Aquacise with Spabells to Develop Muscle Tone Without Injury

Which would you rather do: sweat in a gym or workout in a refreshing pool of water? Aquacise, or aquatic exercise, is a lower impact way of shaping up. Aquacising with spabells in your workout regime allows you to safely build muscle while losing weight. It’s designed to take full advantage of water resistance for a total body workout. When added to an affordable therapy pool, it’s ideal for anyone, from beginning exercisers to competitive athletes.

How do spabells work?

Spabells are adjustable, aquatic dumbbells with three levels of built-in resistance. By harnessing the power of water resistance, you not only tone muscles, but also burn calories. Working out in water lessens the strain on your body and reduces the risk of injury compared to training on land. Plus, the unique design ensures that you receive stability to avoid wrist and forearm strain.

Each pair contains funnels and two sets of fins to adjust resistance. You can also add an additional set of fins to further help build muscle and increase strength. The dome caps included allow you to seal the funnels. This lets you either fill them with air to make them buoyant for leg exercises on the water surface or fill them with water to turn them into eight pound dumbbells for strength training. You can also attach the dumbbells together to make a barbell for added exercise options.

What type of exercises can you do?

The basic principle of aquacise is that it takes more force to move an object through water, which provides better results with less strain. Spabells are used primarily for upper body strength training exercises, such as chest flies, dumbbell curls or presses and shoulder raises. They are most effective in water that is either stomach or chest deep with your knees slightly bent. This allows you to have the most control over your body’s buoyancy.

Besides toning muscle, there are many other potential uses. You can use spabells to trim fat and burn calories, improve endurance, cross-train for sports, increase flexibility and even help rehabilitate injuries. The varied resistance can accommodate a variety of fitness levels and provide a great workout without the negative effects of gravity pulling on your body.

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