*compared to conventional swimming pools*

Introducing The iPool Above Ground Lap Pool!
Aquatic Therapy At Your Fingertips!

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ipool therapy pool

Highly Durable Above Ground Therapeutic Swimming Pool

Sturdy ASTM approved galvanized steel frame and five-layered 35 mil thick river rafting liner

Designed to last with a five year warranty and 7 days a week support


Reliable Heating System

 Powerful 220 volt heaters designed to heat within a few hours.

Deluxe 2500 gph filter pump with timer included for optimal performance.

 110v plug in heaters would need over 48 hours to heat up a 1500 gallon therapy pool


Better Swimming Experience

No uncomfortable pressure jet streams blowing in your face

Patented dual tether harness system lets you increase or decrease resistance by simply turning a knob

Easy to maintain, assemble, and take down

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Affordable Therapy Pool | Above Ground Lap Pool | Above Ground Exercise Pool | Endless Pool Alternative

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  • 8.5ft x 8.5ft
  • 54 inches high
  • 1500 gallon
  • 7ft ceiling height
  • 4ft water depth
  • 300lb ladder capacity


The Therapy Pool has deeper dimensions to accommodate a wider range of aquatic therapies and exercises than the original iPoo. Also included with the Therapy Pool is a plastic ladder that allows for easy access in and out your iPool. Just like with the original iPool, no plumber is needed for the initial set up.



  • 8.5ft x 11.5ft
  • 45 inches high
  • 1500 gallon
  • 7ft ceiling height
  • 3ft 1 inch water depth
  • 300lb ladder capacity

The original iPool is a fantastic choice for individual swimming and therapy sessions. Compact dimensions make the iPool a great fit for small spaces, such as basements or any other rooms with low ceilings and tight spaces. With easy installation and minimal water usage, no plumber is required for initial set up.



  • 8.5ft x 11.5ft
  • 54 inches high
  • 2200 gallon
  • 8ft ceiling height
  • 4ft water depth
  • 300lb ladder capacity

The iPool3 has the same great benefits as the iPool, but with a completely redesigned ladder. Made out of stainless steel, this ladder is water-resistant, as well as lockable for controlling access to your iPool. With a durable design and easier assembly, getting in and out of your iPool is easier than ever.





Finally, In the Comfort of Your Own Home,
You Can Experience:

Your Own Private Oasis-  Stop sharing a pool with strangers

Convenience– No more having to drive to the gym! Our pools cost less than an average year gym membership

Pain Relief- Medical research suggests that pain can be reduced by as much as 41% in an aquatic environment.¹ 

More Energy Throughout The Day- Aquatic exercise helps you build muscle and lung capacity with no fear of injury 

Healthy Weight Loss- Look and feel great! Swimming helps you exercise all the muscles of your body at once

…and much more!

¹”A pilot study of the effects of high-intensity aerobic exercise versus passive interventions on pain” (Chatzitheodorou 2007)

“This is a great rehab pool for me”

Our iPools Are So Easy To Install!  See One Of Our Customers Put One Together

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“iPool & Fitmax Therapy Pool in Action!”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iPool?

At Fitmax we wanted people to enjoy the pain relief and weight loss benefits of a traditional exercise lap pool and therapy pool without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. The iPool gives you your very own private therapy swimming pool for less than an annual gym subscription, it even fits in your garage or basement, and is easy to maintain as well.

How durable are our pools?

Our pools are rigorously tested according to ASTM D3776 international standards. Our liners have five layers of protection and can easily withstand hundreds of pounds of force per square foot. The vinyl mesh layering helps protect against tears and punctures and we stand by our products with a five year warranty.

What sizes do the pools come in?

The iPool and iPool 3 models have a total space footprint of 8.5 x 11.5 x 8 ft high. The body of the pool is 7 ft x 10 ft.

The Fitmax Therapy Pool has a total space footprint of 8.5 x 8.5 ft and is 45 inches tall. The body of the pool is 7ft x 7ft

What is the difference between the iPool and the iPool 3?

Both the iPool and iPool 3 have similar dimensions (10ft x 7ft), however, the difference is in the height, as the original iPool is 45 inches high with three feet water depth, while the iPool 3 is 54 inches high with four feet water depth. Depending on how much water depth you wish to have you can choose either the iPool I or the iPool 3

Where can I install the iPool?

The iPool is a freestanding above ground unit that can be installed inside or outdoors. The minimal space requirements are 8.5 ft x 11.5 ft x 7.5 ft (6 square meters). A concrete, gravel, or sand floor can all work but please make sure that it is level, smooth and free of any objects that can damage the pool. When installing indoors, the floor must be able to withstand 1 ton and have a way to drain water.

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What do the pools come with?

The Fitmax therapy pool and iPools come with a cover, floor mat, ladder, and filter pump. The ladder will need to be removed to cover the pool.

How do I install the iPool?

