Cost And Types Of Infinity Pools

Infinity Edge Pool

When people hear of an infinity pool they often think of an infinite edge, vanishing edge, or negative edge pool

SkyPark Infinity Pool in Singapore

The standard infinity pool is an engineering feat, it requires a team of engineers and architects to design two swimming pools. The main swimming pool on top with an exposed wall that is a little bit shorter than the water level. This provides the cool vanishing edge effect because the water flows down and gives you that horizon feeling. The water flows down to a second hidden swimming pool beneath that is a catch basin. This second pool is about a third the size of the main pool.

Unfortunately, because you are adding two pools building an infinity edge pool will cost about $65,000 to $105,000. It doesn’t matter if you have a slope or try to find ways to do less digging. Building the catch basin alone is going to be $25,000 to $35,000 regardless.  The installation and construction will probably take weeks if not months from digging the foundation to building and installing the pools themselves.  You will also need larger pumps and more water since an infinity edge pool can’t be covered this will also translate to high upkeep costs. Due to this reason infinity edge pools tend to be found in high end resorts or hotels that can afford the installation and upkeep.

Endless Pool

An Endless Pool can also be considered a type of infinity pool in that you don’t need to flip turn and just swim infinitely with an artificial current motor. Endless Pools cost on average about $25,000 and require an additional $1000-$2000 to install.  Endless Pools while very beautiful tend to be heavy since they are often built out of fiberglass or metal which means a crane may be required to install the pool. Care must be taken and the motor may also need to be replaced every few years. Although the Endless Pool is far more economical than a standard infinity edge pool $25,000 can be a big price tag for a backyard budget.


Fitmax iPool

The “I” in the iPool actually stands for infinity. Very different from both the standard vanishing edge infinity pool and the motor-powered Endless Pool, the Fitmax iPool is a portable above ground lap pool with a patented tether system that keeps you suspended in water and lets you swim without your hands and feet touching the walls of the pool. Unlike the Endless Pool, the Fitmax iPool does not use a noisy motor and the pool itself with heating system tends to only cost $2000-$3000 but allows for endless swimming in a small space. Unlike the Endless Pool, the Fitmax iPool is a modular device that can taken down and reassembled in one to two hours so you can have it available when you need it.

The vanishing edge infinity pool is a very impressive and beautiful engineering accomplishment. If your goal is endless swimming without having to use a full lap pool, there are several other alternatives available to fit a variety of budgets and needs. The principles of swimming and the exercise and health benefits it offered has stayed the same for thousands of years. Technological innovations offer new and exciting solutions to consumers that want to swim endlessly within the comfort and privacy of their own home.