Our Filter Pump Evolution

At Fitmax we are committed to continually improving and innovating our products.

Originally when we first started out our filter pumps were actually much weaker at 500 gph. For a 1500 gallon pool that is sufficient enough to cycle in about three hours. Over time though and based off customer demand and feedback we sought to provide more powerful high quality filter pumps to cycle the pool faster. Currently, we match our pools with Intex filter pumps running at 1000 and deluxe at 1500 gph. Based off our pool size of 1500 to 2200 gallons this is more than sufficient to cycle the pool within three to four hours and help keep it oxygenated and algae free. Our filter pumps use a very simple principle of electromagnetism to spin the water through a woven cartridge and running at 120 volts are compatible with any normal three pronged house hold electric socket.

We use cartridge filters instead of sand filters although our pools are compatible with both, for customer convenience since changing cartridge filters is far easier (like changing an air filter cartridge) than flushing out a sand filter. We advise our customers to change their filter pumps once a month to maintain optimum water flow and heater function. Often times even if there are small particles trapped in the filter cartridge it is too small to be seen with the naked eye, and so the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned and switched even if there is no discoloration or it does not look dirty.

Our filter pump are very easy to maintain. Simply turn off the water flow to the filter pump taking care to prevent the water currently in the hose from spilling out. Turn off the filter cartridge, lift off the lid, change the cartridge and close the lid! The key thing with ensuring optimal filter pump function is to make sure there are no air pockets impeding water flow. You can regulate this by twisting the air release knob at the top of the filter cartridge and twisting it back when finished.

Filter pumps are a very important part of making sure your iPool swimming experience is as refreshing and enjoyable as possible. Treat yourself for a premium dip in your own swimming pool without the expensive upkeep and installation.