocks the wind, and keeps the internal air temperature very warm. We also placed the pool on a base of insulated foam board. Between the foam board, the greenhouse, and our solar heater we’ve got a perfect set up. We really love our iPool – it’s a wonderful workout tool and a real sanctuary too.


“Hi Lawrence:
We have owned our iPool for just over a year and have it set up in our basement. It is a clever and ingeniously designed product. We love it, and have consistently used it 3-5 times per week, which has made it a good value in the first year. It is easy to maintain and fun to use and is an excellent fitness tool. I keep brightly coloured beach towels around the outside to catch splashes from vigorous swimming.


“Hi Lawrence,
I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate your great customer service and the iPool I purchased from you last spring.
I am so pleased with this pool! I’ve dreamed of having the expensive endless pool for years, but knew it would probably never happen because of the cost..
Last spring I did a search on the internet for more affordable exercise pools, and that’s how I found out about the iPool…
I wanted an exercise pool for my legs.. I have knee problems, circulation problems and varicose veins, and regular exercise is very hard on them. But exercising in water is perfect. Not only can I do any swimming stroke using the swimming harness, I an also do all kinds of water exercises in the pool or just lay on a float to relax. I really could not ask for anything more! And really, after swimming with the harness and seeing how easy it is, I don’t think I’d enjoy a current of water rushing at me (as with other exercise pools).. I really think I much prefer swimming with the harness.
We haven’t yet had a 220V plug installed for the heater since we’ve had such a hot summer, but fall isn’t too far away, so we’ll be getting the heater hooked up soon.
We built a sunroom just for the iPool… Even though we live in Northern Michigan, we’re hoping the sunroom will stay warm enough for us to be able to use the iPool all year long.. We purchased a solar blanket for the pool, set it on foam insulation board (creates a great soft bottom plus insulation) and surrounded the sides with a clear solar blanket to help keep the heat in.. Between the heater, solar blankets and the sun, we’re hoping to be able to use it all winter long!
Thank you again and best of luck with your business.. The iPool is an awesome invention!!

-Karens K

“Dear i Pool,
Both retired, we were looking for a place to swim without having to get involved with the an expensive in-ground pool or driving miles to join a spa. Searching the web my wife found the I Pool. It was perfect for what we needed. It was easy to assemble and fits perfectly in a small area of our concrete patio. The i Pool met and exceeded our expectaitons, giving us the privacy of our own swimming pool in summer, and it tucks away easily in our basement for the winter. This is one of the best quality products we ever bought.”

Dave D – June 28th, 2010


I purchased my iPool about three months ago. As a former runner who now has a bad knee, I turned to swimming for exercise. The iPool is ideal for a swim workout. It has also proved to be a great place to teach my four year old grandson to not fear the water and learn how to swim.

Your service and follow up on any question or need I have had has been wonderful. I look forward to many years of using the iPool.”

Randy H – January 5th, 2010


Thank you for your iPool inquiry. I enjoy swimming as a work out modality. However, I do not have the time to go to an athletic club. I did extensive research on workout pools. I saw the endless pools advertised in SKY MALL on a flight. I was interested until I found the iPool web site. I know individuals with the endless pools who are satisfied. I became interested in the iPool because of the price. It is much cheaper than the Endless pool.

I love my iPool. I have used it daily since July with the exception of the previous week because of the temperature. I was somewhat skeptical before buying the pool. However, after talking to Lawrence, I trusted the FitMax company. I purchased the pool and the heater. I have not attached the heater yet. Until I do so, it would be too cold for you to try out.
I can promise you that the iPool is one of the best health investments that you can make.”

Bill A – October 10th, 2009

“We love our iPool. You were right, it took a long time to gently heat the pool. We started with a water temp of 55 F. and then after 8 hours it was up to 72 F. We like to keep it at 90 F. so that it is nice and warm and relaxing to swim or exercise in.

We live in NW PA and set it up in our basement so we can enjoy it all year long. We can swim any day and at any time. It is wonderful! Our friends are all surprised when we tell them that we have a pool in our basement. I think we may start a trend!”

