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Aquatic Therapy/Exercise Bicycle and Walker, iPool Umbrella and Solar Blanket

We now have our new products, the Solar Blanket and the iPool umbrella on the market for sale. We have successfully designed and manufactured an umbrella that will keep the sun off of you and the iPool while you are swimming in place. The umbrella will attach to the four corners of the iPool and be held in place like the rain covers you find on tents. Fiberglass poles are used to keep the shape of the umbrella and then will be attached to the iPool. The iPool Umbrella is selling for $80. Here is a picture of the new umbrella we are offering right now.

Fitmax Aquatic Therapy/Exercise Equipment is made of Rust Resistant #304 Stainless Steel. It is the best priced Aquatic Therapy/Exercise Equipment on the market today. The Walker has stainless steel ball bearings that gives you a smooth yet durable workout. The Bicycle has a durable high grade plastic bushing that won’t breakdown in water after years of use. Both of our Aquatic Therapy/Exercise Equipment will be retailing for $1400 on the market today and will last you a lifetime.

We are now offering a solar blanket. We found a manufacturer who can cut us a deal on the Solar Blankets. The size of the Solar Blanket is 9’x10’. The solar Blanket is called a blue/silver which aids in keeping the intense sunrays out and letting the good rays in. It should also help keep down algae growth and use fewer chemicals to balance the water. This type solar blanket will also be affective in keeping down your heating bills each month. With the solar blanket on the iPool, your cycle time will be cut down to a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes a day. The Solar Blankets are now available for purchase at the price of $80. Call and order yours today.

Solar Panels Verses Spa Heaters

The iPool can be use year round in cold areas if the temperature doesn’t drop below 0 degrees. If you are planning on swimming year round and move your iPool indoors such as the garage or basement, a 240 volt Spa Heater is your best bet to keeping your iPool warm. If you are in an area where you can keep your iPool outside year round, a solar panel(s) can be used during the summer months only if you have full sun in that area where your solar panel and iPool is placed.

Solar pool heaters for above-ground pools are an economic and efficient way of collecting the sun’s ray to heat your pool. They install easily in just minutes. No special skills or tools are required for installation. 

Solar Pool Heaters for above-ground pools are flexible, ready-to-use panels that, if sized properly, can efficiently raise the water temperature of your pool by 10 or 20 degrees depending on which solar panel you purchase.

The Raypak Spa Heaters are the best heaters on the market today. It is a 240 volt 3 wire single phase system. Because of the 240 volts, 110 volts takes too long to heat 1500 gallons of water and will cost you a very high electrical bill whereas the 240 volts spa heater will actually save you money. Your initial setup cost will vary on the electrician you hire and his rates plus materials. We do suggest that if you are going to swim year round, use a solar panel outside with your iPool during the summer months and when you do move indoors, use the Raypak Spa Heater for the winter months.

Ez Heat Solar Pool Heaters

Durable synthetic rubber
Increase temperature up to 10%
4 year warranty
Aboveground pools only
Ground installation recommended

El Niño Solar Pool Heaters

Durable UV-proof polymeric
Increase temperature up to 10%
10 year warranty
Small-medium aboveground pools
Ground installation recommended
If you are planning on putting your system on the roof and/or wish to increase the temperature by 20º or more, we suggest you also look at our Vortex In ground/Above-ground Solar Pool Heaters:

Vortex Solar Pool Heaters

Commercial grade polypropylene plastic
Increase temperature up to 20%
10 year warranty
In-ground or above-ground pools can be installed on roof or ground
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