iPool 3 (Without Heater)

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As the pool gets deeper, your typical above ground pool needs to be bigger to spread the water pressure over a wider area. The average above ground pool is about sixteen feet long to manage three and a half feet deep of water pressure. Make the pool a rectangle instead of a circle, and the walls need to be even stronger because water pressure naturally expands as a circle.
This is what makes the iPool® different. We made a stronger and thicker galvanized steel frame with five layers of river rafting liner that is sturdy enough to handle a four feet depth of water pressure in a space small enough to fit your SUV.

Our iPool 3 can be assembled in less than an hour and requires only an ounce of chlorine a week. We even offer a salt water system option and a third party installation service. Add to that our five year warranty and seven days a week customer service and you’ll see why the iPool 3 is not your average above ground lap pool.

Don’t get us wrong, an Endless Pool is a great product, but at the end of the day it is pretty expensive.

The standard Endless Pool and Swim Spa is made out of a shell of steel or acrylic. We use a simple galvanized steel frame you need only an hour to assemble instead saving you on hidden installation fees, a few thousand dollars, and a couple days spent just to put it together.

We don’t use a noisy motor or artificial current. Our patented dual harness system lets you swim endlessly with no artificial current to fight with. Water slamming into your face isn’t a fun and relaxing experience so why let the pool be your boss?

With the iPool® you can put in your trusty waterproof iPod, adjust the resistance with our knobs, close your eyes and swim any stroke you want. Our iPool 3 offers 54’ of water depth, deeper than the average 39’ of an Endless Pool. Don’t worry about your arms hitting the floor or the walls of the pool, our 7×10’’ set up is made for anyone below seven feet tall. There are no gimmicks with us, just simple engineering and efficiency to bring you a pool that is one tenth the cost of the competition with all the benefits and more.

Want the iPool 3 with a heater? We got you covered

exercise resistance therapy pool above ground lap poolProduct Dimensions
-Height (Railing): 54”
-Width: 7’X10’
-Total Footprint including Base: 8.5' X 11.5' recommended 9'x12' for installation
-Height including overhead Support: 8 feet, 8.5 feet recommended
-Water Depth: 4 feet
-Test Method: ASTM D3776 to test the durability of our products
-Frame: Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel
-Liner: Multilayer Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh (Popular In River Rafts/Artificial Lake Beds)


  • Swimming Harness
  • Ladder
  • 1000 gph Filter Pump
  • Cover
  • Floor Sheet
  • Repair Kit
  • Winterizing Plugs Or Cap

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Product Description

The new iPool3 is the latest in our line of iPool products from Fitmax. The iPool 3 is taller than the iPool I and offers 54 inches height or about 1.4 meters. Additionally, with its compact size, the iPool3 is ideal for homes with a small backyard, patio, basement and even the garage! The iPool 3 takes up only six square meters of space, less than a minivan. iPool 3 fits almost anywhere in backyard or within the garage.

iPool 3 can be assembled by 2 people in about an hour. FitMAX recommends a 8.5×11.5x 7.5ft space to install the iPool, if installed indoors floor must be able to withstand at least ten tons of weight and have a way to drain water without damaging the property.