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If you love running as a form of cardio but are tired of the toll it’s taking on your joints, consider getting the Aquabilt™ Pool Treadmill for your iPool! With a sturdy construction and lightweight materials, it’s the perfect accessory to any workout routine! The best part is you won’t have to worry about hauling it in and out of the pool, it’s durable design was made for long periods of submersion – even for the whole year!

The Aquabilt™ Pool Treadmill features an easy to install/removable handrail and weighs under 50 lbs for easy transportation. If you’re looking for other exercises you can perform in your iPool, this treadmill is the ultimate way to take your workout to the next level! Give yourself the gift of a low impact exercise that can improve your strength and your cardio!

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The Aquabilt™ Pool Treadmill is made from durable, high-quality materials so it can withstand being fully submerged within your iPool all year long. Lightweight and easy to assemble, you can get an intense, effective cardio workout that’s as easy on your joints as it is your wallet!


It’s no secret that water provides a level of resistance and buoyancy that can increase the amount of calories you burn while decreasing the stress on your joints. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or are simply looking for a more effective way to get a workout, aquatic jogging is a great exercise to add to your repertoire. If you’re prone to shin splints or tendonitis, aquatic jogging can help you continue running while eliminating your vulnerability to these ailments.

The best part about jogging underwater is that it utilizes all the same muscle groups while adding resistance and removing gravity which contributes to the joint pain many of us experience after a long run.