A Letter from Our Founder

local_inventorFitmax was founded in 2007 when I was inspired to try and create a product that would help the elderly improve their mobility, health, and well being. Having moved to the United States from Taiwan over thirty years ago, I saw many of my friends and mentors who supported me through this difficult transition suffer from a variety of issues such as osteoarthritis and heart disease later in life. I wanted to help them as well as give back to the country that made my American Dream come true. After four years of constant innovation and refinement, I created the Fitmax iPool® to improve quality of life for the millions of people that suffer from such debilitating illnesses.

I knew that swimming was a low intensity, effective solution for fitness that also utilized all the muscles of the body at once. Unfortunately, I saw that traditional pools often cost a very significant amount to install and required large backyards. People would save for years, even a decade, and still be unable to purchase their own swimming pool. My iPool (Infinity Pool) was a safe, affordable alternative for people seeking the low-impact, high-energy exercise that swimming provided. Instead of relying on more costly jet current systems, the iPool used a simple but sturdy arch frame to provide mechanical resistance that can be easily adjusted by changing the angle. My iPool could offer a variety of exercises that other pools are unable to support. I also added a heater and insulation wrap for our pools so our customers could enjoy the therapeutic effects of warm water at minimal cost.

In my pursuit to deliver top quality at a price point accessible to the common middle class I’ve worked with a variety of manufacturers including overseas. Some competitors may criticize this, not knowing that many of our components and accessories are actually from American companies. In fact, even the computer devices we rely on often have parts assembled from different countries all over the world.

What was more important was to make sure we are uniquely involved in every step of the process of our pools from design to production to mass manufacturing. To me, it doesn’t matter whether this component is from the US, China, Australia or elsewhere, the most important thing is that it functions well and is able to provide benefits to our customers. That’s why I’ve insisted our products meet rigorous international standards.

In fact, I believe one of the key strengths of Fitmax is that we are committed to and listen to our customers to continually improve our products. Our filter pump, solar blanket cover, umbrella, and pull up bars were all innovations based off our customer interactions. Over more than eight years, we are proud to have an A+ BBB rating from the Better Business Bureau and glowing testimonials from doctors, military personnel, and parents. We take care of the Fitmax customer community with seven days a week support and a five year warranty. I hope that you will consider joining us and enjoy the benefits of swimming in your very own home.


Lawrence Chang

Fitmax Inc