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Other Notes

We do not sell previously used products to our customers but packages you receive may appear to have been opened or re-taped. Our warehouse packaging team saves you time by hooking various devices to your items for you before repackaging. This helps ensure you have all the components you need, and makes installation easier for you as well.

Please do not detach the adapters because they are pre-hooked up for your installation convenience. The iPool is a unique item that uses various add-ons, some custom made, to work with different filter pumps, heaters, and other accessories depending on each customer order. Please follow website directions carefully and contact us if you need further assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hayward Heater And Pump Set Installation Videos

Please note:

The filter pump in box manual may include items such as pool inlet adapter, air jet valve, pool inlet jet nozzle, and strainer grid. These items do not fit our inlet outlet ports and are not included for that reason.

Heater may need up to 12 hours initially to heat up the pool with tap water which is around 50 degrees. It will heat the pool gradually starting at one degree an hour. Please ensure heater light stays on and filter pump is set to continuous to run the heater the first time. Please note this may take longer in outdoor conditions

If your heater light does not turn on even though there is electricity please do the following:

1. Change the filter cartridge for a brand new one (not washed)
2. Flood the filter pump chamber to clear it out of any air
3. Check the hoses for any air inside and you may need to flush out the hoses and shake them several times to clear out the bubbles.

If this does not work you need to adjust the heater pressure switch setting from 3 to 1. This is referred to in your heater manual on page 5 on your manual.

External Valve

Instruction Videos:

iPool Aquatic Exercises Instructional Series By Roxanne Matera 

Fitmax Professional Aquabike Assembly Video