How A Therapy Pool Can Help Your Furry Friends

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of a therapy pool? Do you own one and love what it’s done for you? There are so many ways a therapy pool can change the lives of humans, but did you know that a therapy pool can also be used for your canine friend? Just as you reap the benefits of hydrotherapy, your furry friend can too! Who says a therapy pool from iPool has to be limited to just human use! Let your whole family, human or not, enjoy the use of a therapy pool. Here are just a few ways your dog can utilize our therapy pools:

Weight Loss
Do you have a dog that is overweight and needs to shed some pounds as per the veterinarian’s request? Sometimes diet is not enough, and exercise is needed to help get rid of that extra weight. However, exercise can be too strenuous on some dog’s joints due to the extra weight that they do carry. By introducing your dog to swimming in a therapy pool, they can get the exercise they need while reducing the pressure on their joints – creating a low impact, stress-free environment! Research suggests for every 1 minute a dog’s swims, it equals 4 minutes of running!

Working Dogs
Do you have a working dog such as a therapy, seeing-eye, rescue, drug enforcement, or police canine? Does your dog tend to have a lot of energy or pent up anxiety from a long day of work? Are you looking for a way to ease their minds and help them relax? Consider a therapy pool! Not only is it a great and fun workout for them, but it’s also an outlet where they can improve their mental well-being!

After Injury or Surgery
Is your furry friend recovering from an injury or surgery? Are you looking for a way to help the healing process without creating creating further injury? Just like humans, man’s best friend can benefit from a heated therapy pool. The warm water promotes blood circulation, joint movement, and the building of supportive muscle around the injury. By using a heated therapy pool, your dog’s muscles will warm up faster, allowing them to receive a more effective workout or rehabilitation session.

Therapy pools can be so beneficial for man, but same goes for man’s best friend. If your dog needs a hand in relaxing, getting a workout, or healing from an injury, a therapy pool by iPool is just what they need! To learn more about our therapy pools, give us a call today!