An Ancient Remedy For Joint Pain Relief

Woman Doing Backstroke in PoolAnybody who suffers from arthritis or joint discomfort of any sort can benefit from our warm water therapy swimming pool. Numerous doctors, specialists, and other experts committed to fixing and reducing arthritis pain agree that warm water therapy is a great solution. Arthritis is a problem plaguing over 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis. In fact, 61% are women. Thanks to warm water aquatic therapy you can have a safe workout while establishing more powerful joints and reducing pain significantly. Experts agree that the best ways to prevent arthritis include maintaining a healthy body weight and practicing non impact exercises like aqua aerobics and swimming.

Water therapy is considered among the very best methods to establish fitness without running the risk of injury due to the decreased stress on your joints, particularly if you’re currently vulnerable to joint discomfort or recuperating from an injury or surgical treatment. Warm water takes this advantage even further, if you have access to a heated swimming pool for water therapy your benefits increase exponentially. Aqua therapy has been used successfully for thousands of years from the ancient Romans to modern day rehabilitation centers. It is especially beneficial to women who tend to have less cartilage than men in joints such as the knees.

While the advantages of therapy swimming pools are plentiful, more are continuously being found. If you experience any of these, or even better, wish to avoid these disorders from taking their toll on your body, an above ground swimming pool might be the ideal option. Research studies reveal that even simple immersion in warmer water accelerates blood circulation while reducing high blood pressure, making it a perfect option for remedy for a wide range of circulatory issues. Working out in a warmer water therapy swimming pool is an excellent way if you want to enhance your blood circulation which can significantly improve the body’s capability to recuperate from health problems, injuries, and other disorders. Speed the healing from ordinary efforts after an exercise. This advantage makes a budget friendly therapy swimming pool a rewarding financial investment.

Persistent stress has actually been regularly connected with a variety of illness, and all of them can be aided by the peace inducing effects of warm water therapy. Just immersing yourself in warm water can improve sleep and relieve accumulated stress. While deep tissue massages and other kinds of treatment provide their own sets of advantages, few treatments can take on the natural, yet extremely reliable mix of buoyancy and heat to reduce muscle stress.

Water is much heavier than air, so working out in water provides higher resistance than those very same motions on land. If you move your arm in the water you will encounter resistance moving both forward and backwards, something that above ground exercise machines cannot duplicate. This makes aquatic exercise a fantastic method to establish stamina while preventing the extreme stress connected with common stamina training routines. Water exercise allows you to build your cardiovascular system, flexibility, and strength in ways that above ground exercise cannot offer. The consistent assistance of water, in addition to buoyancy, makes water therapy an outstanding method to establish your sense of balance and basic core stability without needing to fear falls. You can perform a variety of arthritis friendly exercises from pool jogging, abdominal crunches to even yoga in the pool and obtain a myriad of benefits.


Water jogging is a fantastic way to build your muscles and joints and give yourself a great cardio workout with little recovery time needed after. The faster you move, the more resistance you will encounter in the water raising your heart rate and strengthening your calves and arm muscles at the same time. Even better, aqua jogging is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

  1. Enter the water slowly and start out with a gentle stride to warm up
  2. Try to maintain proper form in the water with a proud chest sticking outwards
  3. To build tempo lift your knees up and drive your foot down while pumping your arms


Many everyday activities such as carrying groceries and doing the laundry require using your abdominal muscles to maintain your balance and stability. Exercising in the water gives your body all sided support with buoyancy so you can perform exercises that would be much more difficult to do on land. Building strong abs is easy in our therapy pool, you can utilize the stainless steel ladder steps as support.

  1. Inside the water sit on a step of our ladder and hold on to it with your hands
  2. Flutter kicks– Kick out your legs from this seated position quickly
  3. Crunches– Bring your knees towards your chest from this seated position and strengthen your lower abdomen
  4. Bicycle– “Pedal” your legs in a cycling motion from this seated position the buoyancy helps you keep correct form while making your muscles stronger


Experts agree that yoga is a fantastic way to improve balance, flexibility, and stability. There are a number of postures you can perform in your therapy pool without worrying about losing your balance. With the natural support of water, these postures can provide you all the benefits of stronger knees and core stability in a safe, comfortable environment.

Whether you suffer muscle discomfort as an outcome of a health problem, or injury you will gain from time invested in a warm water therapy pool. The heat and buoyancy integrate to ease your muscles and enhances the circulation of blood– which lets your muscles distribute lactic acid faster and recover back to optimal condition.

Structuring your muscles back to a healthy condition without intensifying an injury can be a difficult job; however water treatment makes it rather simple. The stress of basic motions is reduced even though you can still utilize the water resistance for stamina training. Forms of arthritis can affect important areas such as the hands and knees, but soaking these joints in warm water for as little as ten minutes can bring back agility and flexibility. Since water offers 12 times more resistance than air, simply walking in your personal therapy pool can burn more calories than walking on land while building muscle and making your joints feel good.

Aquatic therapy has grown in appeal for many years as increasingly more clinical research studies are being launched that show its advantages to people of all ages. Whether you’re in shape and young and trying to find another edge, or aging and seeking to ward off the impacts of your years, water therapy has something to provide everybody. It is the perfect option for reducing discomfort, protecting and improving your present physical shape, and eliminating stress and tension from your life.

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