Your Solution to Affordable Swimming

We have a feeling that there are a lot of people out there who would want a swimming pool if they thought they could afford one. We agree! Why wouldn’t you want a swimming pool?! If a swimming pool equates to fun and excellent workouts, we’re there! The problem arises when your new pool is going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Yikes!

When we designed the iPool we took that into consideration. We knew people wanted the benefits of a swimming or therapy pool without the incredibly high price tag and we designed the perfect workout pool with an affordable price tag. Not only is it affordable, but it has benefits that go beyond price. For example it makes working out easier – no stopping at the gym before you go home or postponing because of the rain. It also allows you to workout at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

An iPool is an investment, and one worth making. It’s an investment in your healthy lifestyle and fun for your family. What’s great about this investment is that it’s affordable! Whether you’re on a budget or not, an iPool is wonderful. It allows you to affordably own and take advantage of the benefits of a swimming pool. Furthermore, our Therapy Pool is an affordable home therapy pool that anyone can use for their aquatic rehabilitation and therapy.

What can you do with your affordable swimming pool?
1) Exercise
2) Train for a triathlon
3) Teach your children or grandchildren to swim
4) Spend a day swimming with your family
5.) Recover from injury
6.) Rehabilitate with Aquatic Therapy

Have something to add to our list? Send us a message!

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