Using Water Aerobics to Improve Your Health

To those looking for a low impact workout with varying levels of intensity that can be performed in an affordable therapy pool, water aerobics is the perfect option! Not only will you get in shape, but you can easily perform these exercises in your above ground lap pool. The positive effects reflected in your mental and physical health are sure to keep you motivated and enthused to maintain an exercise routine for life! Below are just some of the ways water aerobics can improve your life.

Burn more calories

You’ll experience a higher level of resistance in the water in comparison to traditional aerobic routines. This, in turn, means you’re going to burn more calories. When you perform water aerobics in your iPool, it’s possible to burn up to 500 calories hourly.

Exercise is low impact

A person is forced to an upward position when in water because of the buoyancy experienced. It’s for this reason that water activities become low-impact. Very little weight is placed on joints, allowing people of all ages, as well as fitness levels, to participate!

Experience a boost in confidence

When performing water aerobics, it’s possible for you to experience a natural increase of confidence in comparison to traditional exercise regimes. Because you’re mostly submerged in the water, no one can tell if you make a mistake with your routine. Therefore, if you’re just beginning, you can work your way through fitness levels with more confidence.

Overall mental and physical growth

You remain fresh and comfortable while the natural resistance of the water causes an increase in strength. Only spend 150 minutes in your Fitmax iPool working out, and your risk for chronic illness could decrease, according to the CDC. As you follow a daily routine, you’ll start to feel stronger not just physically, but mentally as well. Soon you’ll be able to tackle anything!

You’ll have more fun!

It’s no mystery that being in a pool is more fun than being in a gym. Working out in an iPool is not only an excellent way to get healthy, but it’s also a great way to find enjoyment during mundane schedules. Having something you find enjoyable to look forward to during your days can keep up your morale, and improve happiness!

Finding new ways to stay healthy is critical, especially when a doctor’s recommendation is part of the equation. If you’ve heard that you need to increase your activity and that low impact workouts are optimal, use of an affordable therapy pool is the best solution. Not only will you get in that much needed physical exercise, you may just find that the other added benefits will make you a dedicated iPool user for years to come!