Conditions That Can Improve with a Fitmax iPool

Swimming is a powerful exercise that improves circulation throughout the entire body. This improvement in circulation can have a directly positive impact upon certain challenging medical conditions. An above ground therapy pool can be a valuable tool in the struggle that many people experience with daily health. Fitmax iPool can improve the quality of life for people across all ages and medical challenges.

Individuals with neurological conditions could benefit from exercise in a Fitmax iPool. Some of these people are those with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. According to HealthCentral, with proper supervision, people who swim daily get a whole range of benefits including improvement in mobility. They also experience a lift in mood, which is important as those with neurological challenges often live difficult, stressful lives. Daily swimming in the pool also results in a person gaining slightly improved muscle tone.

Swimming is a natural exercise choice for those with arthritis as well. This is because people with arthritis simply cannot take additional stress that is being placed upon their joints. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can still bring powerful results. People with arthritis often complain of being extremely tired all the time; arthritis sufferers can barely find the energy to get through the day, let alone do high-impact exercise, which would likely make the symptoms far worse. Swimming in an above ground therapy pool like the Fitmax iPool is ideal for arthritis patients.

Another category of ailments that respond well to swimming as therapeutic exercise are back problems. People with back problems must be very cautious not to “throw out their back,” which is a risk with many exercise programs. Water does not jar or further injure the spine, and people with back problems can get the advantages of regular exercise. Their muscles can get longer, stronger, and more flexible if they do a gentle swim daily.

These are only a few of the medical conditions that can benefit from an above ground therapy pool. The Fitmax iPool is a great choice because it is well-constructed, durable, and easy to install. Individuals with back problems, arthritis, and even some neurological conditions can see improvements in their health by swimming, if if just for 20 minutes a day. Don’t miss this opportunity to contact us and give it a try.