Once You Enter The Water Everything Changes!

I can barely get through a whole day of work. Day in and day out I could see the same old exhausted expression in the bathroom mirror. I couldn’t shake my funk, motivation at work became a problem. I dreaded doing things like it was  impending doom. My old hobbies weren’t helping anymore — I kept getting injured playing basketball or running.  My knees were killing me and I started gaining weight. When my clothes stopped fitting I felt my confidence dip. I was too embarrassed to walk shirtless at the beach. I couldn’t hold my head up the way I used to. I started to worry about my health. I didn’t know what to do. Having surgery for my knees scared me.

My doctor recommended aquatic therapy as something that could help my knees. I’m not much of a swimmer but I figured I would give aquatic cycling a try. I wanted to lose weight. Training in the warm water really helped soothe my joints. I started really enjoying the cardiovascular workout, doing 45 minute sessions with earphones and my favorite music playlist. The warm water felt so good to get into in the mornings. Without injuries to worry about I began to feel motivated and active again.

The weight started coming off.

I was getting less tired in the office. I felt alert in the office and my competitive edge began to come back. I started feeling the same energy and excitement I did in my twenties. I did not realize this but a pool bike actually offers many more benefits than a normal stationary bike. You can look and feel better in ways the old dusty treadmill or stationary bike can’t make happen.

Here are five simple reasons an aqua bike can change your life:

It is well known that cycling as well as running are both intense calorie burners.  Burn that gut away by varying the intensity of how fast and hard you pedal. Using an aquatic bike is different than normal cycling because the faster you pedal the more resistance you experience. Water is thousands of times thicker than air and as you peddle away your whole body will feel it.  Your heart rate will rise and burn almost as many calories as running a 9 min mile — without having to worry about runner’s knee or ankle sprains. A more intense workout is available to you with better results — in the water!


Normal bike riding only has three different positions: sitting on the bike, standing on the bike and standing on the bike in a climbing position to simulate going uphill.

Riding an aquatic bicycle gives you four positions- all the positions you would normally use in a cycling class and more. Want to get in shape for summer season? Cycling can strengthen all the major muscle groups of the body.  Not only can you stand and climb on the bicycle the same way you would do with normal cycling but you can even do “swimming” positions where you can exercise your arms and core too. Feel a pleasurable burn and get summer ready at the same time. You will realize that your pool doesn’t need to be boring, an aquatic bike can give you workouts you never thought possible.

When you practice aquatic cycling, your heart will beat faster than normal making it stronger. Using the large muscle groups in the legs makes it easy to elevate your heart rate. Perform daily activities with less fatigue. Walk and move with confidence.  In fact, cardiovascular exercise such as water cycling can even reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and help keep insulin levels under control.  Riding an aquatic bike can help a whole host of health problems. You will experience more vitality, more energy throughout the day.


Aqua biking is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Put on your favorite music track and as you peddle away and you will trigger that euphoric feeling otherwise known as a “runner’s high”. The dopamine boost will improve your daily motivation, productivity, and mental focus. You will enjoy better sleep, and appetite with all the daily stress and anxiety melting away. Your family and friends will see a completely revitalized, new you!

Natural water buoyancy is supportive on your joints. This lets you get all the same benefits as training above water without the pain. Knees are actually extremely vulnerable to injury with normal cycling. Incorrect body, peddles, or seat positioning, can lead to excruciating pain due to knee inflammation or tearing of the tendons. You could end up with chondromalacia, a dull aching pain behind the knee cap that won’t go away, as the main reward for forcing yourself up that incline.

Instead, cycling in the water helps prevent these kinds of injuries, promotes healing, and strengthens your body.

It is important to make sure that the seat and frontal handles are all easily adjustable. Here is a diagram of the Fitmax Professional Aquabike to illustrate:

Aquabike Exercise Therapy Pool Bike Water Cycling

If you are suffering from too much stress or want to get in shape, an aquatic bicycle can be just the thing to turn things around. Go easy on the joints but burn way more calories than an above ground cycle. Your spouse and children will be amazed at your energy. You will find that you can work better, play harder, while admiring yourself in the dressing room mirror at your new toned physique.