Where Our Customers Keep Their Therapy Pool

The Fitmax iPool is a great way to stay in shape from your own home, but did you know that this isn’t even its greatest benefit? The perk that all our customers can’t stop talking about is how easy it is to find room for their iPool in places they never expected. Even if you think you don’t have room for your very own therapy pool in your home or yard, take a look at these creative solutions that are already being put to use in your own neighborhood:


If the outdoors are more your thing, but you don’t have the backyard space to spare, try setting up your Fitmax iPool right on your porch. Since installation is quick and easy, you can deinstall in time for parties or other major gatherings, and set back up just as easily. But the compact size of the pool might mean that you leave it up for months at a time.


What most people don’t realize is that an indoor pool isn’t a luxury reserved for the very wealthy. The Fitmax iPool is actually perfect for basements because of how little space it takes up and the ease with which it can be filled and emptied using a simple hose.


Is your car feeling lonely in the double-wide garage? If so, it might be the perfect place to keep your iPool. Easily accessible, and with the option of a private workout with your garage door left closed, it will be a hard option to say no to. And since you walk past your pool every day on your way to work, you’ll never forget to make time for your morning workout!

Beneath your favorite tree:

If you just want to keep your own above ground lap pool in your backyard, but are worried about the sun getting to you, then pick a relaxing spot under your favorite tree to set up. Sure, the Fitmax iPool comes with its own sun blocker, but sometimes going the natural route is that much more enjoyable.