The Professional Aqua Bike By Fitmax

The Fitmax Professional Aquabike will take your iPool to a new level. It’s made of marine grade stainless steel, which means that your aquatic bike will last for years to come. The Professional Aquabike is unique because it allows you to get an amazing workout without the joint stress that typical workouts case. The allowance for a change of workout outside of your typical routine makes for quicker gains and more balanced rehabilitation.

This aquatic bike is ideal for bike riders that can no longer ride their bike due to their joints, and gives you a similar experience to riding a bike while being able to stay nice and cool inside of the water at the same time. Since the Professional Aquabike is compatible with the Fitmax iPool, it also makes it an activity that you can enjoy year round as well in your iPool. The Professional Aquabike also offers a manual resistance control which allows you to be active at a level that you are used to and comfortable with. Unlike other underwater bicycles you do not have to stop to change your resistance and you can enjoy better and more exciting workouts. The Aquabike is hands down one of the best ways to exercise in a pool for anyone suffering from joint pains and are ready to take exercise to a whole new level.

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