Exercise With iPool Accessories

The iPool has an amazing variety of uses, from being a convenient therapy pool, to being your very own at-home lap pool, but what if I told you that’s just the tip of the iceberg? With iPool accessories from Fitmax, you can unlock an entirely new set of uses for your above ground swimming pool, that will make your iPool more useful than ever before. With Fitmax innovation, and iPool versatility, this will truly become your go-to piece of exercise equipment.

Take the Aqua Bike or Aquatic Walker, for instance. With it, you can transform your swimming pool to an at-home aerobics center that is enjoyable for all fitness levels. By utilizing water resistant exercise, you can work out your entire body, no matter your age. Additionally, exercising in water also comes with the added benefit of causing less stress to your muscles and joints compared to more traditional forms of exercise.

If aerobics just isn’t your thing, we also offer several accessories that can build strength, as well as flexibility. From our chin-up bar, to our underwater dumbbells, we have equipment that will strengthen every part of the body. Furthermore, with our iPool accessories, you will be able to work out without even breaking a sweat, as the iPool will keep you nice and cool during even the most intense of workouts. With iPool, you can have a year-round aquatic gym, and it only takes up a 7×10 foot space!

If you want to unlock the full potential of your iPool, check out our full range of iPool Accessories.

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