The Perfect Exercise Partners : Waterproof Fitness Trackers + iPool (Guest Post)

Whether you are looking to get into shape or for an improved performance, swimming is a fantastic exercise for anyone to get into. It is a low impact workout that provides plenty of fitness benefits.  However for swimmers who do not enjoy swimming in a public chlorinated pool, the iPool offers the convenience to swim in a familiar environment and with less chlorine.   And if you really want to ensure that every swim session is fruitful, then strapping on a waterproof fitness tracker is a great motivating tool to help achieve your target.

Fitness trackers not only track your steps, it can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, body motion, quality of sleep, lap timing, distance covered and more.  Furthermore, many of the newer waterproof fitness trackers like the Polar V800 also acts as a smart watch and have multi sport functions that includes running, golf and swimming, and the best bit is, it can measure your swim strokes, swim pace, resting heart rate and distance swam to help improve your performance.

Not only that it can store your training data and compare the performances on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to chart your progress.  This is a great way to stay motivated and focused towards your long term fitness goals.

What that means is, there is no excuse to not wear it all day and track your activity.

With so much information and data readily available on your wrist styled fitness tracker and on your smartphone, there is no excuse to not wear it all day, track your activity and monitor your fitness level and performance.  A quality fitness tracker is an ideal companion for swimmers and fitness nuts to train and workout effectively.

Better still if you have an iPool, swimmers can utilize both the fitness tracker in many ways to track a workout and train effectively to burn body fat.  For instance, if you are not into endurance swimming, why not combine interval training with resistant training for a short effective workout.

Studies have proven that High Intensity Interval Training is more effective at burning fat than the steady as she goes type of training, and for people who lacks time, short session of 20 minute interval training is enough.  Essentially it is about mixing a short burst of intensity training followed by short periods of recovery training.  For example, swim hard for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of steady swim.  Do 5 full sets of interval followed by 2 minutes of rest. Rinse and repeat, then stop.

Once you’re done with the interval training, why not setup and use the iPool add on pull up bar for resistance training.  Workouts you can perform on these sturdy bars are chin ups, pull ups, shoulder press and more to build muscles.   

In the mean time whilst you’re swimming and resistant training, the fitness tracker keeps tabs of your activity and fitness at the same time.  At the end of your session, you can view all the data at your convenience.

Again, these is no excuse to get fitter, keep tabs of your performance with a fitness tracker and swim in a convenient location using an iPool.  A perfect exercise partner for your training.

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