No-Impact Exercise

The exercise industry is one of the most successful in the United States right now because it provides a product everyone wants: health. The hottest trend in today’s exercise world is low-impact. Industry experts encourage people to ride bikes instead of run; cross-country ski instead of downhill; and to row instead of dead lift.

There are few – if any – personal trainers that will deny the quality of swimming with respect to accelerating your heartbeat to the aerobic/anaerobic threshold and sustain that pace. Almost any expert in the industry will say the same thing: swimming is incredible exercise, because it will quickly get you into shape and it works every muscle in your body.

But, the real value of swimming is not that you will get into great shape doing it. The real value in swimming is that it will not destroy your joints, ligaments, and cartilage as you do it. Going to the weight room every day, running consistently for extended periods of time, or virtually any other elevated heart rate exercise will get our body in great shape. However, many of them have negative long-term effects.

High, medium and even low-impact exercises can put undue pressure on joints, cartilage and ligaments. Swimming, on the other hand, does not. Swimming is exercise in an impact free environment. There is no other exercise you can perform that does less to impact your body in a negative way. Swimming is a fluid and smooth exercise option that also offers resistance training in a weightless environment.

When swimming, there is virtually no pressure put on your hands or your feet. Almost all other forms of exercise require you to put tremendous amounts of pressure on one or the other in order to exercise the muscles of your arms, legs, back, and chest to the point that your heart rate becomes elevated and you begin burning fat.

The ideal way to integrate swimming into your daily life is to purchase an above ground lap pool as part of your home life. This means you can feel the real benefits of no-impact exercise right from your own backyard. The fact that swimming is not officially recognized as the only no-impact exercise means people often do not understand its full value, which is great exercise – maybe the best. Swimming is both short and long-term injury free! Investing in a Fitmax iPool is the best decision you could make, allowing you to prioritize your body easily on your no-impact journey to true health!