Maintain a Healthy Body with Limited Space Using a Therapy Pool

Keeping fit doesn’t always require a huge amount of space — nor does it mean taxing your body with painful body-weight exercises, which might prove impossible for those suffering from injuries or illnesses. If you want to maintain full body fitness, protect your joints and the rest of your body, and do it all with a minimal amount of space, your best bet may be a therapy pool such as the Fitmax iPool.

Where it goes

The Fitmax iPool takes up about as much space as a van or large SUV, making it extremely easy to find space for. In the same amount of space you might be able to install a treadmill and pull-up bar, you can install a full-featured warm water therapy pool and maintain your health in dozens of different ways. Depending on your specific needs, you can opt for smaller or larger pools and a variety of add-ons, giving you a large degree of flexibility in finding a suitable fit for your life.

How it works

You might be wondering how you can get a satisfactory workout from a therapy pool that small — after all, sitting in warm water may be pleasant and soothing, but no one ever got fit in the tub. The iPool utilizes a unique system of resistance to allow maximum effort with minimal space. The harness system also makes it extremely easy to tailor your workout experience, allowing you to focus intensity where it’s needed and avoid strain on injured or delicate joints.

Additional benefits

A good workout offers quite a lot of benefit, but that’s not the only way a good therapy pool benefits your total body health. It’s been proven time and again that warm water therapy benefits pain from a variety of sources, improves circulation and heart health, relieves stress and tension, and generally improves well-being. Even if you don’t take full advantage of your therapy pool to perform an exhaustive full body workout, you’re going to see improvements in body and mind.

Don’t give up on fitness and health just because you don’t have time to hit the gym or the space for a traditional workout. With a warm water therapy pool, you can have it all!