Reduce Joint Pain with iPool

Joint pain and stiffness is an everyday difficulty for the 350 million people worldwide suffering from arthritis. In the United States alone over 50 million people report suffering from arthritis and that number is only expected to grow. Many studies now show that moderate exercise is essential to help ease the pain that arthritis can cause, however when you are already in pain it can be difficult to maintain an exercise program.

Swimming is the fourth most popular sport activity in the United States and is the best low-impact exercise you can do. People can exercise longer in water than on land because of the reduced stress on joints and muscles and will improve the use of affected joints without worsening any symptoms that you may have.

Pool exercise is a fantastic method to perform the types of exercise that have been found beneficial to people suffering from arthritis. Range of motion, strengthening and aerobic exercise are all important and easy to do while in water. Range of motion exercises will relieve stiffness and help restore a wider range of movement in your joints. Strength training helps build the muscles that surround and support your joints. Aerobic exercise improves your overall fitness and cardiovascular health as well as controlling your weight and increasing stamina. For your health and safety please consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise plan.

iPool offers a variety of home therapy pools that will help get you started on your low impact exercise journey.