iPool and Local Fire Department Team Up for Demonstration

It’s no secret that our therapy pools are versatile, efficient, compact, and affordable. We created the iPool with the everyday person in mind. Whether you choose to use it for arthritis relief, vigorous exercise, or gentle post-injury recovery, the uses of the iPool are truly limitless! In order to show folks the other great uses of the iPool, we teamed up with our local fire department to demonstrate the not so conventional uses of our pools.

ipool_firefigters_rsFirefighters are trained to handle many types of situations; rescuing poor lost pets stuck on rooftops, responding to car accidents, inspection of commercial structures and so much more. While they may not occur as frequently as other rescue situations, firefighters must still be properly trained on how to efficiently navigate a water rescue. This type of rescue is difficult enough as it stands, especially with possible existing factors such as freezing water temperatures, poor accessibility/confined spaces, and length of time spent underwater. All this must be done while the firefighter is wearing their full gear.

The question is, how exactly do the firefighters train for this type of situation? Do they go on-site to a nearby lake, or do they travel to a public swimming pool for a short period of time? With the iPool, fire departments can quickly setup and breakdown any one of our above ground pools right in front of the station when it’s time to train for water rescue. It’s a convenient, time and money saving option for local fire departments! Rather than having to travel to a natural water source or rent a public pool out for a day, the iPool is theirs to use whenever they need it!

ipool_firefigters_rs2iPool by Fitmax and our local fire department came together to give the community a glimpse inside the duties of a firefighter. From handling an underwater rescue situation to navigating the frightening maze of a burning building, we had a great time working together to show everyone the capabilities of our firefighters and the iPool!

We want to thank our local fire department for protecting our community, and also for hosting this wonderful event to help demonstrate the many great uses of the iPool! The best part is, you don’t have to be a firefighter to enjoy the benefits of our therapy pools! If you’re considering one for yourself, simply give us a call! The iPool’s space efficient design is great for those outdoor summer backyard swims, or winter garage exercises to escape the cold! However you need to use the iPool, we assure its versatility will serve your purpose effortlessly!