The Cheap Swimspa Solution Nobody Wants You To Know!

Sure, everyone tells you that you get what you pay for, that there’s no way you can a swimspa for less than a quarter of what it normally runs for. Don’t get those cheap knockoffs they would say.

But what if that isn’t true?

What if you can get a pool that gives everything that a swimspa offers without having to take out a loan that you need to worry about paying back over several years?

The Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Let us say you want to purchase an indoor swimming pool. You check out Endless Pools, SwimEx, and other popular brands. Maybe you even had a chance to swim in one of them.
But something is wrong.

Even though the pool is beautiful the artificial current is uncomfortable. You constantly have to fight with the water, stop to readjust, and it isn’t a relaxing experience at all.
Even worse, you see that an average Endless Pool costs about $25,000.00 not including additional installation costs.

The salesperson from Endless Pool thinks it is a good idea. Think about the added value to your home, he says. You only live once, he says. He’s not mentioning the loan you will need to take out to afford the pool or the additional maintenance and installation costs you will need to pay.
He’s not mentioning that if you want to swim using salt water you will have to replace that expensive motor every two years.

Now imagine if there was a viable Endless Pool alternative that was small, portable, and didn’t require those hefty installation fees.

If you wanted to move the pool you wouldn’t need a crane and you wouldn’t need a team of workers to install it in your basement or garage.

Your neighbors or spouse would not complain about a noisy engine when you want to take your morning swim because this pool does not even use jets.

We don’t have jets because we don’t need them!

The Fitmax iPool is the best swimspa solution you have never heard of. Instead of expensive jets we use an ingenious dual tether system that keeps you suspended in the water letting you swim endlessly and gloriously without your hands and feet touching the walls. You never have to struggle with water blasting your eyes or be restricted by how wide the artificial current is.

The durable river rafting liner is thicker and stronger than what is typically used in a swimspa while the easy fit metal frame lets you assemble and disassemble the pool within 1-2 hours. Unlike typical indoor swimming pools maintenance is easy and does not require a weekly visit from a pool professional. Smaller, portable, and cleverly designed the Fitmax iPool is the leading Endless Pool alternative. With a product lifetime warranty, you and your family can enjoy a home exercise therapy pool for years to come without the price tag.

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