Doctors Agree This Portable Therapy Pool
Can Change Your Life!

The Fitmax iPool!

Innovative patented design lets you swim like you are in the ocean without touching the pool walls

Portable pool so small it even fits in your garage or basement

Better workout without a motor or current using our signature dual tether system

Less than one-tenth the cost of a traditional inground pool!

Affordable Therapy Pool | Above Ground Lap Pool | Above Ground Exercise Pool | Endless Pool Alternative

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Why Consider An iPool?

“As a physician with board certification in four specialties including pain management I am reminded daily of the  importance of physical fitness for many reasons not limited to health and longevity as well as stress relief. You have an  amazing, cost effective product that I am happy to endorse and only wish that more people had access to it.”

– Seth Kaufman MD,
American board of hospice and Palliative Care
American Board of Pain Medicine

Don’t wait in line to use the pool or wonder what goes into the water

No more traffic to drive to a rec center every time you want to go to for a swim

Our portable therapy pools have an easy fit frame and are easy to maintain

Sleep better and feel better with the ancient time tested properties of warm water therapy

Don’t Settle For Anything But The Best!

Other Liner Based Pools
Gallon Capacity22002310
Liner Thickness35 mil27 mil
Liner Weave (scrim)20 x 20 @ 130020 x 20 @ 1000
Liner Tear Strength770 psi531 psi
Body Size of Pool7' x 10' x 54"7' x 11' x 48"
Triple Reinforced Seams and FloorYesNo
Adjustable Resistance KnobsYesNo
Pull up Bar and Shoulder Press BarYesNo
Sun UmbrellaYesNo
A+ BBB Rating Stellar Customer Service ReviewsYesNo
Frame Mounted Stainless Steel A-Frame LadderYesNo

Note: These metrics were taken under laboratory conditions and to the best of our understanding accurate. Some companies may falsely claim a puncture resistance of several hundred psi but industry wide 30 mil pvc liners have about 100 psi puncture resistance which is more than sufficient to take a sledgehammer to the body of a pool. We do our utmost to give our customers maximum quality per dollar with thicker liners and high quality components and frames. Please keep in mind we are not building tanks so our liners won’t stand up to a chainsaw but will offer decent resistance to pets.

“I absolutely love the therapy pool. It was just what I needed to exercise with fibromyalgia. Water therapy is the best!”

– Teresa H.

The pool has provided me with the perfect solution for my needs

Well, I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my iPool. The pool has provided me with the perfect solution for my needs. I think it is vitally important to get regular exercise for health and well being. I work fulltime as a nurse practitioner putting in very long hours. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to come home this summer after work and have the iPool there providing an easy opportunity to simply swim away the stress of my day and fulfilling my body’s need for a perfect workout.

– Ann Roberto.

Thank you for your great customer support, and great product. 
I’m an Army Soldier that has served for over 17yrs. I lost my right leg in combat and needed to find a different way to stay fit and in fighting shape. After multiple surgeries and weight gain due to inactivity. I needed to find a way to get back to a healthy Soldier life style. Your Fitmax iPool is the answer for me! I swim at least 4 days a week. I am now in better physical shape and lost 10lbs so far

 – SFC Daniel Metzdorf

Thank you For Inventing This Life Saving Product!
I truly love this iPool. I had no problem setting it up, myself and I’m a 62 year old female.To me, there is nothing more powerful than floating on your back, listening to yourself breathe; it’s like being in the womb again. Seriously! Very therapeutic and meditative.

Thank you for inventing this life-saving product!

 – Lucy