“”Easy Installation Within One Hour!””

The iPool can be easily installed by two people within an hour. Please refer to our installation video here to walk you through the steps for pool and ladder installation

Do the pools come with a heater?

Yes they do! The iPool-D, iPool3-D and Fitmax Therapy Pool-D all come with heaters so you can enjoy all the benefits of warm water in your very own private lap pool and therapy pool

How does the swim harness work?

The swim harness is a velcro strap that wraps around your waist and has clips that fasten in the front. It can be adjusted to fit a person with a 22 inch waist up to a 42 inch waist. With an additional harness added, the diameter can be increased to a 60 inch waist.

How does the iPool compare to a traditional lap pool?

The iPool costs much less to install and has less water to maintain than traditional lap pools. It allows you to have full workout in a small area without the hassle of turning around. For parents who have children, traditional swimming pools can be dangerous areas requiring supervision. With iPool, children can enjoy swimming with the safety of the harness.

Does the iPool really work?

Yes, it really does work! You can swim against the harness at whatever speed you would like, meaning you set the speed yourself. No turning around in a pool or changing the speed of the follow of water. If you want to change your workout, you can change the position of the harness. The iPool was designed for resistance swimming to help work and strengthen the cardiovascular system without the stress and impact on your joints.

How long will it take to deliver?

Shipments are shipped out within two working days and delivery takes about two to five working days depending on location within continental United States. We also ship internationally as well. Contact us for more infomation

How do I take care of my iPool liner?

Weekly Care:  The most important factor is monitoring the pH once a week to ensure the pH level is between 7.0 to 7.6 as well as running the filter pump 3 to 6 hours daily. Doing so will help in preventing algae and other organisms from growing in the pool. Acids and Alkalines are readily available at your local pool supply store or online to maintain proper pool pH balance.

Products are available which can organically decompose body and tanning oil build-up. Common soap and cleansing products may also be used to remove any scum-like build up. Please keep in mind that many cleaners require a chemical reaction to clean, so allow the product to set into the affected area for a few minutes for best results.

Products like Clearicin, Soft Scrub with Bleach, or Soft Scrub Regular are recommended along with a Scotch-Brite pad or sponge. Brushes can also be used.

Your pool bottom will need to be vacuumed on a regular schedule to remove debris and particulate matter that has settled to the bottom. Vacuum heads, rollers and brushes should be inspected to make sure there are no sharp edges that can slice the pool bottom. Vacuums, such as AquaKing or Aquamax are recommended.

Take caution when installing or removing any pool equipment such as ladders, as carelessness could result in damage to your PVC membrane.

Immediately rinse with clear water if any powdered/granular chlorine or strong acids spill on the membrane surface. This will prevent any bleaching or discoloration.

Beware of sulfur or copper based disinfectants, as they may cause discoloration.

What if I find a leak in the pool?

Leaks are generally very rare because our liners are factory inspected and have five layers of protection. Nevertheless, accidents may happen and we have included a pool repair kit for your convenience. The glue that we use is a special fast acting adhesive designed for the fabric liner and will work even factoring in the pool pressure.

The pool does not need to be drained in order to use the repair kit. Please cut out one patch piece square, about the size of your thumb, apply the glue to the non shiny side of the patch and stick over the small leak point, holding it firmly for about one to two minutes. Then please cut out another patch piece that is bigger and wider than the first patch piece, place the glue on the non shiny side, and stick it over your original patch piece holding it firmly for one to two minutes. This second layer will serve as a reinforcement for your seal.

How long do I need to run the heater for?

The heater increases the temperature 1-2 degrees every hour or so, depending on the water temperature you desire. The first time you use the heater, you will probably need to run it about 5-10 hours or overnight. We offer insulation accessories that you can include with your purchase that cuts your heating time by about half.

How do I manage water chemistry of my iPool?

Corrosive water can damage the filter pump, heater, and potentially discolor the liner as well.

We recommend using pH strips weekly to make sure the water chemistry is correct. Please consult an accredited pool supply store to locate the correct products to control your water chemistry levels.

Recommended Water Chemistry Levels

pH 7.2-7.8 (7.4-7.6 is considered ideal)

Total Alkalinity (ppm) 80-120

Calcium Hardness (ppm) 200-350

Salt (ppm) 2800-3000 maximum

Free Chlorine (ppm) 2-3

Total Dissolved Solids (ppm) 3000 maximum, ideal is 1000-2000.

Is this pool good for pet therapy?

Yes! See for yourself!


Can I pay in monthly installments?

At Fitmax we work with various reputable companies to offer financing options to our customers, some of these are the same as cash with 0% interest, please see our financing page for more information

Learn More About iPool

How iPool Is Different Than Other Pools

The iPool provides our customers with an affordable, high quality, and reliable exercise therapy pool which they can use every day of the year.

