The Challenges of Owning a Pool & How the iPool Answers Them

Having your own pool sounds glamorous at first. After all, who doesn’t want to take daily swims in their own back yard, and benefit from all of the positive health effects of pool therapy? But what is not immediately apparent are all the hassles and long-term challenges that come with pool ownership. The good news is that the FitMax iPool has been designed to answer all of these concerns head-on!

Benefits of the iPool

The cost:

Did you know that in-ground pools cost on average about as much as a brand new car? While there are certainly some people well-off enough to afford such a luxury, the rest of us would much rather take the new set of wheels. Our above ground pool cost starts at just over $1,100, making it affordable enough for just about anybody to enjoy. With tons of add-ons, you can get the full pool experience without breaking the bank!

The size:

Even modest sized in-ground pools will still fill a majority of the square footage of many yards, and going too small will mean it is impossible to do much more than sit still. The iPool is big enough to accommodate harness-assisted lap swimming, while also fitting comfortably into any yard or even garage!

The maintenance:

Cleaning filters, chemicals, costly repairs, and winter maintenance all end up having an impact on your budget and your schedule. Since the iPool is collapsible and has replacement parts that are inexpensive and easy to install, you will be able to spend your time getting in your laps, rather than maintaining your pool. When winter comes, simply put it away or move it indoors!

Try it for yourself:

Talking about it is one thing, but appreciating all of the benefits is only possible with first-hand experience! Give us a call and see for yourself why so many are getting healthier in a more affordable way with the Fitmax iPool!