iPool & Fitmax Therapy Pool Benefits

  • Reduce Pain
    Medical research suggests that you can significantly reduce pain with water therapy. (Chatzitheodorou 2007)
  • Wake Up Refreshed
    Sleep better and feel better, overall medical studies show that a therapy pool can reduce insomnia and increase energy.
  • Get That Summer Body You Always Wanted
    Aquatic exercise helps you build muscle and lung capacity with no fear of injury
  • Stop Sharing A Pool With Strangers
    Enjoy your own very own personal exercise and lap pool in a space smaller than an SUV

The Benefits of Warm Water

Many doctors prescribe water therapy for a reason. A pool between 92 and 100 degrees is considered a healthy temperature range and medical research suggests that warm water therapy can be especially beneficial to patients with musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis, as well as those suffering from spinal injuries or adopting to joint replacements.[….]

The Power of the iPool’s Dual Tether System

One of the most unique aspects of our iPool® swimming machines is the dual tether system. The dual tether system allows a swimmer to easily adjust the support and mechanical resistance to provide a greater swimming experience without artificial currents of jet streams. Our iPool allows a swimmer to perform all the different swimming strokes in a small body of water that is easy to store [….]

Ideal For Rehabilitation

Whether you’re working through a tear in your ACL, or you’re trying to remedy an issue in your back, swimming is one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles around your injury without irritating them.

Our unique affordable therapy Pools are not only effective, but easy to set up, easy to move and utilizable year-round! Rehabilitate your basketball injury during the Winter, by moving your Fitmax iPool and Therapy Pool into your garage, or remedy your achy muscles in the summer sun – convenience is always available with our above ground pools!

Our swimming pool is also perfect to maintain your fitness level after your rehab is done! Use it for a cardio workout, or a strength workout, taking advantage of one of our great accessories!

A Company That Cares

After years of development, Fitmax Inc is proud to introduce the iPool®, the latest innovation in above ground lap pool technology. Now available in the United States, the iPool® (stands for “infinity pool”) provides a user with hours of swimming at 1/10th of the price of a traditional pool. The iPool® can fit into your garage, basement, backyard, or greenhouse. It gives you all the benefits of swimming with fewer chemicals and less space required.

The iPool® is the flagship product of Fitmax, a California-based company that is committed to providing consumers with access to quality fitness benefits typically found only in the finest fitness centers in the world.

Fitmax introduces the iPool® as a low-cost above ground lap pool for people seeking the low-impact, high-energy exercise that swimming provides. The iPool® costs thousands less than traditional swimming pools and propulsion system swimming machines but allows the user to swim without the hassle of turning around or jet-streams blowing in his/her face. In fact, the iPool® costs about as much as a treadmill but gives you the unique benefits of water buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure.

More importantly, the iPool® takes up a total footprint of only 8.5ft x 11.5ft x 8ft of space, less than a minivan or even some sedans. In most places, the iPool® uses about $3 of water to fill up, and can be assembled in less than an hour. Because it is so easy to assemble and uses minimum parts, it is portable and can also be taken anywhere that you wish to go.

Our Yoga Friendly Therapy Pool

We’ve compiled these short and easy to follow yoga tutorial videos that can help you through your recovery process.