Actual Cost Of An Endless Pool

Cost of the Pool: starts at $28,000.00
Shipping: $100 to $400 depending on location
Installation: $2000.00+ depending on model
Maintenance: $100 to $200 a month depending on usage

Endless Pools are popular swimming machines promoted worldwide including the US. There are a few things to keep in mind besides the cost of an Endless Pool itself that you need to be aware of.

First, because of the tub of metal or fiberglass an Endless Pool is going to be heavy and that will add to shipping costs. Depending on if you are located in an urban area or a rural area this can potentially change the shipping cost from $100 to $400 roughly speaking. Furthermore, you will also have to consider accessibility. If you need to use a crane to transport the pool to your home you may need to add at least $900 just for the crane operation costs.

An Endless Pool is generally constructed out of a shell of steel or fiberglass and mounted with a 5 to 7.5 horsepower motor and a 4kw heater. Because the Endless Pool uses a motor the actual swim area is restricted to the current the motor generates which is generally about 2-3m wide and 3-5m long. Endless Pools start at about 1 meter deep and come with a two year warranty.

Endless Pools vary in price depending on the model. The original Endless Pool model is roughly $28,000.00 while they also offer a bigger pool with a wider current for about $30,000 and the Elite Endless Pool with the more powerful motor for $40,000.00. These are rough estimates without including all the additional bells and whistles a luxury swimspa can carry. All these pools are also considered motor based water treadmills. Endless Pool does also offer a static Waterwell that does not allow swimming for $9,900.00 not including shipping or installation.

Endless Pools are actually considered part of a larger category of pools called Swimspas. Other Swimspa brands that compete with Endless Pools include SwimEx and Michael Phelps Swimspas and are similarly priced. Endless Pools are actually considered fairly mid high end swimspas. Other swimspa models can range from the low end of $7000 to higher range models at $35,000.

Keep in mind that Endless Pools or other popular swimspa manufacturers are pretty secretive about pricing. What we have posted is a guide, while we do our best it may not be 100% accurate, but in our opinion it’s a pretty good ballpark for the average consumer. We’re not associated with any swimspa brand and we figure it can help the consumer in managing price expectations and for planning purposes.
Brands like Endless Pools and Swimex make fantastic machines that are known for their durability and performance. Unfortunately, they do require a bit of investment but serve as a great substitute for an inground swimming pool and can save on maintenance costs as well comparatively although the motor may need to be replaced every few years.

Swimspas require greater cost because of the materials and machinery used. Swimspas like Endless Pools can have thirty or more additional hydromassage jets as well as multiple swim current machines powered by a 5 horsepower or greater motor. Some models can include speakers for music as well as additional lighting, waterfalls, seats, and mirrors. It is a luxury item that is a fusion of the benefits of a spa and swimming pool.

There are some non-swim spa alternatives available that can also be considered if the goal is just swimming, exercise, or aquatic therapy. The Fitmax iPool uses a unique patented dual tether system instead of a motorized current as well as an easy fit galvanized steel frame both which make the pool substantially less than a swimspa which requires motors.

The iPool does not have many of the features that a luxury swimspa like Endless Pool does. There are no waterfalls, built in speakers, or lights that change color. But if swimming against a motorized current does not sound appealing or is uncomfortable you may find the swim harness system of the iPool a more suitable choice. It is specifically designed to provide a more comfortable, superior swimming experience with the dual tethered system keeping you from touching the walls of the pool while you swim endlessly.

As the saying goes, there are different strokes for different folks. Endless Pool, Swimex, and other luxury swimspas are excellent products for swimming and exercise. If you are looking for a bare bones exercise therapy pool that allows you to swim endlessly but fits in a small space than the portable and affordable iPool may be just thing that you are looking for.