A Letter from the Founder of the iPool


Fitmax was founded in 2007 when I was inspired to try and create a product that would help the elderly improve their mobility, health, and well being. Having moved to the United States from Taiwan over thirty years ago I saw many of my friends and mentors who supported me through this difficult transition suffer from a variety of health issues such as osteoarthritis and heart disease later in life.

I wanted to help them as well as give back to the country that made my American Dream come true.

I knew that swimming was a low intensity, effective solution for fitness that also utilized all the muscles of the body at once. Unfortunately, I saw that traditional pools often cost a very significant amount to install and required large backyards. People would save for years, even a decade, and still be unable to purchase their own swimming pool.

I spent four years designing a product that would let people swim in their homes for a fraction of the traditional cost. I moved away from expensive motor jet streams and costly installation requirements. I worked closely with engineers to design an above ground pool that was sturdy enough to last for years, did not take up much space, and was even portable.

At last, I created the smallest true swimming pool in the world, the Fitmax iPool. Not only could people finally realize their dream of swimming at home, but the cost of the pool was so affordable it amounted roughly to the cost of the crane for installing a typical swimming pool.

We made the pool frame square instead of a circle to save more space so people could fit the pool in their garage or even their basement. Since water distributes pressure uniformly we had to make our pools stronger to handle the stress distribution. This is why our iPools use construction quality galvanized steel and a liner that is reinforced up to five layers. Our liners are also made out of a polyester mesh river rafting material, used as the bottom for artificial lakes as well.

In my pursuit to deliver top quality at a price point accessible to the common consumer I’ve worked with a variety of manufacturers including overseas. Some competitors may criticize this, not knowing that many of our components and accessories are actually from American companies. What was more important was to make sure we are uniquely involved in every step of the process of our pools from design to production to mass manufacturing. Our iPools have components that come from a variety of countries. Furthermore to ensure quality I’ve insisted our products meet rigorous international standards.

In fact, I believe one of the key strengths of Fitmax is that we are committed to and listen to our customers to continually improve our products. Our filter pump, solar blanket cover, umbrella, and pull up bars are all innovations based off our customer interactions. Over more than eight years, we are proud to have an A+ BBB rating from the Better Business Bureau and glowing testimonials from doctors, military personnel, and parents. We take care of the Fitmax customer community with seven days a week support and a product lifetime warranty. I hope that you will consider joining us and enjoy the benefits of swimming in your very own home.


Lawrence Chang

Fitmax Inc

Our Mission

At Fitmax, our mission is simple: to provide our consumers with affordable access to quality aquatic fitness products that have historically been found only within the finest fitness centers in the world. To accomplish this mission, we have created a fitness system that mixes a lap pool, therapy pool, and home gym, all in one – iPool!

iPool is a revolutionary new aquatic fitness system that offers unparalleled versatility and affordability within the realm of above ground pools. For those looking for a lap pool, the iPool has a resistance harness that allows you to swim constantly, without ever having to change direction or turn around. For those looking to rehab an injury, our therapy pool offers fitness capabilities, while being easy on your joints and muscles. For those looking for a total body workout, our available aquatic fitness accessories can transform your iPool into a total body fitness center. With these, as well as our many other options, iPool is truly the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new therapy, exercise, or lap pool!

To begin finding your new iPool, we welcome you to browse our available iPool selection, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!