A Pool for All Seasons

iPool_BlogImages2We designed our iPools® and Fitmax® Therapy Pools so that our customers can enjoy them for all seasons, not just during the summer time. Even though our pools are portable so that they can be easily drained and stored away during winter, our liners and frames are sturdy enough to withstand freezing temperatures of even negative 30 degrees with little problem.

You can choose to use a standard pool winterizing chemical if you like, although not necessary. The pool accessories such as the heater and filter pump are not designed for harsh weather and would need to be stored away. If you do choose to store your pool away, please make sure that it is protected from freezing, since having the liner freeze while it is folded can potentially damage it. Otherwise, if you choose to leave the pool out, just make sure the water level is roughly around half to prevent strong winds from blowing an empty pool away, and to keep any ice sheets that form from spilling.

What makes our pools special though is with some added accessories such as our insulation cover, insulation wrap, heater, and a snow protecting garage canopy you are able to enjoy your very own heated swimming pool in the outdoors! As long as the canopy successfully prevents cold air from entering, the insulation wrap and solar blanket can help maintain the temperature of the pool so that you would only need to run the heater for a few hours after a comfortable temperature has been reached. Otherwise the constant cold would seep out the heat the heater is generating and the pool temperature would not rise.

We designed the insulation wrap and solar blanket combination so that our customers do not need to spend all night heating up the pool to enjoy it and see a substantial reduction in their electricity bills as well. If your garage or basement is unavailable, you can still enjoy the pool outdoors in the winter time with these pool accessories.

At Fitmax, we are constantly finding ways to bring the benefits of swimming to as many people as possible in all conditions. With our products, you can enjoy your pool during the wintertime, take it down and store it, or even leave it and forget it.

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