Why Do Children And Pets Love Our Pool?


At Fitmax, we want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of swimming. Unlike other above ground swimming pools, our iPool has special features that allow it to be particularly beneficial to children and pets.

Drowning is a leading injury related cause of death for children and the iPool is a great device to teach children how to swim in a safe, controlled environment. Unlike floaties, the iPools resistance harness lets children put their faces into the water without fear while training to use their limbs to propel themselves forward without the assistance of a floatation device. Children can easily learn proper swimming techniques as well as build greater muscle strength and stamina. Furthermore, the iPool has certain child safety measures in place such as our folding steel ladder to make sure the pool is out of reach when there is no adult supervision.

Pets too can enjoy the benefits of our iPool! For canines in particular, the iPool offers a fun, low impact exercise that is great not only for healthy dogs but also canines suffering everything from hip dysplasia, to spinal injuries and even nervous system degenerative disorders. In fact, five minutes of swimming may be equivalent to several miles of walking for your dog, and the iPool is a great way for your pet to lose weight and fight obesity while enjoying the relaxing buoyancy of the water and the low stress on their joints. Our heater also helps the water stay at a warm temperature to promote further healing and relaxation.

We designed our iPool to be a device the whole family can enjoy. Whether for man, or man’s best friend, the iPool can provide greater health and well-being to all.