Fitmax Hydrospin™

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  • SMOOTH RIDING EXPERIENCE Hydrospin™ paddle wheels increase your resistance the faster you peddle for an uninterrupted exciting workout
  • LEAVE IT IN THE POOL High quality SS316L marine grade stainless steel works with salt water, bromine, and chlorine pools and is more rust resistant than typical aluminum bicycles
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT AND USE Scratch resistant fittings designed to protect your pool bottom and jam-resistant wheels for easy transportation and storage
  • CONVENIENT DIMENSIONS:  46 inches x 23 inches x 44.5 inches, 53 lbs
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE Handlebars and cushioned seating all can be moved and offer a comfortable riding for the whole family

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and look better in the mirror? If you find regular exercise such as running uncomfortable and hard on your joints there is a solution that can burn off those calories while giving you a true non impact workout. This solution can even kick start your body’s own natural healing powers. Be astonished as old injuries are suddenly healed while you feel like you have turned back the clock ten or even twenty years.

The Fitmax Hydrospin™ is an underwater cycling device specifically designed to give you all the benefits of aquatic exercise in an exciting new package. Feel your knees and feet supported by the natural buoyancy of water that will help improve your blood circulation and balance. As you pump the pedals the Hydrospin™ paddles will automatically increase the resistance naturally giving you a fantastic and uninterrupted riding experience.

Unlike typical cycling, aquatic bike riding makes it easy to maintain proper posture and alignment. You’ll feel your arms and legs become more toned and strong without the painful back and lower body injuries that can result from riding too hard. Your body will be pleasantly supported by the water and you can adapt swimming movements while riding that would be impossible to do above ground. Enjoy a whole new kind of workout that will transform your swimming pool into a fitness and exercise oasis!

The Fitmax Hydrospin™ is made of high quality marine grade stainless steel much more sturdy and rust resistant than aluminum. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and comes with our Fitmax Lifetime Warranty.

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Hydrospin Pool Bike Features Aquatic Therapy Exercise Weight Loss

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Weight53 lbs
Dimensions39 × 33 × 8 in


How an Aqua Bike is Better

Cycling is a great exercise that can help with cardio and build up muscle, however as we age or develop certain physical limitations such as arthritis, these types of exercises can be tough on our bodies. It’s been proven time and time again that swimming is a highly effective method of working out due to the water resistance and natural elimination of shock on joints. An exercise pool can be instantly improved with the addition of an Aquatic Bicycle from Fitmax.

Aquatic Bicycles vs. Stationary Bikes

Many studies have shown that exercising on aquatic bicycle provides just as much of a workout than your gym’s standard stationary bike. The benefit? You receive the same amount of cardio and physical performance without experiencing the strain on your joints, specifically the knees.