Swimming All Year for Everyone

Swimming is fun and a great workout, but it’s also important that a swimming pool is affordable, easy to use, and fits your needs.  Using an iPool achieves all of your swimming needs.  We’ve had customers tell us that they use the iPool for triathlon training and to exercise after they have been hurt.  These days people are busy and a lot of the time don’t have time to make it to the gym to go for their swim.  With an iPool you don’t have excuses anymore, you can set-up your iPool in your own home where it’s most convenient for you.

The iPool isn’t just for exercise and rehab though, children and families can also have fun playing in the iPool.  In an iPool you and your family can experience swimming all year long.  Right now it’s summer and the weather is beautiful and great for swimming, but in a few months traditional swimming pools with have to close and you can say goodbye to your your swimming fun, but not if you have an iPool!  An iPool is also the perfect place to introduce your children or grandchildren to swimming.

If you’re worried about setting up the pool, don’t be.  It’s easy and we’re always here to help you!  We also have accessories to make your iPool experience and workout even better.  We want you to reach your health goals affordably and conveniently.

By investing in an iPool you are investing in your health and in family time.  Whether you’re a triathlete, recovering from an injury, or you have a family that wants to have some fun in the pool, we have an iPool that will meet your needs!

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