Fitmax Therapy Pools And Exercise Swimming Pools

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Note: Our iPool 3 Models Are Currently Sold Out But Are Available For Pre-Order!

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What Pool Companies Don’t Want You To Know

 Customers are often left in a difficult dilemma. You want a personal swimming pool but you look at the price of those expensive inground pools and Endless Pools and yikes a $25,000+ price tag not including installation costs. At the same time, you see those cheap $500 summer pools but find out they don’t last. The thin frames fall apart within a year, they use up so much water, and it’s a hassle getting a new one every summer.  For most customers there are only two choices, the super cheap or the extravagantly expensive.

You shouldn’t have to take out a loan to enjoy a private swimming pool that you can use all year round.

Unlike standard lap pools, the Fitmax iPool does not use expensive jets or motors saving you the hassle and discomfort of having to swim against a current.  The ingenious dual tether system keeps you perfectly suspended in the water where you can improve your technique and stroke without touching the walls or floor. Even better our blue iPools combine all the convenience of a low end summer pool with the same easy fit frame and one hour assembly but with a stronger liner and thicker frame backed by a product lifetime warranty.

There is a reason doctors and rescue teams recommend the Fitmax iPool. We are one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Enjoy luxurious swimming and aquatic therapy at a fraction of the cost with all the ease and portability of a summer pool.

Built To Last!

Most average above ground pools may only have one layer of thinner liner but our therapy pools have up to five layers! Watch what happens to these summer pools when winter comes – the water expands and they burst! Not the case with our iPools, they are built to withstand up to 30 degrees below zero and can be frozen during winter time without a problem. You don’t need to take your pool down and reassemble it every year, our pools are designed to be used year-round!

The secret is simple: stronger liners and thicker frames built to last and withstand greater water pressure in a smaller surface area. Normal doughboy pools and summer pools are often circular and oval, this is because water expands naturally in a circle. Unfortunately this ends up taking more room, so when our team wanted to design a pool for small yards we made the pools rectangular with stronger leg supports.


Improve the Health of Your Loved Ones

  • Convenient easy access rehabilitation, aqua aerobics, and fitness
  • Low impact, aquatic training great for knees, hips, shoulders, and back
  • Improve heart health and blood pressure
  • Strengthen muscles, bones, and joints


Portable Design For Easy, Convenient Storage

  • Compact design easily fits in your basement, patio, garage, or backyard
  • Durable river raft liner and galvanized steel frame lasts for years with product lifetime warranty
  • Easy to assemble in less than one hour with two people
  • Easy take down and storage

Patented Resistance System Gives You A Better Workout Without Jets!

  • Patented dual tether system uses mechanical resistance instead of jets or artificial currents
  • Resistance comes from behind instead of in front so you don’t have to worry about jets in your face
  • A more comfortable swimming experience that lets you swim all the different swim strokes
  • An invigorating workout with resistance levels fit for beginners to professional athletes