Aquatic Therapy
and How it Can Help You

If you haven’t already heard about the benefits of aquatic therapy but are looking for a low stress way to get yourself in peak physical condition, listen up! Aquatic therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and body types to reach the level of fitness that they have been dreaming of but often find out of reach. Not only does it compete with traditional forms of physical therapy in this regard, but it completely surpasses them with a few unique benefits.

How the iPool Can Help You

Low impact:

Our bodies’ natural buoyancy in water serves to counteract the force of gravity and reduce the stress that comes with even the lightest forms of calisthenics. For those who are trying to get back on their feet without risking injury or need to find a way to get in a bit of extra exercise without tiring out joints, there is nothing better than taking a dip in an affordable therapy pool.


Especially when using warm water, aquatic therapy can help soothe aching muscles. Without even having to break a sweat or lifting a finger, simply submerging yourself in water can have surprising positive effects. Just think of it as a large bath, which can be just as relaxing as it is a great place to work out.

Resistance training:

The downside of pumping iron is the danger that heavy weights can pose to those who aren’t professional bodybuilders. This is why aquatic resistance training is such a good solution, since it lets you get in shape by simply moving around. Water provides natural resistance that works out all parts of the body gradually.

It is affordable:

Physical therapy programs are notoriously expensive, and finding one that fits within your home’s budget can be a major challenge. However, finding an affordable therapy pool doesn’t have to be so difficult, since the Fitmax iPool comes in well under the price of virtually any therapy program. Just take a look at our prices and see for yourself!

If you’re ready to build up muscle and melt away stress, aquatic therapy is within your grasp with the iPool!

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