The iPool is a swimming machine and water gym designed to take up only a very small amount of space, and can fit in your backyard, garage, basement or greenhouse. We have designed it with quality materials to ensure you enjoy your pool for many years to come.

The iPool accommodates different people with different needs, utilizing the power of warm water therapy and mechanical resistance to help everything from arthritis, fibromyalgia, to weight loss and injury free muscle building. Furthermore, the iPool offers a number of accessories that can enhance your aquatic workout including a pull up bar shoulder press bar  and free weights  So if you are ready to start enhancing your life with aquatic fitness, all while having fun doing it, the the iPool is the perfect option!

Individually Customized

At iPool by FitMax, we want to ensure that our customers’ iPools match their specific needs, which is why we offer a variety of different sizes, options, and types of iPool that are sure to fit your needs. Furthermore, we also offer a full range of accessories that will can make your iPool the ultimate in aquatic fitness and therapy. From chin-up bars, to water bikes, to simple heaters, we have everything you need to make your iPool match your needs and become truly one-of-a-kind!

Feel Better, Faster! Ideal for Rehabilitation

It is no secret that swimming is great exercise, but did you know that it is also a great option for rehabilitation as well? When selecting your new iPool, one of our fantastic options is our therapy pool. This is a great choice for those looking for exercise with a low impact on your muscles and joints, while still getting a great respiratory workout. If you are injured and can’t perform your usual workout activities, the iPool is ideal for rebuilding your muscles and getting you in tip-top shape!

Get Fit Easy and Injury Free!

Daily swimming can have huge health benefits for those who include it in their workout routine, including improved strength, stamina, and energy. With iPool, your fitness doesn’t require a massive home gym, as you can improve your cardiovascular and muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility, and all you need is a 7 x 10 ft. space! Additionally, you don’t have to worry about missing your run because it’s snowing, or skipping the bike ride because it’s raining, as your iPool can be used indoors and out! This convenience allows for a workout schedule that will never be affected by the weather outside. All in all, iPool is the easy choice for anyone looking to add swimming to their daily exercise routine!

Excellent Customer Service

At FitMax, our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to ensure that your are completely pleased with your service, which is why we are here for you all day, everyday. If it’s Sunday night at 9 p.m., we don’t mind taking your call, because we want you to be satisfied. If you have a question or concern, we will reply to your emails within a few hours so we can get you the best answer possible. Furthermore, we don’t outsource our calls, and we still answer even when we’re not open. We have a commitment to customer service, which is why we have gone over 7 years without any customer complaints and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Swimming And Exercise For Less Than An Annual Gym Membership!

In the past, if you were looking to swim every day, there were two options available: Either pay a huge amount to build a pool, or pay for an expensive health club membership. Today, there is an different option for those looking for a convenient, affordable form of exercise, without ever leaving the home – iPool! At FitMax, we are proud to provide customers with high-quality lap pools online! What sets us apart, however, is that our pools are affordable, so no matter the budget, we can find the pool for you. We believe that if the customer cannot afford our product, then it is useless, which is why all our products are made with affordability in mind. With iPool, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get a great workout!

Soak In Your Own Personal Therapy Pool

When people hear the word therapy, they think of a costly, inconvenient, and time consuming process. What makes the iPool unique is that it is an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional therapy. With the purchase of an iPool, you are getting a multipurpose therapy pool which can also be used as a normal above ground pool, or even a lap pool! Water therapy is an excellent way to work out and rebuild muscle, and being a low impact form of exercise, you won’t be putting as much stress on your body! Therapy is not just for people that have had injuries and need to recover, however, as it is can also be effective for those with bad joints who still want to exercise, and all without pain!

Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars With Our Above Ground Pool

Pop-quiz: Is it possible to constantly swim for hours, without moving an inch? The answer is simple – Of course, if you have the Fitmax iPool! With iPool, you can have your own personal lap pool, without the need for a full-size, in-ground pool. Not only is the iPool more affordable and convenient than traditional in-ground pools, but it is also low maintenance and usable year-round! Above-ground pools are also portable and can be shipped directly to your house. With a two-hour assembly time, you can be swimming is a fraction of the time it takes to build an inground swimming pool. Additionally, the iPool was designed with saving space in mind, meaning you can have an above-ground pool in your backyard, garage, or anywhere that you have a 7×10 foot space.

Convenient Exercise Right At Home!

Whether you are an adolescent, adult, or senior, the iPool makes the perfect workout partner for swimmers of any age! Swimming is one of the most beneficial ways to exercise, as it works almost every muscle in your body, including the heart. Swimming is also a low-impact form of exercise, making it ideal for those with joint pain. Stop having to deal with crowded public pools or costly health club memberships. With iPool, you can have your own affordable, year-round home gym that takes no longer than two hours to set up. If this is not enough to convince you that the iPool gives you the most bang for your buck, did we mention that it can also be used as a therapy and lap pool?