Fitmax Therapy Pool

Natural Pain Relief & Weight Loss, At Home

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  • 4’6” water depth
  • 10×10′ total footprint (7×7′ actual product)
  • Entry stairway ladder
  • Filter included
  • Cover and floor sheet
  • Swimming harness not included on this model (available on iPool and iPool3))
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The result of years of research, our unique Therapy Pool design was developed especially to bring the benefits of aquatic therapy to your home—both dependably, and affordably.

Natural Pain Relief and Weight Loss, At Home

The remarkable properties of water, one of nature’s most abundant elements—to sooth, heal, and rejuvenate has been shown in countless studies to offer tangible benefits to those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, rehabilitation from injury, and countless other conditions—in the comfort and ease of your home.

Our team worked tirelessly to design a solution that was durable and high quality—while making it accessible to as many people as possible. This means the Fitmax pool is much more affordable, and also more compact than other options.

We hear all the time about the feeling of relief that pain sufferers get, and the tangible increases in mobility and self-confidence.

A practical investment that gives you back time and energy

Being able to walk right from your living room, and into the warm, soothing waters of your Fitmax Pool at any time allows you to stay on a more steady and continuous regimen of healing—without all of life’s little details getting in the way. It gives you more time to spend on the things that really matter to you.

  • Assembles easily for quick setup
  • Stores easily and compactly
  • Offers an ideal aquatic therapy environment
  • Needs less chemicals to maintain than a traditional pool
  • Provides on-demand relief & rehabilitation in your own home
  • Eliminates barriers and hassles that can get in the way of treatment
  • Costs significantly less than maintaining a normal pool
  • Gives lasting service—unlike flimsy low-cost options that can fall apart within a year

Our happy customers have more time to get on with their lives, now that they have a reliable, accessible solution that puts the soothing power of warm water and aquatic buoyancy at their fingertips, whenever they need it.

“I absolutely love my Therapy pool! I am so thankful that you made a product that the average person can afford.” ‐Martha, April 19th 2019
“There’s truly nothing like waking up in the morning and jumping in a nice warm heated pool for a dip. I take a few more laps just before bed and I’ve slept like a baby ever since.” ‐Krystle
“I have a serious nerve disability that prevents me from doing any traditional exercise, including basic walking. The iPool has changed my life. All I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ‐KXS
“Since getting the pool I’ve lost about 40 pounds, lowered my blood pressure,
decreased the pain of my fibermyalgia and osteoarthritis of my knee. I’m loving the pool.” ‐Bonnie Lindner
“We installed it ourselves and it was easy, especially with the help of Ray at Fitmax and the videos at its site. Ray was a godsend.”—Steve S, Sep 25th 2018

A solution you can depend on

Our mission from the very outset has been to get the soothing, health-giving properties of warm water to those suffering from pain and mobility issues.

We stand behind our pool with a lifetime guarantee, and boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our outstanding customer service.

“As a physician with a board certification in four specialities including pain management I am reminded daily of the importance of physical fitness for many reasons not limited to health and longevity as well as stress relief. You have an amazing, cost-effective product that I am happy to endorse and only wish that more people had access to it.”

‐Seth Kaufmann, MD, American Board of Hospice and Palliative Care, American Board of Pain Medicine

Your ideal hydrotherapy setup begins with the Fitmax Therapy Pool

Everyone’s needs are different—but your ideal aquatic therapy pool can start with the Fitmax Therapy Pool! Any pool you buy comes brings some options and choices—Our Fitmax Customer Success Representatives specialize in helping you figure out just what you’ll need to have the ideal home hydrotherapy solution—tailored to your specific wants and needs! We’re here 7 days a week, standing by to answer all your questions—📣 just click here to contact us!

If you’d like help on which type of heater to buy… how to best locate your pool… which accessories you may want… or anything else—📣 feel free to ask!

Our pools are more compact and more durable than other steel framed pools


  • Up to 4’6″ water depth
  • Dimensions: 7’x7’x54″
  • Dimensions/space required: 8.5 x 8.5ft, recommended 9 x 9 for pool itself
  • Plastic A-Frame Ladder protrudes 2 feet from body of pool
  • Easy Access Entry Stairway Ladder supports up To 300 lbs.

Additional Features (not available from other manufacturers):

  • Triple-reinforced seams and floor
  • Pull-up bar and shoulder press bar
  • Made of highest-quality multi-layered river rafting material (29% thicker than other mfg.)
  • Zinc-coated, galvanized steel frame (thicker, sturdier than other mfg.)
  • Galvanized steel frame (thicker, sturdier than other mfg.)


  • Entry Stairway Ladder
  • Cover
  • Floor sheet
  • Winterizing plugs/cap
  • Repair kit
  • 1000 gph filter pump

Heating Your Pool for Hydrotherapy

To experience the full benefits of aqua therapy, many of our customers choose to add a heater to their pool.  The process can be done easily enough but will require a few steps to get started, such as having an electrician install a setup.

Read this article for more details on determining heating time.


Heating Your iPool


Questions & Answers

I’m installing my pool indoors, is there a way to use a garden hose to drain my pool?

This handy hose adapter connects to any garden hose to help you drain the pool

What makes Fitmax pools different from other (cheaper) above ground pools?

The Fitmax pool is far more durable than other brands; it is constructed with up to 5 layers of river rafting material which reduces the chance of having a leak. This means that you can leave it set up year round, including in areas that experience freezing. It also is constructed with a galvanized steel frame which allows for it to have a more compact size than other above ground pools.

What is the difference between the Therapy Pool and the Original iPool?

The Therapy pool has a more compact size, and does not come with a swimming harness. It is also 9″ deeper than the iPool.

What is the difference between the Therapy Pool and the iPool3?

The Therapy pool has a more compact and portable size, and does not come with a swimming harness

Is the pool saltwater system compatible?


How do I heat the pool?

Heaters require an electrician to install, you can view heaters and more here: View Heater Options

An Aquatic Fitness Center—All without leaving your home

Upgrade the Fitmax Therapy Pool and give yourself a great workout without risk of injury.

The Fitmax Aquatic Bicycle lets you cycle your way to better health, strengthening your leg muscles with all the fun of riding a bike. Put on your favorite playlist using an iPod and burn those calories away!

Do you like running but find it hard on your knees? The Aquabilt Aquatic Treadmill is perfect for you! Enjoy aqua-jogging and all the cardiovascular benefits of a good run without putting strain on your joints.

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