Fitmax Therapy Pools And Exercise Swimming Pools

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Note: Our iPool 3 Models Are Currently Sold Out But Are Available For Pre-Order!

Order now and get a FREE insulated cover ($90 value) your iPool 3 will be shipped to you in a few weeks.


Improve the Health of Your Loved Ones

  • Convenient easy access rehabilitation, aqua aerobics, and fitness
  • Low impact, aquatic training great for knees, hips, shoulders, and back
  • Improve heart health and blood pressure
  • Strengthen muscles, bones, and joints


Portable Design For Easy, Convenient Storage

  • Compact design easily fits in your basement, patio, garage, or backyard
  • Durable river raft liner and galvanized steel frame lasts for years with product lifetime warranty
  • Easy to assemble in less than one hour with two people
  • Easy take down and storage

Patented Resistance System Gives You A Better Workout Without Jets!

  • Patented dual tether system uses mechanical resistance instead of jets or artificial currents
  • Resistance comes from behind instead of in front so you don’t have to worry about jets in your face
  • A more comfortable swimming experience that lets you swim all the different swim strokes
  • An invigorating workout with resistance levels fit for beginners to professional athletes