Your Heart and Swimming

It’s no mystery that swimming exercises your body and all of its muscles but did you know that includes your heart as well. Since swimming is an aerobic exercise it can greatly help your heart health. Swimming gives the heart the ability to pump more efficiently which in turn leads to a more improved blood flow which can also improve your blood pressure. Aerobic exercises can help protect you against heart disease. If you only swim for thirty minutes per day your coronary heart disease is almost cut by 40% according to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. In addition it can improve cardiovascular fitness as well as cholesterol levels.

Swimming is an ideal exercise for people that want to increase their heart health but not put too much stress on their joints at the same time. Which makes it ideal for former athletes with joint problems that still want to exercise pain free. Even though swimming is a great way to exercise some people may not have access to a pool all of the time and may not be able to afford your average swimming pool, but the Fitmax iPool is extremely affordable and has countless benefits including increasing your heart health.

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