What to Look for in an Affordable Therapy Pool

In the market for an above ground lap pool or some other form of therapy pool? You’re looking at a fairly major purchase, one which can single-handedly decide just how fit and healthy you’re going to be in the future; a terrible pool means less enthusiasm to head out, less convenience of use and less everything worthwhile. So you’re going to want to be certain you make the right choice with your purchase. Keep an eye out for these top traits:

Convenient design

There are a lot of options for therapy and spa pools out there, so it’s important to figure out what you’re looking for from the start. For many of us, space is at a premium, so an effective design that allows you a full range of motion in as little space as possible is ideal. Something like the harness system on the Fitmax iPool can give you all the freedom to swim and extend yourself that you’d get from a full-sized swimming pool, but at roughly the size of an SUV. That sort of design’s also going to be cheaper and easier to keep clean, warm, and generally maintained.


Whether it’s implemented through jet currents or a harness system, you’re going to want to look for a therapy pool that can keep up with you as you improve your fitness. Swimming has a natural degree of resistance, of course, thanks to the relative density of water compared to air, but you probably want something a bit more intense sooner or later. Overall, harnesses are going to work better than jets for a variety of reasons, including freedom of direction, control over the resistance, easier maintenance, lower power consumption.


A good therapy pool should offer you plenty of room to customize, expand and accessorize to meet your needs. If you’re expected to pick a single one-size-fits-all solution and accept the places where it doesn’t match up to your expectations, you’re not looking at a high-quality therapy pool—and really, even if you’re aiming for affordable, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. So explore your options and make sure your can get what you’re after.