Sports Illustrated Feature

Amidst sports news, updates, and expert analysis, you’ll find a feature on iPool in the July 2020 edition of Sports Illustrated! As the popular American sports magazine details products and exercises, it also reveals the mission of iPool and how we’re continuing to help many up their game during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s evident that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected every aspect of our lives, and many have been looking for new ways to workout and train at home. While this may be a minor inconvenience for the majority, for Olympic athletes, it’s a major setback. From training sessions to workouts, Olympic swimmers have been forced to get creative with workouts, many turning to the ultimate small space above ground exercise pool—the iPool!

Whether for rehabilitation, leisure, or serious athletic training, iPool’s innovative patented design mimics swimming in a full-size lap pool, but is small, portable, and one-tenth the cost of a traditional in-ground pool. With additional iPool accessories, such as the dual tether system, swimmers can adjust support and mechanical resistance without the use of artificial currents or jet streams.

“I’m excited to incorporate the iPool into my training,” said Kelsi Dahlia, Olympic gold medalist. Having won a gold in the 4×100 during the 2016 Olympics, maintaining athletic ability for the upcoming Olympic Games is crucial for Kelsi, and something she’s been working on throughout quarantine.

More than ever before, many are recognizing the importance of health and fitness, and are looking for new ways to workout at home. iPool is exactly that, and provides a fun, yet challenging workout for everyone at every level. Additionally, the iPool yields a heap of health benefits, ranging from physical to mental, such as improved cardiovascular systems, reduced blood pressure, decreased anxiety, and so much more.

Founded on ideals of convenience, durability, and affordability, iPool remains committed to helping individuals become healthier, more fit, and more relaxed. Be sure to check out our feature in Sports Illustrated to learn more about iPool, Kelsi Dahlia, and how we’ve helped her along her Olympic journey, and if you’re ready to improve your health and fitness at home, discover the difference that the exercise and therapy pools from iPool can make!