The Power Of the iPool’s Dual Tether System


One of the most unique aspects of our iPool® swimming machines is the dual tether system. The dual tether system allows a swimmer to easily adjust the support and mechanical resistance to provide a greater swimming experience without artificial currents of jet streams. Our iPool allows a swimmer to perform all the different swimming strokes in a small body of water that is easy to store indoors or outdoors.

So what makes our tether system different than just sticking a steel pole in the ground and swimming in any above ground pool? Our dual tether system allows such diversity as pets and children to be able to easily swim in a supported and safe environment by keeping the resistance cords angle near 90 degrees. Instead of one resistance setting, our dual system allows calibration for a wider range of mechanical resistance. Instead of one set of dumbbells, you now have a whole set of weights you can use for different exercises. Just turn the knobs on our arch and you can float and relax or give yourself resistance that even Olympic level swimmers find challenging!

Not only is our system friendly for the whole family, it also offers a superior swimming experience. Have you ever disliked having jet streams blow directly in your face, kicked your feet accidentally against a wall, or suffered from the stench of too much chlorine in your pool?

The dual tether system eliminates these issues giving you resistance without forward jet streams, keeping you in place so you don’t stub your toes against hard surfaces, and allows our pool to be small enough that only a very minimal amount of chlorine (a third of a tablet generally) is needed for maintenance.


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At Fitmax® we don’t believe in over-engineering a product. Our dual tether system gives a more comprehensive aquatic workout compared to other options while reducing size and cost. Our mission is to provide greater health and wellness to as many people as possible, giving them access to benefits that have been available in the finest fitness centers around the world. You can read more about the people we help in our client testimonials or contact us directly. Our iPool swimming machines can workout all the muscles of the body simultaneously, assist joint rehabilitation, and improve circulation and weight loss all in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

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