Gale and Joyce – May 5th, 2009

“Hello Lawrence,
We are sorry it has taken us awhile to write this to you – I think we’ve been having too much fun in the iPool!!
We wanted to write to thank you for the superb Customer Service you have provided in support of this wonderful product.
This is our 2nd year of use of the iPool and everything is better as we learn more and more of the ease to assemble and care for the pool and it’s accessories. We are both in our 60’s and are able to enjoy the pool several times daily, ourselves, and have introduced the grandchildren (aged 4 and 3) to the iPool – of course with close supervision.
We never hesitate to recommend the iPool to friends, neighbors, and passers-by who are attracted by the colorful and most useful umbrella. Southern Arizona sun can be brutal!
So, thank you again, Lawrence for your helpfulness. And good luck for a prosperous business.

– Peter and Karen C

“Dear Lawrence,
I love your pool! It is a perfect “Fit” for me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and am extremely heat sensitive. The only exercise I can do and keep my and keep my body temperature down is swim. I used to get my swim in at the gym, but I’m currently not driving and the gym is not so easy to get to. Your pool is exactly what I need. Thank you so much for putting such a useful, affordable, and pleasing product on the market.
I’m in sunny Ft Lauderdale Florida, so I pretty much use it year round. If I ever move, the pool comes with me…That’s a plus!
Thanks again!

-Janis L


I really don’t know where to begin, I enjoy my iPool so much and the health benefits are so great that I guess I will start with this…

I am a hairdresser in NC and I wanted to be able to swim all year round, not just in the summer, because it makes my whole body feel so good after standing and doing hair for long hours. I broke my back about 3 years ago so my exercising became limited, becouse it would always hurt…Aerobics is totally out of the question for me now, but with my iPool I swim everyday and my back has become stronger and with that I feel 100 percent again.

I get wonderful exercise with my iPool and then I get to just relax in the water afterwards. Thank You so much for this product and for the wonderful service that you have shown me. Rick has been wonderful to help with any questions, and getting my filter right, and giving me tips on how to keep my pool clean and ready for a swim everyday. Thank You Guys.

Here are some pics of how we made my swimming room…I still look forward to decorating more like a tropical paradise, but right now you can’t get me out of the pool long enough hahaha.”

Dawn – November 18th, 2008

“Mr. Chang,

I recently purchased an iPool as I found it to be an affordable alternative to the more expensive pools currently on the market. I must admit that I was a little skeptical as to whether the iPool would live up to all of the reviews.

I purchased the iPool specifically for triathlon training. My weakest event has been swimming and it often takes far too much time to travel to the pool and travel back. My main focus for purchasing the iPool was to increase my swimming capabilities. I had the iPool for only a couple weeks and saw incredible improvements during my last triathlon swim. I look forward to seeing dramatic improvements with more training.

I would like to let potential customers know that this product really does do what you say. It is an awesome product!”

Jason J – October 10th, 2008

“Dear Mr. Chang,
Your pool has truly helped to transform my life. Since using it, I have lost 20 pounds and my overall fitness has noticeably improved. Since I am a heavy person, swimming is the only exercise that does not aggravate my back and joints, and without your affordable iPool, I would not be able to swim. I have also been very pleased by how responsive you have been to my questions. You always answer right away and always make things right.
Thank you for such a wonderful product!
Best of luck to you and your venture.

– Laura A

“Hi Lawrence,
We absolutely love our iPool. The pool is perfect for exercise and for just cooling off on a hot day. We wanted a pool but we didn’t want to re-landscape our backyard. The iPool fit perfectly on the side of our house. It was exactly what I was looking for.

– Valli

“Dear Lawrence,
I’ve been using the i-pool for a week now and it is more than I anticipated it would be!! If you need a very positive reference for the pool, you can have prospective customers call me. I really love it! Thank you, and I hope you remain in business for a long time!”

