Reasons to Invest in an Above Ground Lap Pool

Considering an above ground lap pool or therapy pool, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on the purchase? It’s important to consider such a buy as an investment, something that will pay real dividends over the years. Here are just five of the things you’ll gain by purchasing an affordable therapy pool for your home:

1) Low-impact exercise

If you suffer from bad joints, need to work yourself back up to basic fitness, or otherwise worry about the effect of impact in your exercise regimen, a therapy pool makes for an excellent way to work up a sweat without the banging and clanging around. This makes them ideal for patients with arthritis, people recovering from injuries, and anyone else suffering from regular pain or frailty.

2) Hasten recovery from workouts

Comfortable with normal workouts, but dread the delayed onset muscle pain to follow? With a therapy pool at home, you can shorten recovery times for less pain, faster gains, and more frequent exercise. A therapy pool allows you to stretch, cool down your muscles, and stay mobile even once you’ve given everything you have — all key factors for fast recovery.

3) Warm-water therapy for circulation

Poor circulation? Then a warm-water therapy pool may be a great investment for your health. Studies consistently show that warm water therapy assists circulation, thus reducing the many primary and secondary conditions which arise as symptoms. Relax, enjoy, and get healthier — just for soaking.

4) Stress relief and relaxation

Speaking of relaxing and soaking, few things offer the therapeutic benefits of an above ground lap pool. The weightlessness and warmth of a good therapy pool allow you to stop and let go of everything for a while. If stress has you at your wit’s end and your muscles seem permanently clenched, this is exactly what you need to unwind and start feeling like a person again.

5) Intense exercise without the risk

Want to step things up a notch, but worried about old injuries, hidden frailties, or the simple risks of hitting the gym? Then a lap pool like the Fitmax iPool might be exactly what you need. You can build to extreme intensity without increasing the risks. Work out your entire body, then soak for a bit to speed your recovery. It’s a win-win, so what are you waiting for!