Anyone Can Use a Therapy Pool

Joint pain sufferers commonly experience issues that range from simply waking up stiff to major problems that prevent normal movement and daily activities. Patients experience pain and a decreased range of motion in the lower body, hips, knees and spine. Exercising and strengthening the muscles around the affected joints allows them to function better, but it is often slow and painful. A workout in a therapy pool offers the advantages of buoyancy and heat, allowing patients greater comfort and a wider range of motion

Joint pain is caused by various conditions. Many commonly think of arthritis or osteoarthritis as the common culprits. Other issues include gout, bursitis, and injuries. Joint pain commonly appears in knees, hips and shoulders, making the need for safe exercise crucial if patients want to retain their mobility. Therapy pools provide a comfortable and safe way to exercise and are a good investment for chronic sufferers.

One big advantage of a therapy pool is a near weightless environment if the water is about chest high. It is possible for joint pain patients to do a wider variety of exercises than on land because their motions become low impact in water. People with balance issues can have greater confidence and safety because the water supports them and keeps them from falling. Buoyancy is especially beneficial if weight is an issue.

Eldery Man Rubbing Should in Pain

Affordable Above Ground Lap Pool

Most therapy pools are heated to between 92 and 100 degrees. Heat nurtures the joints and allows them to move more easily, increasing flexibility. It also improves blood circulation. This means the same exercises that are painful on land are possible in a warm therapy pool. These pools are large enough for comfortable movement but small enough that the temperature is consistent and easily controlled.

The FitMax iPool is an affordable option for joint pain suffers. The water depth of iPools range from three to four feet, making them comfortable for people of different sizes. Accessories like the adjustable swim harness increases resistance and helps support people who lack strength. A heater designed for the Fitmax iPool keeps it at the optimal temperature. A therapy pool helps joint pain patients relieve their condition and continue to live their lives.