– George B

“Hi Lawrence!
Well, I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my iPool. The pool has provided me with the perfect solution for my needs. I think it is vitally important to get regular exercise for health and well being. I work fulltime as a nurse practitioner putting in very long hours. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to come home this summer after work and have the iPool there providing an easy opportunity to simply swim away the stress of my day and fulfilling my body’s need for a perfect workout.
I never wanted a built in pool in my yard, but yet I love swimming as a part of my workout. In the past, during the summer I belonged to a lovely swim club, but between the time it took to get there, plus the other people that would be in my way, etc… the iPool is the perfect answer. It is so nice to be able to swim carefree, without having to worry about other people, turning around at the walls, etc. I swim with googles all the time but sometimes it is just nice to close my eyes and zone out as I swim. I am so happy with the way things have turned out.
Sometimes, when I am finished my swim, I flip over in the belt and just float on my back and relax for a bit. When I first opened the box, I was a bit overwhelmed with what appeared to be a lot of parts, but I was able to put the pool together by myself (I should tell you that I am 51 yrs old, 5’3, 115lb) although I think I will definitely have my husband help me the next time I put it together.
It was simple to fill with a garden hose, the filter was easy to attach and I have been swimming everyday since! I just ordered the umbrella which went together easily, and looks great on the pool.
Also, I wanted to thank you and the other members of your company, especially Rick, for being available, kind and very helpful when I called. Your company has been a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend your product! As the weather gets cooler come fall, I am going to take the pool from the yard and put it up in our basement and use it inside until summer comes around again.
Thanks so much for everything.

-Ann R

“Hi Lawrence,
Thank you for your quick response. The filter is working perfectly. My wife and I love the iPool, and use it almost every day. It is one of the best investments we have ever made. We have been telling all our friends and family about it. The service was excellent and we received the iPool very quickly. The iPool is a great workout and the harness does not interfere with swimming what so ever, It really is a fantastic product.

– JP and Iris

“Hi Lawrence,
I wanted to let you know how much we love your product and how much we appreciate your company.
The pool is great and now that we ordered the heater we can swim all year long.
Compared to spending 15k to 20k for a fitness pool I feel as though we dodged a high priced bullet.
You and you company have gone above and beyond the call of duty not only helping me with questions and support but you have called me at least 3 times just to make sure everything was alright. That is the epitome of Quality Assurance.
I have experimented with different ways to exercise in the iPool and I wanted to share my experience. I like to use fins and a scuba mask w/attached snorkel. The fins provide excellent resistance training working the quads lower back and hip-flexers. And the snorkel allows excellent breathing for Cardio respiratory fitness and safety.
Feel free to use any part of this endorsement.

– Scott and Trang -2008-01-09

“This is just a quick report on the iPool we bought last spring. It is presently set up in our basement and I am swimming about 5 days a week, minimum of 30 min each and that is constant “serious” swimming. The convenience is awesome. We had it in the garage before that but we have cold winters here in Ohio. I was afraid the humidity would be a problem but it doesn’t seem to be because the pool cover appears to be doing a good job. Next summer we may have to use a dehumidifier. We also wrapped the pool in insulation as well as insulation under it to help with saving on heating costs. Another modification was stabilizing the ladder better. I’m pretty big and it feels safer. Since getting the pool I’ve lost about 40 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, decreased the pain of my fibermyalgia and osteoarthritis of my knee. I’m loving the pool. Darrell will be emailing some pictures soon.”

– Bonnie L -2008-01-06

“You have given me back my life with the iPool. I have been able to now fit daily swimming back into my routine. My routine is rigorous and demanding and sedentary. I walk everyday but that is not enough exercise. The iPool has given me exactly what I need. It is a private little heaven.

I have put a solar blanket on it and it is nice and warm each day. I have also hooked up solar panels but these do not seem necesary the blanket warms it sufficiently. The pool is easy to regulate and keep clean.

I am looking forward to your advancements with this product and I formally request that you send me updates as you add items to your product list.

I have already encouraged over 15 people to look into the purchase of one of the pools.”

Barb D – June 17th, 2007