A Swimming Pool No Matter the Location

When it comes to adding a swimming pool to your home, chances are you may scoff at the idea, simply due to the price or amount of space you need. After all, installing a traditional swimming pool can cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention it takes a long time to construct and you need the space.

While that may be the case with a traditional, in-ground swimming pool, there are other options. With the help of a Fitmax iPool, you can have a swimming pool just about anywhere. The therapy pool is a fraction of the size of other swimming pools, yet it gives you the same features as a lap pool. Thanks to its design, you can have it installed just about anywhere, regardless of space.

Fits just about anywhere

The therapy pool starts out at just around seven feet in width. If you have any outdoor area by your house, the pool will likely fit, even if you live in a large city and only have a very small amount of outdoor space.

The purpose of this pool is not to function as a lounging pool. Instead, it is designed to let you swim as you would in a lap pool. The railing along the top has an attachable harness, which allows you to swim full stroke without propelling into the side or front of the pool. This gives you the experience of being in a traditional pool, but for a fraction of the size and price. If you are used to going out to the gym to swim, this not only gives you a better, easier option, but over time it will save you money because you won’t have to pay for that expensive gym membership.

Take the pool with you

Should you decide to move from your home, an in-ground pool would not be going with you. However, the therapy pool is able to do just that. It is collapsible so water is easily drained, and then it folds in on itself, making it possible to not only take it with you when moving, but if you are traveling to another location and you need the therapy pool while away from the house.