Advanced Technology

One of the most amazing things of the iPool is it combines many of the best features of a therapy pool, an above ground lap pool, and an exercise pool all together. We designed our iPools to be able to help people improve mobility, stay in shape, and exercise every muscle of their body in a system that can fit in your backyard, basement, or garage.

We designed the iPool with quality in mind over several years. Our liners have five layers of protection and are designed to meet ASTM standards for durability and strength. Our sturdy metal frame is made of galvanized steel, which has been used in many construction projects and has a lifespan of up to 50 years, with a powder coating to prevent rusting and protect against the elements.

Our liners are created out of a very strong polyester thread that is woven into 2000 strands also known in the industry as a 2000 denier strand. These strands are further woven into a tight grid (18x17scrim) that allows the liner to easily withstand hundreds of pounds of force per square foot and protect against tears and punctures. Even if there is a puncture, the design of the grid helps keep the force evenly distributed and the hole localized. An additional vinyl layer added by heat sealing further enhances its strength and gives it UV protection. Like a coated chainmail, this allows our pool liner to be thin, lightweight, flexible, but very strong.

One of the key design features of our iPool is the arch which allows greater variation of mechanical resistance control. By adjusting the angle of the resistance harness, a swimmer can easily change the amount of resistance to his/her preference. It is this feature that allows the iPool to function as an above ground lap pool without any expensive currents or jet stream propulsions.

The pool arch also allows us to install a pull up bar where one can perform a variety of exercises to strengthen the biceps, triceps, shoulder and abdominal muscles. The water supports your weight through the entire exercise motion giving you the benefits of the exercise without the stress.

We didn’t stop there. The iPool also can come with leg resistance bands you can utilize to perform a variety of calf and leg strengthening exercises such as leg extensions and leg curls. Furthermore, warm water and buoyancy provides a myriad of benefits including low impact stress on joints and improving blood circulation.

The iPool is simply designed by Fitmax to bring maximum benefit with minimal cost and hassle. We wanted to bring you the best of functionality, reliability, and health benefit. You can find out more about us here and our goal to bring you latest in swimming and fitness innovation.