Fitmax Lap Pool

No we do not offer the typical version of your average in ground lap pool but we guarantee that we can offer you a more efficient, compact, time and money saving solution. The Fitmax iPool can offer you the same, if not a better lap pool experience and that’s included with the savings that come with it. When we mention savings it’s not only about the money that you could save it is also about the space and time. The Great thing about the iPool is you can store it when you are not using the it and the iPool can easily be store in your garage or basement. If your are worried about the time that it will take to assemble and disassemble the iPool there is nothing to worry about it takes no more than two hours, compared to the weeks it can take just to install a permanent in ground swimming pool. With the iPool you will also save a fortune with the cost of heating and maintaining, just switching to an iPool will alone save you 30% of the average heating cost of any other pool.

If you enjoy the activity of swimming laps how does an endless pool sound to you? You can get the exercise that you crave without the amount of space a typical lap pool takes up, the iPool only takes up a space of 7 by 10 feet which is ideal for people with small backyards. If you decide on the iPool not only are you getting an outstanding lap pool you can also use it as a swimming pool, endless pool, physical therapy pool and even practice resistance swimming in it, and yes they are all one in the same. The iPool can be used at anytime and it’s only a fraction of the work and cost to maintain compared to any in ground pool.

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