Tone Your Body With Water Workouts

One of the best things about exercising in a pool is how easily you can reduce or increase difficulty. You can make workouts much easier by moving into shallower water, by reducing your stride or width of your position or by slowing down the speed you are moving through the water.

Working out in a pool lets you utilize the water’s resistance to increase stamina and power– or you can take advantage of buoyancy to recuperate from injury.

At the very same time, the water’s buoyancy supplies additional assistance for your joints and muscles. Running in water alleviates the stress of your feet hitting the floor, reducing wear on joints and muscles.

Lots of people hear the words “water exercise” and believe, “Oh, my granny does that.” but more and more professional athletes are taking to the pool because of all the benefits it offers.

Starting your swimming pool exercise with a fast warm-up is easy just jump into the pool and do a march or jog in location.

Considering that water offers resistance from all angles and vectors, working out in it can be more difficult than exercising on dry land. It’s far harder to slog the length of a swimming pool than it is to run through air. Anything that you do with dumbbells can find a water workout equivalent or you can use our underwater dumbbells to add even more variety and challenge to your water workout.

Keep in mind to tuck in your abdominals to support your back and keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water even if you are in a pool. It is also important to acclimate yourself to the pool, even if you might feel like you didn’t work that tough, you might be a little aching the next day.

Besides doing yoga in the water, which is a great way to improve balance and practice poses that would be otherwise more difficult to do on land, you can target specific muscle groups for toning and strengthening.

Quadriceps – Frontal squats

For the quadriceps you can do some squats with your feet hip-width apart and arms extended in front of you

Hips & Glutes – Scissor Legs
Hold on to the edge of the pool with both hands and gradually bring one leg out to your side, after completing a set you can switch legs. The great thing about practicing in a pool is you increase the difficulty by using a noodle or kickboard instead of the side of the swimming pool.

Back & Shoulders- try assisted pull ups using our iPool pull up bar

Triceps- mimic a diamond push up by extending your arms and pushing them into the water while keeping your elbows locked to your sides like they are glued to the rib cage. The great thing about water is you get resistance on both forward and backward motions so turn your hands up and bring them back to the beginning position.

For abs, you can do knee lifts with your arms supported by the frame of the pool

Biceps – give our shoulder press bar or spabells a shot