iPool – The Convenient Swimming Pool

We would argue that it isn’t possible for an iPool to fit more perfectly into your life. Think about it. With an iPool you can swim in summer or winter, inside or outside, for fun or for exercise. We even offer you ways to get even more out of your iPool with our Chin Up Bar and Shoulder Press Bar. There are so many different possibilities!

Right now it’s July, middle of the summer. Perfect weather for swimming, but in three months, it’s going to be cold and your friends with traditional in-ground pools will have to close their pool for the winter -but not if you have an iPool! Your iPool can be open all year long! Imagine swimming in December, when it’s snowing and you’re still getting in your workout! Talk about convenient!

Also, no more waiting until the pool at the gym opens or rushing over to the pool after work. You’re iPool is waiting for you when you get home. So you’ll never miss a workout. Even after you put the kids to bed, you can hop in to get your workout, do therapy, or just relax. Not to mention that you can easily and quickly set up your iPool! There’s no need for contractors to dig up your entire back yard and spend weeks putting in a pool.

Your iPool doesn’t have to be strictly for exercise and rehab, even though we make it incredibly easy to get a great workout with our Chin Up Bar and Shoulder Press Bar. Your kids and grandkids, friends and neighbors can all come over and enjoy your iPool. You can make your iPool your own depending on what you plan on using it for!

Lastly, perhaps the most convenient part of the iPool is it’s affordability. Traditional in-ground pools are pricey, but not the iPool. You get all of the benefits of a traditional pool minus the extravagant cost. The iPool was designed with you in mind! Learn more about our Affordable Pools!

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