Our Patented Resistance System Gives You A Better Swimming Workout Without Artificial Jets Or Currents!

One of the most unique aspects of our iPool swimming machines is the dual tether system. The dual tether system allows a swimmer to easily adjust the harness and mechanical resistance to enjoy a superior swimming experience without artificial currents or jet streams. This allows an iPool swimmer to perform all the different swimming strokes in a small body of water that is roughly the size of an SUV without worrying about touching the walls or floor of the pool.

Benefits of the iPool Above Ground Pool From A Fitness Expert

A Customer Using Our iPool Lap Pool

Easy To Assemble -- Real Customer Assembling An iPool In One Hour

iPool is about reimagining what an exercise swimming pool can be. We challenged ourselves to create an above ground lap pool centered around you, by minimizing price and size, while retaining the benefits we enjoy most. This created a compact, mobile, and versatile pool that does not sacrifice the benefits of a full-sized lap pool. You get all the exercise and privacy of your very own lap pool, without the price tag, the chemicals, the space demand, or installation hassle. The iPool is a lap pool ideal for small yards, for families that want their very own swimming pool but never had the space, and for dollar savvy consumers that want all the benefits of a traditional lap pool without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is made possible by the iPool’s patented resistance frame system which uses mechanical resistance to provide a perfect workout every time. No longer will you have to worry about having hours to dedicate to swimming. The dual tether system makes any swim challenging and rewarding for beginners or professional athletes alike. Just like a traditional lap pool, you don’t have to worry about flip turns, and the harness system provides a much better swim than jet streams blowing in your face. No matter if you have a few hours to spend in the pool, or a few minutes the iPool will provide you with the workout you desire.

Traditional lap pools, Endless Pools, and Swimspas can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars not to mention thousands just to install the pool. These pools often require more harsh chemicals because of the large water volume. The iPool on the other hand can easily fit indoors in your basement or garage and requires few chemicals to maintain.

The iPool provides more than a lap pool experience. Its collection of accessories helps you target specific muscles building strength and improving your wellbeing. The Shoulder Press Bar, Chin up Bar, and Spa Bells will help you add valuable arm strength. No matter your fitness goals, the iPool is the perfect way to reach them.